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Hi, I’m summer!


14+ Hours Working on Christmas!?! This IS entrepreneurship?

It was Christmas 2012.

11:15pm and I was finally collapsing into bed. Exhausted.

And it wasn’t from a day of too much eggnog and family time.

I’d just finished up spending 14+ hours walking furry, 4-legged dogs.

Picking up poopies, plucking stray furs from my pants, and looking in windows at families celebrating together by the fire, as I walked alone down the dark, cold streets.


I had been up way before dawn, and I was collapsing into bed long after dark.

My husband and 2 month old daughter had already headed to bed a while ago.  

We’d been able to carve out about 3 hours during the day to open presents and have Christmas dinner together, before I had to rush out again.

Hubby was upset because we weren’t getting to spend our first big holiday together as a family.  

Baby girl was upset because her Mommy wasn’t there for cuddles at bedtime.

Me ...

I was just thankful that my daughter wasn’t old enough yet to remember that I wasn’t there on Christmas.

I thought entrepreneurship was suppose to give you freedom, right?

Somehow I’d roped myself into a business that was sucking my passion dry, quickly making my family despise what I did, and making me wonder how this was worth it.

Don’t get me wrong.  I was still thankful.

I had a business that just a few months earlier had allowed me to quit my job as an elementary school teacher and become the stay-at-home mom to my daughter that I’d always dreamed of being.


I was making a full time income on part time hours. 

But sometimes those hours were about as inconvenient as they come.

I knew there had to be more for me.

It was at that moment dragging myself into bed alone on Christmas, that I knew I couldn’t spend another holiday like this.

I knew there had to be a business model that checked off all of the boxes for me ….

__ Not tied to a specific location; online based freedom

__ Runs largely based on automations + systems

__ Ability to scale without needing to hire employees

__ No trading time for money

__ More than full-time income on part-time hours

__ Fits into for my stay-at-home-mom lifestyle

__ And definitely NOT working holidays

I’d love to say that in the coming months after that fateful holiday, I found the answer, changed everything, and road off into the sunset with the perfect business that fulfilled all my dreams.

But alas. it wasn’t quite that dreamy ….