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Hi, I’m summer!


My overarching driving force was to be:

Build a Tribe + Matter

I would put the focus on:

  1. Finding a specific group of people ...

  2. With a specific need ...

  3. That were ideally suited to be solved by what I offered

And become their ONLY possible solution (and trusted advisor) in that niche through regular guidance, communication, assistance, and true compassion for their lives.


Notice how vastly different that is compared to the normal methodology:

  1. Create or find a product/offer ...

  2. Market that offer ...

  3. Hope that the right people find it (and want to buy it) ...

  4. Cross your fingers and try to sell it through persuasion techniques (a.k.a. to people who don’t really need it.)


AND I would focus on ONE communication channel.

No fancy Facebook posts. No time-consuming videos. No battling the Instagram algorithm.

Just ...

--> Simple stories.

--> Simple words.

--> Simple communication from me to my tribe.

All powered through my email list

But it wouldn’t be email like I’d done in the past ...

It wouldn’t include words like “LAST CHANCE!” or “3 HOURS LEFT” in the subject line.

There wouldn’t be countdown timers and false scarcity woven in.

You wouldn’t see big bullet lists with sexy phrases of evvvverrrrrything that’s included in my latest offer.

Instead it would be personal.

It would be stories.

It would be value.

It would *actually* be enjoyable to ready.

It would be anticipated and looked for in inboxes.

AND I’d still be selling

AND I’d still be marketing.

AND I’d still be running a highly-profitable business.

Through a “simple little business” that changes that status quo of the way things are done.  

That actually cares about it’s clients.

And in turn has clients that devour anything and everything that I put out there.

I call it The #LiveMoreWorkLess Simple Little Business Method.

The goal?

Build a tribe, matter to them, and create a lucrative “simple little business” on 60 minutes a day by sharing your life, your passion, your stories, your caring, and your words.

And the cool thing?

This methodology works just as well if you’re brand new to online entrepreneurship and don’t have a clue about the who you’ll serve or what you’ll offer ...

Or you run a online service based business (think VA, graphic designer, coach, etc.) …

Or you sell MLM or e-commerce (think beauty products, baby stuff, etc.) ….

Or you run a local offline company (think dog trainer, photographer, etc.) ….

If you truly have a desire to interact and enhance people’s lives and show them that they matter to you, then you have all the prerequisites needed to build a #LiveMoreWorkLess Simple Little Business.

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This is nothing new (nothing ever is).

It’s based on “old school business principles” like relationship, and respect, and trust.

You’ve got to ask yourself ….

Are you ready to interact and enhance your peoples' lives in a way that proves that they matter to you?

Are you ready to advise and guide your people before they ever become a paying client?

Are you ready to truly CARE and step into leadership shoes of their trusted Go-To?

Will you do it?

I will.

It’s a simple, yet life-changing methodology.

And I’ve got the plan.

Now let me take you on this journey with me ….