I’ve actually been “playing around” online ever since my late-20’s. Gah, I guess that’s been almost 5 years now!

What do I do?

Well, it’s a mish-mash of things.  Kinda hard to put a “title” to it.

I have a blog where I share tips and strategies from my PR career,  but it’s kind of all over the place.

I’ve tried some things to make money off it - but it all feels really overwhelming.

I also sell cups + T-shirt on Etsy (well, I try … not sure if it’s called selling, if people aren’t really buying! Lol)

I probably have 3 or 4 other blogs in my “website graveyard” by now. :)

I’m testing the waters, still trying to figure out my “thing” to see what sticks.



Molly is my friend from childhood, and like her I’m been a part of this crazy online entrepreneurial world since 2013.

At the beginning I was still a high-school teacher during the day, doing the midnight-hustle to get my business off the ground.

And no joke, it was hard. Late nights, early morning.

But once I figured out a few things - a few guiding principles - to run my business, it become MUCH easier.

AND more fulfilling personally.

I run an online business called “Samantha + Co.” where I help teachers learn how to create a side-hustle income online using skills and relationships they already have.

I LOVE serving this tribe of women.

AND some have been so successful that they now do this online relationship marketing thing full-time too.



It’s easy to stay stuck in your own little industry niche with blinders on. Never going outside of your little internet bubble.  

But when you can’t deal with one more stock photo of peonies or FB post that starts out, “I’m about to be vulnerable here …” it’s time to break out.

I was introduced to The Strategy of Preeminence by Jay Abraham. He’s definitely not my normal M.O. of mentors I go to for inspiration ...

… and I won’t force you into his entire 30+ minute video on the strategy, but I will ask you to do the “cliff-notes” quick study.

Here’s what I need you to know:


and THE key premise:


Re-read that underlined sentence one more time.

Internalize it.

It may not fully make sense right now from a practical standpoint. Like, what does this actually mean for me?

But I’ll come back to it again at the end of this story.

And at that point you’ll FULLY understand the significance … specifically for YOU.

But for now, back to Molly and Sam.  

{same backgrounds, same opportunity, SERIOUSLY different outcomes}

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