{#1} July 1: Summer biz slumps, hiding out + 30 days of commitment

Adventure camp, lake days, summer swim team, dinners outside, beating the humidity the best we can … anyone else letting business take a “back-seat” this summer?

I’m all about honoring season of life, and for me June traditionally represents a time of “play” for me …  school has just let out and it’s time play in life and play in business.

So what’s the look like, specifically around business for me?

It’s fewer outward actions … fewer emails, fewer social media posts, fewer launches, fewer forms of outward interaction.

And it’s MORE internal creation and “play.”  

For me that looks like …

  • closing out the final month with the 9 women who I’ve had the pleasure to mentor for the past 6 months in my Live More Mastermind

  • live Zoom-call style teaching each week with my Overlooked 2 Obsessed {o2o} beta program members (we’re 4 weeks in and I’m loving this style of course creation!)

  • Trying out new list building strategies (promoted pins are currently getting me subscribers for $0.60-0.80 per person. #WIN)

  • Putting my skills to the test with a small email list of 250 that I’ve built in a non-business related category just for fun to test my email-based audience building and sales skills. (I’ll share results when my “test” is complete!)

It’s been fun. It’s been low pressure. It’s the type of month that gets me back to my love for online marketing, testing out strategies, tweaking, and playing to see what works.

Next month for July I’m continuing the theme of business and life “play” (a.k.a. challenging myself, trying new things, etc.)  in two ways, and for this coming month, I’d love to invite you to be a part of it with me!

Way #1 (play in life):

I’m joining my friend, Adrienne Dorison’s, free pop-up FB group called Camp Commit where she’s inviting everyone to spend 30 days in July (officially starting July 9th) to recommit to a PERSONAL (no business goals allowed!) goal that you’ve been wanting to conquer.

Think ONE (she’s a stickler … only 1 goal :)) in an area like fitness, nutrition, relationships, spirituality, finances, personal growth).

Like I said, it’s totally free, she just asks that if you’re in, that you’re really ready to be in the group, showing up, and of course COMMITTING. I mean this is Camp Commit.

I’m starting my personal commitment TODAY since I’ve got family vacay starting on July 31st and I want to be complete by then.

Intrigued as to what mine is? Join me in the group! (I’ll be posting mine there.)

Way #2 (play in business):

For the month of July I’m committing to sending 1 email per day to my list (that’s you all), Mondays through Fridays.

My ultimate goal? For you to NOT feel like “Summer! Why are you “torturing” us with an email every day?” LOL. And instead feel like you’ve spent a few minutes being inspired, motivated, educated, or otherwise entertained by the time you spent reading my email that day.

To prove that it’s possible to promote in a way that makes you still want to open and read.

Because the value is to be had before any link has ever been clicked.

I’m treating this as a challenge to myself. How can I write VALUE for a 20 full days (weekdays of the month), enjoy the creative process, while using this as a profitable strategy in my business?

Some emails may be short. Some may be longer. Some may be sent out at 10pm at night because that’s simply when I got to it that day.

But regardless I’ll be testing my email skills (and my commitment) to making this happen.

Up for being a part of my fun little “test”? I’ll see you tomorrow.



Summer Tannhauser

I'm Summer! I help LadyBOSS entrepreneurs build their dream businesses through rock solid action + advice, with more happiness, less overwhelm, and full of freedom.