{#8} July 10: I've closed over 1000 clients with these TWO exact techniques

Even I look at that number and can barely believe it.

940 active clients, 400+ past clients = well over 1000 clients that I've single handedly closed in my 10 years as a business owner.

For those of you who don't know, I've owned a local pet care company that I started from the ground up, since 2009. It started out as just little 'ole me doing everything from marketing to sales to actually walking the dogs, and since then has grown into a multi-employee company.

At the beginning I didn't have time to be on the phone at all hours of the day trying to secure clients. Did I mention I was also an elementary teacher at the time, and then transitioned into being a full-time SAHM?

Most of the time if you called the "business line" (which started out as a Google Voice number that rang my cell phone), you'd typically reach a voicemail box because I was probably either scooping poop, wrangling a class of 3rd graders, or trying to soothe a teething toddler.

"People" said I couldn't operate a business that way. That I "should" be picking up the phone on the first ring, and at the very least calling people back within the hour. (Instead I did things my way and clearly stated on voicemail that they'd get a response much quicker if they emailed me. It was the truth!).

Since I wasn't getting on the phone, I definitely don't attribute those 1000+ clients that I single-handedly secured to stellar closing skills.

I'd say my success in closing clients all came done to two skills that I practiced, perfected, and kept tweaking until I nailed them:

1. Personal sales emails


2. Follow up

Funny thing is ... I had NO idea I was implementing strategic sales skills at that time. I thought I was just doing my best to help out the potential clients.

I wish I could explain to you exactly what about my emails or follow up system was sealing the deal so well for me (so you could implement a similar strategy).

But the truth is that skills like this are so dependent on using very specific wording based on your unique situation, that I'd rather leave it to the experts to explain, rather than me try to fumble through it.



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