{#9} July 11: Is “passive” income dying a slow death?

This past weekend I had the chance to grab coffee with my mentor from last year, Adrienne Dorison. She was traveling through my city, so we hit up one of my fav local coffee shop for lattes.

We chatted #allthethings, but of course the convo eventually turned to business, the current “state” of the online space, and where things are going.

Adrienne’s main focus has turned towards her biz partnership with Mike Michalowicz (heard of the book Profit First? Yep, that’s him!) with a business model that runs on live in-person workshops showing high 6-figure earners+ how to design their business to more or less “run itself”.

And it’s all got me thinking ...

There has been a shift toward in-person learning and connection over the past year within the online business community.

I’ve seen it, heard it, felt it. You?

Well-known entrepreneurs announcing that they are shutting down their courses and DIY digital products, and instead announcing live events, 1:1 services, high-touch done with you consultancy, and the like.

And why?

Most of the time the reason stems around ...

  • “people aren’t getting results like I thought they would”

  • “such a few percentage are actually finishing the course”

  • “I’m not sure I’m really helping people”

  • “Does what I’m doing even MATTER?”

I know I’ve felt it.

And I know the cure to it IS connecting more directly and intimately with our students + clients.

However, for me (and for many of my fellow Moms of littles out there) live and in-person doesn’t exactly jive with my lifestyle right now.

The thought of attending or hosting in-person events on a regular basis makes me shutter … the babysitters, the tears (me and the kids!), the guilt, the prepwork, the hubby trying to wrangle 3 wild littles … #truth.

And I know the same rings true for those of you with 9-5 jobs, pets you don’t like to leave, families that need you, or anything else that makes travel hard.

So it’s why I’ve shifted my focus from over the past 6-9 months towards “LIVE,” but in a way that fits my life.

For me that looks like …

  • Running the Live More Mastermind with monthly “live” guest experts, “live” group calls, and “live” 1:1 sessions

  • Hosting my Overlooked 2 Obsessed beta round “live” with week teaching calls and Q+A sessions

  • Becoming a certified Authentic Selling Instructor under Kendrick Shope (If you were paying attention last email, that’s what “CASI” stands for ;)), and getting ready to show up “live” to teach in her upcoming coming Sales School this August.

This type of “live” is strategic for me. It easily fits into my 8-10 hours of childcare each week. It doesn’t take over my life.

And showing up and actually talking with my clients and students on a weekly basis … it SHOWS me on the regular how important what I’m doing actually is.

I can SEE the results. I can FEEL the impact. And I KNOW it matters.

If you’ve been feeling burnt out in your current business model, I encourage you to evaluate for YOU what style of “live” could help you reconnect to your mission.

(while never taking over your life)

That was always the goal for passive income anyways, right? :)



Summer Tannhauser

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