{#10} July 12: Behind the scenes: How 24 influencers make money through writing

Turns out that 81% of Americans say that they want to write a book.


Clearly not that many actually take action on the idea, but I’m still amazed that based on that data, a large majority of people reading this email have some inkling of a desire to become an author.

And I get it.

I like to think about how my thoughts, ideas, and story will be taking on a life of their own that reach far beyond what I could ever imagine.

At any moment my words could be traveling across the country on an coast-to-coast flight, being consumed to drown out the chaos in a family van, or enjoyed slowly with a cup of coffee on the back deck.

It feels different than words that I’ve written on my blog or social media, where I could pull them down at anytime if I really wanted to.

But being published in a book … that feels permanent, substantial, impactful, and honestly … a bit terrifying too!

If you want the truth, I’ve actually never had a desire to write a book.

I would have been in the 19% of that survey that said no.

However when I’m presented with an opportunity, I know when it’s time to go for it!

And an opportunity to tell my personal story of using my love for writing and turning it into a full-fledged business, is one that I couldn't turn down.

So I’m extremely proud to announce that the book I co-authored with 23 others, “Write and Grow Rich” is now live for pre-order on Amazon. It officially launches October 2nd, so the pre-sale push is currently on! And so far it's going quite well ...

unnamed (1).png

When you pre-order now for $0.99, you’ll claim of a bundle of 24 bonus courses/ebooks/workshops offered by the book authors, AND you’ll get a pre-release copy of the book so you can started reading right away!

Here’s your options for ordering:

Order on Amazon. >>

Order on iBooks. >>

Order on Nook. >>

{after ordering enter your receipt on RichAuthors.com to claim your bonuses}

Just for fun, here’s a few things I personally share in my chapter ….

- The 2 key factors I contribute to my success (they definitely aren’t for everyone)

- The very worst decision I’ve ever made in my business (and how I bounced back)

- Why I don’t do 1:1 client work, and why I believe it’s a mistake to try to emulate your favorite mentors

- The #1 marketing tool that I’ll always go “all-in” with (and believe 90% of other businesses should do the same)

- The “One Thing” advice that I share with any entrepreneur that feels overwhelmed, overstressed, and unclear

Never thought I’d be saying “I’m an author,” but here I am. :)



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