{#11} July 13: 52 week adventure, A/B tests, and jumping the bandwagon

The experiment continues! Currently I’m two weeks into my month of daily blog writing (M-F) throughout July in my “Summer Snippets Series."

My goals for this month-long experiment are multi-faceted:

1. Challenge myself - there is something to be said for consistency in business, but you’ve also got to switch it up from time to time to keep things fresh. Ultimately I'm challenging myself to “do the work" this month, while also continuing to improving my copywriting skills in the process.

2. Build OUR relationship - writing is what comes naturally to me. From time to time you’ll see me hosting webinars, going live on FB, or posting on IG … but the bread and butter of the way I like to build relationships is through my written words. I hope by the end of this month you feel as though my blog posts are like notes from an old friend. <3

3. Launch in a different way - no reason to beat around the bush ... I’m currently in the middle of an affiliate launch for Kendrick Shope’s Sales School program which runs this Aug/Sept. I’ve become a certified Authentic Sales Instructor under her mentorship this year, and I’ll be an integral part of the live program, so it’s a natural fit. But I just wasn’t feeling up to a big pre-planned launch this time around. Instead I’m working it into my simple daily email based approach.

I plan to include a wrapup of at the end of the month with my results of this experiment, so stay turned! Got questions about any of this? Intrigued? Just ask! :)

Last Friday, I debuted a new blog style of creating a list of 10 things “worth sharing” that week. So many of you told me that you loved it, that it’s coming back as a regular Friday feature! <3

Without futher ado, here’s my list of 10 things I found worth sharing this week …

  1. If you’re thinking about running a product launch (course, ebook, program, etc.) in your business, THIS is a killer product launch template to help you plan out each step of the way. Abbey Woodcook, a launch expert for people like Ramit Sethi and Jeff Walker, explains all about how to use the template here.

  2. My #1 tip for making your emails more intriguing? Include a story. Thinking “easier said than done”? This article gives you a specific email “formula” for writing story-based emails that convert. Worth the quick read.

  3. We’re taking our family summer vacay to St.Simon Island later this month! Hello, beachtime. Anyone got any must-do’s or fav spots to visit while there? Share them with me!

  4. I’m a published author! ← That’s something I never expected to say, honestly. But this crazy world of entrepreneurship has opened so many unexpected doors, that I probably shouldn’t be surprised. “Write and Grow Rich” is live for pre-order on Amazon here for $0.99.

  5. I really want to plan a big adventure like this couple. 59 national parks in 52 weeks! I’m not into the part of doing it all in 52 weeks, but how cool would it be to do something like this throughout my kids’ childhood? My wheels are turning … ;)

  6. Have you heard about Temi.com? It’s an automated transcription services for $0.10 minute which is AWESOME compared to the $1/minute I used to pay Rev.com. It’s not perfect transcription, but it IS perfect for getting all of the live training calls and Q+A sessions that I’ve been hosting for my beta round students of Overlooked 2 Obsessed transcribed. Potential use = transcribing your FB Lives!

  7. Do you ever feel weird about jumping on the bandwagon? Yeah, me too. I hesitate to even include this one, since I know people have strong feelings one way or the other about MLM’s. But I’ve got to say, I finally decided to give Monat a try (those hair products you see everyone talking about on FB, but not actually naming the company … yeah that’s them). Well, I’m a total convert. No links to include here. Go find your fav person who sells it. For this frizzy haired girl, it’s been worth every penny. #truth

  8. Just found out a few weeks ago that Funnel Hacking Live 2019 is in Nashville! That’s like 3 hours from me. Trying to figure out a childcare schedule for my 3 little kids still is nightmarish, but let me tell you I’m doing my best to make it happen! Who’s planning on being there? #FHL2019

  9. I turn 35 on July 19th, and I’ve hinted to my husband that I want to up-level my selfcare in the form of getting some real “big girl” makeup. (I’ve always been a more grab-what-you-can-find from the drugstore type of girl). After consulting with the make-up ecourse I bought, I’ve put this foundation, this concealer, and this neato beauty applicator thing on my b-day wish list. We’ll see what happens!

  10. Did you know that for almost every email I send out, I A/B test the subject line? And I've found it's 100x easier to put together a high-converting subject line if I've got a few "formulas" in my back pocket to help me get started brainstorming. Kendrick "sales-extraordinaire" Shope is sharing the 5 most frequently opened email subjects and the top thing left out of most sales emails that costs you conversions. You can check out all of her free sales tips here.

That's a wrap! Happy Friday everyone. This weekend we're off to a pool party and searching for Waldo #foundwaldoknox (I love our city!)



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