{#12} July 16: My coffee shop fiasco

Personalization sells.

And soothes.

And makes mad people happy.

And turns the tables in your favor.

Case in point …

There’s a cute little coffee shop I like to hit up after dropping my 3 year old off at his parent’s day out program.

We’ve got about 45 minutes in between when he’s dropped off and when my oldest has to be at swim team.

So with only my 5 year old and 9 month old in tow, I feel like I’m a little less likely to wreck havoc on the “cool cats” typing away on their laptops while sipping their Americanos (vs. when I’ve got all 3 kiddos and people are giving me the “don’t even think about having your bull-in-a-china-shop-kids sit anywhere near my space" look.)

Normally things go pretty smoothly … Normally.

However on our last stop, the proverbial sh*t hit the fan.

A new trainee was learning the ropes, and clearly things weren’t going too smoothly in the coffee production line, evidenced by the cussing I could hear going on under her breath.

By the time I realized that a bit of a line was forming at the coffe pick-up counter, I’d already sent my 5 year old out to secure us a table on the front deck. My little guy decided he was #OVERit and started loudly protesting.

And I could tell my iced latte was nowhere *near* to ready to take and run.

I’m doing “the hip bounce” (parents, you know what I’m talking about!) to get my little guy to hush it up, while trying to keep a watchful eye on my daughter outside who was busying herself moving our chairs into the shade (and likely making quite the racket I’m sure).

And as things are going downhill quick, and I’m contemplating the next best move (run? hide? fight? j/k) ...

I hear one of the baristas say:

“Miss Summer, I’m sooooo sorry about the wait today.”

(Wait … how did she know my name???)

As I’m trying to decide if I should know her name too or not, she continues “Miss Summer, you go ahead and grab a seat with your daughter, here’s a few crackers for your baby and how about a chocolate milk for your daughter, and I’ll bring that coffee out to you when it’s ready!”

Wow, OK.

As I’m headed out to my seat with a happily munching baby, I hear the same barista address the others hanging out by the pickup counter by name too …. “Lanie, I’ll pop it over to you as soon as it’s ready, along with a little extra special treat. Yes, yes … no problem, Lanie!”

And few minutes later, out comes my iced latte with the accompanying “Here it is Summer! {insert small talk about kids} Well Summer, you all enjoy your day!” and she was out.

Let’s be honest, how could I have been annoyed with the sub-par coffee service when she went out of her way to be personable, noticing exactly what I needed, and making it happen?

(Turns out she tries to memorize the names off of credit cards as she rings people up. #smart)

The point is that by taking the time to know me personally, using my name, and providing my baby and daughter exactly what was needed in that moment, and giving me an “out,” … she turned what could have been a very negative experience for me, into one where all I’ll remember is the care and attention that was given to me and my kids.


When you think about the clients or potential clients in your own business, what are you doing to show them that they EACH matter?

That you notice them. That you see their needs. That you CARE about them personally.

Do you know the number one word that sells?

It’s your client’s name!

And it’s not just their name that matters.

If you’re connecting with someone on a discovery call or through a personal email, do your research FIRST.

Go to their website and read their about page. Check out their Instagram account. Did they have an experience that you can relate to? What’s a personal connection you can make that shows that you care?

Anytime you can get personal, you’re increasing your opportunity to close the sale 10 fold!

Sales are the lifeblood of your business.

And it’s small little “tweaks” like personalizing your message and communications that can make the difference between your offer flying off your virtual shelves or sitting there collecting dust.

What “tweak” can you implement today?



Summer Tannhauser

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