{#13} July 18: Sales School is OPEN! {+ get {o2o} beta #2 for FREE}

I’ve been doing my darndest over this month of daily emails to provide value directly within each one.

In a few it’s been sharing a personal story (like the coffee shop fiasco), in others it’s been sharing my 10 fav items for that week (like 52 week adventure, A/B tests, and jumping the bandwagon), and in a few more it’s been focused on inspiring action (like July 4th: Freedom).

But today is one of those rare emails where to get the FULL value of what I’m sharing, you’ll need to click through to what’s on the other side of the link.

Since the beginning of this month, I’ve been sharing with you about my journey to become a certified Authentic Selling Instructor and how I’ll be working with Kendrick Shope in Sales School this August to help the next round of entrepreneurs find their clients, make more sales, create more revenue, and ultimately impact the world in a bigger way.

It’s the type of situation where sure, I *could* try to teach you everything I know about creating a complete sales system for your online business that will create results, revenue, and raving fans.

But my goal is to have you learn from the BEST, and the experience you’ll receive from Kendrick within the LIVE Sales School program, along with the support of me and the other certified instructors, can’t be beat!

Kendrick has just opened the doors to her signature program, where she takes your hand and shows you step-by-step the absolutely essential sales skills for all business owners to succeed online.

The goal?

Make more money. Get more clients. Be in control of your freedom and future.

SALES SCHOOL is a 7-week online, live video-based program in which Kendrick teaches you the necessary skills in 2018 to take the right action now, to make more money and create more impact, all while doing the work you love.

But keep reading ... you're going to get a TON more than just 7-weeks of support (ESPECIALLY when you enroll with me! We’re pretty much going to be spending the rest of 2018 together. Details below!)

First, let’s see if this is going to be a good fit for you. (it’s always smart to pre-qualify before moving forward fto learn more).

Do you relate to at least 5 out of the 8 following statements?

  • Struggling with a pricing system for your offers.

  • Craving steps to a compelling offer that people are excited to sign up for over and over again

  • Dreaming of a day when your discovery calls feel easy and even like you’re helping.

  • Wondering how to really get your clients attention on social media without feeling sleazy about it.

  • Needing a break from all the learning, application, correct, and repeat cycle.

  • Wanting the words to confidently tell people about your pricing without feeling like you’re pressuring them to buy.

  • Needing a plan to draft and send emails that entice people to buy and feel good about it.

  • Wishing you could "sell" people on your amazing offers without doing hard selling.

If you do relate to at least 5 out of 8, then I have confidence that Sales School may be the ideal next step for you.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s why I’m confident in the power of the program:

  1. Proven – Over 5 years of being the #1 sales training for online businesses.

  2. Raving Fans – 54 pages of testimonials from Sales School Alumni.

  3. Real Results – It’s a results-based curriculum with application, so you’ll do the work within the weekly live class so that this is an educational experience that you actually complete!

Get all the details on Sales School here.

PLUS, because I’m an certified Authentic Selling Instructor, a proud affiliate (meaning I get a commission if you choose to invest in the program through the link in this email), and will be working directly with all the students in Sales School, I want to sweeten the deal, and give you even more value!

We'll be walking 7 weeks of powerful sales instruction:

Week 1: Overcoming Your Fear Of Selling
Week 2: Writing Your Homepage, About Me Page, & Opt-in & Making It Sell
Week 3: Writing Your Sales Page That Converts
Week 4: How To Have Discovery Calls That Convert
Week 5: Overcoming Objections
Week 6: Following Up & Writing Sales Emails That Entice Your People To Purchase
Week 7: Social Selling

If you sign up for Sales School through my affiliate link HERE you’ll also receive:

** Kendrick's fast action bonus for the first 50 enrollees that join before TONIGHT at 6pm ET, receive a free 1:1 session with Kendrick at the end of sales school. If you're planning to join, you'll definitely want to join in time to take advantage of this offer.

Bonus #1: 1:1 Intensive Strategy Call with Summer Tannhauser:

(FAST ACTION: ONLY for the first 5 people who enroll through my link!): Personalized strategy, support, and feedback directly from me when you need it most on your individual business. {value: $250}


Overlooked 2 Obsessed is rooted in my “simple little” business methodology: Build a tribe AND Matter to them. It’s all about building an audience, loving that audience (in turn creating raving fans), and serving that audience (through *actually* caring and providing solutions to their problems).

More specifically, you’ll walk away from Overlooked 2 Obsessed with a brand new, fully scaleable income stream, along with a built-in audience of raving fans ready to buy, all within 90 days of beginning the {o2o} implementation system.

The best part? Overlooked 2 Obsessed runs live October through December (after Sales School completes in Aug/Sept). So it will be the perfect program to take next that keeps you moving forward throughout the entire rest of 2018.

Here's all the details about {o2o} if you'd like to know more: https://summerliveonline.com/overlooked2obsessed

The accountability and support from a LIVE program cannot be understated in it’s impact to reach your business goasl! And when you enroll in Sales School with me, you’re basically securing 5 months of mastermind-style accountability, support, and training from some of the best … if I do say so myself :)

So, question for you –

Are you ready to make more money and create more impact, all while doing the work you love?

If the answer is yes, I look forward to seeing you inside Sales School and Overlooked 2 Obsessed!



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