{#14} July 19: 35 trips around the sun

I’m celebrating my 35th birthday today. 

And gah … the emotions are running on overdrive!

As I contemplated what I wanted to share in this email, the thought of “35 lessons from 35 years” came to me, but the pressure to try to condense 35 years into a simple list of most important lessons seemed a bit too pressured filled for me.

But I do feel the need to share a few thoughts brought on by contemplating my life on this b-day (indulge me, please!) :)

Let me know if you relate?

I’ve always had this feeling, like one day I would “arrive."

Like I’d suddenly become an adult and have all the answers.

I figured in adulthood you’d never have to worry about trivial stuff, you wouldn’t care what others thought, you’d know exactly what to say and when to say it, and there wouldn’t be any “drama.”

But here I am at 35, and I’ve accomplished the life goals that I’d always day-dreamed about as a kid … graduate college (check), get married (check), buy a house (check), have 3 kids (check).

Yet still, here I am feeling like I’m an "imposter" in this thing called being an adult, a wife, a Mom, a business owner.

That’s me? Like, I’m really in charge of my life over here? I’m really doing this thing called adulthood?

And I’ve got a feeling I’ll feel the same 10 years from now, 20 years, 30 years from now too.

One thing's certain to me.

You don’t ever “arrive.”

Not in life. Not in business.

So what do you do with this understanding?

I’m not entirely sure.

But for me, right now ...

--> It looks like re-evaluating how I’ll pursue more things that I’ve been saying I’d do when I “have time” … and now it’s 5 years later.

--> It looks like clearing out the mental and physical clutter … eliminating the “stuff” in our life that we don’t need; finding ways to put down the phone more; making more white space in my head to think.

--> It looks like working on myself, working on us, working on our family. Tackling the hard topics, figuring out how to take baby steps, and talk about those scary things called feelings. (yikes!)

--> It looks like continuing to do things my way, holding strong to my schedule, avoiding “yes” when it’s clearly a no, asking for what I want and need, and trying to put on my oxygen mask first more often.

No bucket list here. (although that might be fun!)

Just a few simple commitments. Things to strive for. Some guiding principles.

Gratitude for this crazy ride called life.

And appreciation for you all being here with me. <3



Summer Tannhauser

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