{#2} July 2: Stinky trash + Stale lists

I’ve already started this blog post 5 different times.

In 5 different ways.

With 5 different “angles.”

This is blog post #1 out of my commitment to a month of blog posts.

If you missed the announcement yesterday, here’s the scoop …

{This blog post is a part of my Summer Snippets (S.S.) 2018 series, where I’m writing daily blog posts (M-F) throughout the month of July, with a goal to prove you can provide high-value to your subscribers, while still moving forward your business goals. }

I’ve already got doubts going through my head.

--> Who am I think what I have to say matters enough to take up this much inbox space?

--> No one wants to hear from me THAT much.

--> And what in the world have I just committed myself to? (if I’m being completely honest, the thought of “how can I still get out of this?” has come up … more than once).

Email marketing is a practice.

It’s like those unfortunate activities such as taking out the trash or doing laundry.

You can’t just do it once for the month, and check it off your to-list (unless you want a stinky house and a stale list).

However I don’t want this challenge for myself to turn into a mindless mission or a line-item on my daily routine.

It’s too easy to turn everything into a system, or a set of processes, or automate it all to the 9th degree.

Entrepreneurship isn’t about figuring out the perfect “formula” for writing a social media post that gets the most likes.

It’s not about about trying to beat the algorithm and get more “visible" all the time.

When it comes down to the heart of it, entreprepreneurship … being your own boss … running a business … it’s an opportunity to provide a solution for someone who has a real problem, that desperately needs your solution.

Still trying to find your niche? Unsure of your direction? Thinking it’s time to shift focuses?

It all comes down to solving problems.

Pick the one primary problem you’ll solve, and you’ll be halfway there.

The other half?

Finding the people who are actively pained by that same problem, and are looking for a solution.

Put more simply … the other half of the puzzle is finding your CLIENTS.



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