{#15} July 20: 24 hour marathon, a 100% boring business, and 1.2 million emails

Diving right into YOUR favorite day’s email (according to the feedback you’ve been sending me), out of this month long experiment of writing a daily email (M-F) throughout July.

Ya’ll have been loving this list of 10-things-worth-sharing that I’ve been sending on Fridays. So the plan is to continue this Friday “top 10” style list into future months as well. Yay!

Let's do this ...

  1. THANK YOU to everyone for the warm birthday wishes yesterday! Today we’re headed off to a boat day on the lake to celebrate, which is pretty much my happy place in the summer months. Plus of course a cake from the best bakery ever. We're trying Devil's food cake with cream cheese frosting.(With the tagline “all butter, all the time” how can you go wrong?!)
  2. I first learned who Ron Reich is when he was the launch strategist behind Selena Soo’s nearly a million dollar launch this spring, and all around top-notch human being. He shares a rediculous amount of value on all things launching, scaling, and online business here on FB.
  3. I recently found this document that I created back in January 2016 from when I launched my very first online course through a “pre-sale”. It’s the exact launch sequence of emails that I used with a list of about 750 people, and enrolled around 50 people at $97 each. (If you don’t know, I used to be under the brand “Lady Boss League,” hence the branding you’ll see).
  4. 24 hours. 24 topics. 24 hour coaching marathon. Yup it's crazy, andit just kicked off this morning. Kendrick Shope, the creator of Sales School (currenly open for 2018 enrollment!) is in the midst of her annual Authentic Selling Sleepover where she goes live ever hour, on the hour, for 24 hours (that includes throughout the middle of the night!). Join in a litte, join in a lot. Either way it’s a ton of fun.
  5. I have the same goal as Paul. I want to have a 100% BORING business.
  6. We’re thinking about ordering one of these bed mattresses in a couple of weeks. The 365 day home trial is a pretty intriguing objection buster. Anyone have thoughts on this brand?
  7. I provide support to Kurandza on a monthly basis through my business. Their #IStandforGirl Campaign kicks off on September 1st, with a goal to provide school sponsorships -- including school fees, uniforms, backpacks, text books, supplies, and transportation -- to over 200 girls in Mozambique. You can read more about their campaign from last year year (100 girls sponsored!), and then sign up be a part of making 2018 even bigger and better!
  8. Implementing the money management system from Profit First was one of the best decisions I made in my business last year. No matter if you’re bringing in $100 per month or $10,000, I can’t say enough about how financially empowering the system is.
  9. Just got the card in the mail about the “meet the teachers night” at my daughter’s school before Kindergarten starts. Smart move. Kids that know what to expect = smooth first day. I’m an instructor in Kendrick Shope’s Sales Schoolthis August. You can take a sneak peak campus tour here to see behind the scenes, and find out what to expect as well.
  10. It honestly blows my mind that I’ve sent out over 1 million emails. My feelings are a bit mixed about the name change of my fav email system, but no matter, I still stand with them. #Convert … ahem, SevaForLIfe

Happy weekend everyone! It's lake time for MEEEEEEE!



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