The Secret to Having an Organized Business as an Unorganized Person

Let’s get real. You’ll probably never see me post one of those “here’s a picture of my perfectly styled home-office desk” photos.

You know the type I’m talking about. The MacBook doesn’t have a single finger smudge on the screen, the planner is immaculately color coded with no stray marks to be found, and the writing utensils (aka pens for us un-fancy people) are lined up perfectly in a row. Now if I just described your desk to a T, that’s totally cool. I still love you.

I’m just letting you know upfront. THAT’S NOT ME.

Now maybe you’re saying … “Whoa, put on the breaks, Summer. I thought you were a small business strategist that’s all about systems and strategies and processes that will turn your business into a well-oiled, highly automated machine?”

YEP, that’s right!

But here’s the deal. 

I’m telling you that you don’t have to be a Type-A, everything has a place, organized person “in general” to have a highly organized and successful business.

 I don’t want anyone to ever feel that they *can’t* do this, because organization in just not in your DNA.

IF you asked a friend or family member if I was an organized person, they wouldn’t be jumping to the front of the line to say “YES, she is.”

But if you asked that same question to a person that I was hiring, or one of my new clients, they would likely say, “OH YEAH, she’s got her sh*t together!” (maybe not in those exact words, but you get the picture).

My work space may be kind of messy by the end of the day, and I may not be able to find the perfectly colored pen. But those things are OUTWARD APPEARANCES.

Unless you have clients that will be stopping by your desk during the day, does it really matter that you like to work with things spread out all over the place?  Nope, not one bit!

What matters is the INNER WORKINGS of the business. 

Do you have a specific process you work through when you receive an email from a potential new client? Do you have your business finances streamlined with a specific way you invoice clients and receive payment? Do you have a follow up procedure so that you’re consistently getting feedback to continue improving your business?

THESE are the things that need to be organized, streamlined, and can almost take care of themselves with just a few clicks of the mouse.

So now you’re saying “Summer, HELP, I need these things in my business … like yesterday. Where can I start?” There are several key areas that almost any business can look at to create processes and procedures that will streamline their business. To get started, think about:

– EMAIL: do you use folders, have you created templates, do you use your inbox as a to-do list (please say no!)?

– SOCIAL MEDIA: do you use a scheduling program, do you know your goal for each platform, do you have a plan in place?

– FINANCES: do you have a bookkeeping program, are your invoices and payment procedures automated?

– BOUNDARIES: have you set office hours, do you know exactly how you spend your work day, do you have phone/email boundaries?

– CLIENT INTAKE: do you have contact forms created, have you set up a welcome packet/email, do you use project management or a scheduling system?

This is just a quick list to get you thinking about areas of your business where you may need to consider creating specific processes, or fine-tuning that ones you already have to place.

I’d love to hear from you.  What is the biggest “pain point” that you are currently facing in your business that is holding you back living the lifestyle you desire?  



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Summer Tannhauser

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