{#16} July 23: How to ask for the sale: lessons from my daughter’s swim team

My husband coaches swim team every summer.

Normally each year money is collected from the parents to give all the swim coaches a bonus at the end of season.

It’s my daughter’s first season swimming (proud parent here!), so it’s also my first year experiencing the team both from a swim parent’s point of view, as well as wife to the coach.

So my husband gets a text the other day from one of the parents on the swim team board, letting him know that instead of asking parents to contribute to the end of year bonus, the team’s budget is just going to cover it instead.

My initial reaction?

('cause I like to give my opinion on pretty much everything.)

“Well, that’s silly! Why wouldn’t you accept money from the parents that want to give it?

Why spend the team’s (very limited budget) on bonuses, when I’m sure at least some of the parents have a desire to contribute as a way of saying thanks for a great summer?”

Their reasoning behind it?

“Oh, we just don’t really want to walk around with a bucket at practice asking every parent for donations”

Ooooooo, OK, of course not! (sounds a little like knocking on doors)

I understand that.

Walking around peer-pressuring each parent into “donating” … a.k.a you better be giving something (!) ... does feel a little gross.

But that doesn’t mean it’s time to give up, just because something doesn’t feel right!

As Kendrick Shope says, if it feels “icky, sleezy, slimy, gross” ... then you’ve got to find a BETTER way.

By collecting for a team donation, they're actually providing an easy solution to the subset of parents that would like to give an end of season gift, but don’t really want to go through the whole process of …

* What should I give? * Do I need to get something for all of the coaches? * Where do I buy this? * Are they even going to use it? * When I am going to have time to get this? * Ugh, who’s got some wrapping paper?!

(‘cause let’s be honest, even though I 100% want to give gifts to the people who have had a impact in my children’s lives, the logistics of actually making it happen can be a bit daunting!)

Collecting for a team donation = a total win in my book.

It saves me time, money, and stress. (and it gives the coaches something they actually WANT vs. a cute mug they’ll stash in the cupboard and never touch again #justsaying).

Let’s just take it into the 21st century and collect online (allow for each person to make a choice) vs. a passed collection bucket ;)

Too often when we get ready to put our paid offer out into the world for sale … whether that be a course, e-book, digital template, physical product, service, or other … suddenly we start to hesitate.

We think ...

… Oh we don’t want to pressure anyone into buying.

…. Oh we don’t want to take their hard earned money.

…. Oh we haven’t “earned” the right sell our products yet.

…. Oh we can’t ask for THAT price.

…. Oh forgot it, I’ll just do it for free.

But we forget that our offer is creating a *REAL* solution to someone’s problem.

Just like collecting for a team donation solves my problem of searching for end of season gifts…

YOUR offer is uniquely suited to be the exact solution that someone out there is looking for.

If you truly believe in your offer and the power that it holds (which is the #1 pre-requisite to selling ANYTHING, according to Kendrick) then why wouldn’t you sell it to the people that need your solution?

If you went to the doctor to get rid of your strep throat, and she said, “oh sorry, we’re not offering that cure today,” what would you think??

Well, #1 you’d be likely be going to find a different doctor, and #2 you’d be thinking … how dare she withhold the knowledge and expertise that I know she has that could solve my problem and get rid of my discomfort!

It’s time to change our sales mindset from, “Selling feels icky to me, I don’t know how to do it, and I certainly don’t want to do it!” to …

--> “Selling allows me to help more people, share my gifts with the world, impact more people’s lives, and ultimately create a solution that only I am unique capable of providing. Selling gives me the power to change lives for the better!”

If this feels like a style of sales that you can stand behind, and one that you’d like to become an integral part of your business, then I’d love to invite you to join me in Sales School 2018.

I’ll be joining with Kendrick Shope, as one of this year’s Authentic Selling Instructors, walking you through the exact steps needed to create an entire feel-good sales system in your business.

If you’re been hearing me share about the Sales School program, but aren’t sure yet, here’s what I encourage you to do:

  1. Take a Sales School “campus tour” here. You’ll see sample videos, curriculum, testimonials, etc. to get a real behind the scenes look at what’s going down.
  2. Read and watch the 57+ examples of real results of Sales School students.
  3. Go to Kendrick’s FB page and watch the 24 videos she taped on 24 different sales strategies (in 24 hours!) as part of her Authentic Selling Sleepover Marathon. Seriously, if after watching these videos and you don’t see the energy, the expertise, and the VALUE that she brings to the table, then I don’t know what will!
  4. Reach out to me. I’ve mentored under Kendrick for the past 6 months in becoming an certified instructor, and I know this curriculum inside and out! I’d be happy to chat if you have any questions as to if it would be a good fit for you and your business.

(Pssst and don’t forget that I’m offering a bonus of complimentary enrollment in the fall round of my signature, Overlooked 2 Obsessed program, when you join Sales School through my affiliate offer. You’ll be set for the rest of 2018 with instruction, action, and accountability when you have these two live programs to go through back to back!)

It's time to make selling a purely positive experience for both seller and buyer again.

Who's with me? :)



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