{#17} July 24: Feel like you're always 3 steps behind?

Ever felt like you're so far behind in every part of your business, that you'll never "catch up"?

That course you're in ... you're 3 lessons behind. Should you just quit?

Your email list ... it's sub 100 people, and has been that way for months. Time to give up?

Your website traffic ... it's dismal in visitor numbers. Maybe take a break for good?

It's 10pm at night and I hadn't sent out my daily email yet that I committed to for the month of July. Should I give it up? ;)

It's way too easy to use being "behind" as an excuse to quit.

So you decide to quit cause it feels hopeless. Like you'll never break through. Like you'll never make it to the top of the pack.

But then what happens?

You switch projects. Switch ideas. Switch directions. Switch businesses. Switch your focus.

And it's new, and fun, and different, and you're excited again.

But guess what?

Now you're back at square ONE. "Behind." AGAIN.

You don't need more time, or more expertise, or more luck, or must knowledge to be successful.

You simply need to DECIDE.

Decide that you're in for the long haul.

Decide that what you're creating in the world is worth the work.

Decide that you won't quit.

Decide that there is no "behind." ;)

That's when the magic happens.




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