{#18} July 25: Fuzzy numbers and fake stats

An interesting topic of discussion came up this week ...

On one of my program training calls I shared that I've used a statement like "enjoyed by over 4,000 other entrepreneurs" to promote one of my freebies before.

And one of the program members mentioned that she always wondered if those numbers that people put next to their freebies/products are real or not?

Cause really there's no way for the the reader (and potential client) to verify that it's true.

And it got me to thinking ... how do you decide what (and who) to trust online?

When everyone has their own "magic bullet" that they are pushing, how do you know what to believe?

When everyone is promising "the world," how do you trust that it will work for you to?

When everyone is promoting affiliate offers, how do you know if they're just out to make a quick buck?

How do you evaluate the value of an offer in the online space, when there is often very little tangible to hold in your hand?

Here's what it comes down to for me: TRUST.

Statistics can be skewed.

Testimonials can be manuafactured.

Percentages can be deceiving.

People will hype things for money.

And it's deceiving, because it feels like these are things we should be able to trust when making a "smart" decision.

I ultimately believe you've got to take these things with a grain of salt, and then you've got to rely on TRUST.

Things that don't matter matter?

* fancy videos * perfectly polished workbooks * beautiful course websites * tricky tech setups * detailed funnels

Things that do?

* accessibility * follow through * passion * belief * longetivity * expertise * dedication * compassion

It's time to get back to the basics. See through the "marketing speak" and call it like it is.

You bring the passion. She'll bring the perfect fit sales.

You in?



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