{#19} July 26: Everything is "fine" ... until it isn't.

Today I took my email inbox to the chopping block.

In the past I've poo-poo'd at people who took the time to go on an unsubscribing "rampage" in their inboxes.

I've pretty much always followed the philosophy that someone has to annoy me to a fairly high degree for me to unsubscribe from their emails.

I'll give most things a "pass" that might annoy others.

I don't mind count-down timers and start your subject line with "Re:" if you really want to.

(The one that does get to me though? The subject line "Do you hate me?" That's a pretty hard unsubscribe for me!)

But today it finally got to me. And I'd had enough. My inbox was driving me crazy.

Everything was "fine" ... until it wasn't.

So each email that came in today had a decision to be made ....

A. Actually read it

B. Unsubscribe from it

(there was no choice for archiving or saving for later)

I've found that this "everything is "fine" ... until it isn't" is a fairly common theme in life and business growth.

Often it's not a momumental or life-changing event that causes you to make a change.

Nothing specific happened this morning to make me finally get fed up enough with the emails in my inbox to actually do something about it.

It was more so something that had been a long time coming ...

Yet I didn't know until this morning exactly what needed to happen to eliminate the crazy I was feeling.

--> When the pain for you comes to a head, makes change inevitable, and causes staying the same to be more painful than the alternative ...

... that's when real action and growth happens.




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