{#20} July 27: Sales copy that doesn't suck, #winning at life, and my next 30 day series!

Hey hey .... it's a vacaaaaaay time! Summer vacation that is.

My family is getting ready to head out next week on our annual summer vacation. While most people in our area will be back to school shopping (it's tax free weekend here), we like to get out for one last "hurrrah" before schools starts up.

It's busy, busy, busy mode around here finishing up an affiliate launch, closing out the last week of live training in the beta round of my Overlooked 2 Obsessed program, readying 2 businesses to run smoothly while I'm away, and of course packing up myself, the 3 kiddos, and the 2 dogs (yup, they are coming too!) for vacation. Whew!

So I'm taking a moment to enjoy, sip my coffee, and share with you my weekly list of 10 things worth sharing this week!

1. I've been tackling reorganization and decluttering of our house with a vengence this summer. It all started with finding a pin on Pinterest, that lead me to this free class (auto webinar ... just FYI) and then down the rabbit hole of figuring out "minimalism" with kids. I say it in quotes because we are no where near minimalists! But using the mindset of a minimalist to be intentional about making decisions regarding items in our home has been very empowering.

2. Morning routines for kids? I'll be honest. I don't have a specific morning routine myself. I'm more of the "some mornings are crazy; some mornings are calm" variety. We all make it out the door in one piece. ;) But as my oldest daughter gets ready to start Kindergarten this year, I'm considering creating a morning routine for her and my 3 year old to hopefully reduce the frantic "We HAVE to go NOW's!!!" flying around. I'm thinking something like this.

3. I've decided I'm not running another mastermind group until January of next year. I've been pushing forward all year, and it's time for a little "white space" to let creativity flow in my schedule. My friend Kyla Roma is an incredible business coach, with a focus on visibility and profitibility, and most importantly UNIQUE solutions for each business. Her 90-day Indie Business Collective starts August 6th and apps close today. If you're looking for that style of accountability and coaching for the upcoming months, I'd highly recommend her! (not an affiliate; just a supporter!)

4. Copywriting strategies are one of those topics that I love to geek out over, and especially conversion focused email copy. This article on 3 ways to write like a human a.ka. "sales copy that doesn't suck" is a winner in my book.

5. I've been focused on intentionally including storytelling into my marketing as much as possible this year. Seth Godin recently wrote in one of his daily emails, "Statistics never work as well as we might hope. Since we're humans, statistics don't change minds. It's the story we tell ourselves (and others) that do."

6. My top resource for learning how to structure a powerful narrative in your emails, social media posts, blog posts ... basically in anything you're doing to market your business? Michael Hauge. Definitely download his 6-Step Success Stories Chart & Ebook for a good (and free) first step to more powerful stories.

7. I found this article by Natalie Sisson (formally The Suitcase Entrepreneur) on "A simple methodology to win life one step at a time" very intriguing. Worth a read. Within it she also talks about her new 30 day program "Life Pilot 30 Day Challenge" which is currently just $49 (or $69 for you and your partner to do it together). Not an affiliate; just intrigued by the premise and considering it myself!

8. You might read when I told you that I was co-authoring a book called "Write and Grow Rich". Well, we've had some issues with Amazon and the book got pulled down a few days ago. BUT it's now back up! If you already pre-ordered on Amazon, you may need to submit it again. Appreciate you all! You can pre-order for $0.99 here.

9. The end of July is coming up quickly, and that means my Summer Snippets series of one month worth of daily M-F emails is coming to an end (next Tuesday to be exact). Now I'm considering what's next! I loved the challenge of committing to something for 30 days. I'm thinking I might do Instagram next: 1 month of long-form daily posts and IG Stories. Could be fun (especially since you'd get behind the scenes of my vacay next week!) I'll let you know what I decide. Come follow me here on Instagram just in case. ;)

10. Finally, last but not least, Kendrick Shope's enrolment for the class of 2018 of Sales School closes TONIGHT. It only opens once per year, so this is your chance. Here's what makes this program different ...

  • the entire program is focused on you impacting more people and making more money
  • the core weekly classes with Kendrick are taught LIVE
  • you get opportunities for DAILY live (Zoom call style) feedback and support from the certified instructors (I'm one of them!)
  • you get lifetime access to the Sales School Take-n-Tweak library of sales page copy, follow up templates, sales email formats, etc.
  • AND you get a 1:1 call directly with Kendrick herself!
  • Plus, when you enroll with me you also secure yourself a spot in the fall 2018 live round of Overlooked 2 Obsessed(details here: summertannhauser.com/salesschool-bonus)

Yep, I'm an affiliate, I'm an instructor in the program, and I wouldn't be involved at all if I didn't think it was 100% worth your time and attention. 

Ok ya'll, that's a wrap! Need anything? Catch me before we head out on vacay next week. ;) Monday's and Tuesday's emails to finish out this series will be from the road to the beach!




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