{#3} July 3: What an e-course on makeup taught me about sales

I recently purchased an e-course on how to do makeup.

Now, if you know anything about me, I’m the type of girl who normally shows up with a swipe of face powder, a little brown mascara, and potentially some clear chapstick (if I can find it).

MAYBE … just maybe … I’ll put on a little lipstick if it’s an important event.

Basically I’m the girl who most of the time is rocking the “I rolled out of bed like this look".

Did you know people actually put on makeup to look like they don’t have makeup on?

Who knew!?

But back to the point.

So how did a girl like me become convinced that I needed a course on doing my makeup?

If I had of received marketing emails that pitched me on learning how to pick the ideal lipstick color, or how to do the perfect smokey eye (is that even a "thing" any more?), I would have deleted the emails without a second thought.

At first glance, that’s how you might think you’d market a makeup course, right?

Maybe that would make sense if your audience was already sold on wanting to learn how to do makeup.

But remember … the need to improve my makeup skills hadn’t even crossed my mind at this point.

It wasn't even a blip of a desire on my radar.

So what did the emails say instead?

(Listen in to yourself and see how this resonates with you; especially if you’re a Mom of littles, since that was the intended audience.)

The person marketing the course shared that after going through this course (she was an affiliate for it), she ….

  • Started wanting to go out with her husband more and they created a weekly date night

  • Started doing more live videos in her business, thereby increasing her engagement and revenue

  • Started feeling confident running errands spur-of-the-moment, without praying she didn’t run into anyone she knew

  • Started feeling more secure, confident, more beautiful, more capable

Look back through that list.

Was makeup ever mentioned? Even once?

Nope, not a chance.

Makeup didn’t sell this course to me.

The feelings, outcomes, benefits … the potential results in my life …. THOSE were what did it.

If you want to sell your offers (no matter what they may be) …

Don’t focus on the features.

Tell us what’s going to change for us. Show us. Describe it. Let us experience it.

THAT’s how you sell.



Summer Tannhauser

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