{#22} July 31: The 30 days of emails series is wrap! (here’s what is next)

Hey ya’ll!

This email comes direct to you from our family summer vacay on St.Simon Island, Georgia!

I’ll keep this quick cause we’ve got beach time to be had, scooters to ride, and ice cream cones to eat.

Summer vacay, I love you!

Today is the last day of July, and that means it’s the last day of my Summer Snippets email series, where I’ve sent a value-driven (hopefully ) email each day of this month! (all are now archived on the blog here).

P.S. if you're still reading these daily emails, thanks for sticking around!

So what’s next? Here’s the plan moving forward …

1. You all let me know that you loved the regular Friday feature email where I shared 10 things that I found worth sharing that week (both personal and business, with plenty of links), so I’ve decided to keep doing it! Look for that fun email each Friday.

2. I’m kicking off my next 30 day challenge (for myself) and committing to a month of Instagram during August! That means daily (M-F) long-form text and photos in the feed, and IG Stories starting TOMORROW! (During my vacay I’m going to give myself a little “pass” and keep things simple with just digital documenting on Stories.)

3. Want to hold yourself accountable too? The more the merrier! :) This is really just me challenging myself, but of course I’d love to have you along for the ride as well.

So go ahead and follow me here on Instagram (@summerkaritannhauser) and I’ll see ya in the Stories tomorrow. :)

peace, love, and sunny days <3



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