{#4} July 4: Freedom


Today we celebrate in the USA. Independence Day.

It's a value that too often we take for granted.

I take for granted.

5 short years ago I was an elementary school teacher that wasn't sure how I'd ever fulfil my dream of being a stay-at-home Mom.

Now life looks much different.

It's definitely not all rainbows and roses. Balancing 3 strong-willed, indepedent little kiddos while running a business, isn't for the faint of heart. But what life is?


So today I celebrate my freedom ...

And I encourage YOU to celebrate your's, wherever you are on this journey.

Your freedom ... to open your mind to new possibilities and push the status-quo.

Your freedom ... to say yes, even when it pushes hard against your comfort zone.

Your freedom ... to take the first step forward, and then dragging that second foot up to meet it.

Your freedom ... to decide, and then making the same conscious choice every single day.

Your freedom ... to fail, and fail again, and again ... yet still keep striving.

It's not a "someday" type thing. It's not a "once I've made it" type thing.

As Seth Godin said in his daily email this morning ...

It's not Independence Day ... it's Responsibility Day ... because what matters is what you're actually going to do with it!

Doing nothing is a choice. (one I don't suggest)

Freedom is a choice.

And today I choose to celebrate.

Happy July 4th 'Merica!



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