5 Businesses + EXACTLY how I would use Pinterest for each.

Do you ever slip into the misconception that “EVERYONE” is in the same industry as you?

On a daily basis, I’m often chatting with other online infopreneurs and bloggers who are writing ebooks, hosting webinars, putting together blog posts, and in general are in the “business of teaching about business,” just like me.

But here’s the thing ... even though many of my online friends are in a similar industry, the variety of biz owners who consume my content and are a part of my Pintastic Profit Plan course, encompass such a wide variety of industries and business models!

For example, just a sampling of my Pintastic students include a productivity coach, wedding planner, career coach for animal lovers, virtual assistant, couponing expert, makeup designer, and sketch artist.

I don’t ever want to slip into getting stuck in my own little “online bubble,” forgetting about everyone else. So today I’m doing something kind of fun!

I’m taking 5 different businesses, and showing you EXACTLY how I would utilize Pinterest marketing in each. 

I’m covering the full range from service-based to product-based, local to online, solopreneur to big brand.  Regardless of your industry, I hope you’ll “find” yourself in this list of 5 businesses, and begin to understand how Pinterest is the ideal social media marketing platform, no matter what you do!


A real estate agent needs to attract a local audience, and showcase their knowledge of their hometown. They'll want a Pinterest page with a strong group of board topics that is of interest to potential home buyers in their city.

Keys to Pinterest success:

  • Boards based on their local city that would be of interest to someone moving there. For example: Atlanta restaurants, Atlanta schools, Atlanta festivals, Atlanta day trips, Atlanta for kids, etc.

  • A regularly updated board of homes currently offered for sale.

  • Informative pins with text overlays, that link to blog articles that showcase the agent's local knowledge, and home buying knowledge.

    • For example: The 10 questions you must ask yourself before buying a home, Atlanta’s top 5 dog parks, 5 key characteristics to look for in your real estate agent, 7 best date night restaurants in Atlanta. And of course they'll want to include content upgrades in their blog posts to offer in exchange for an email address. Start building that email list!


I have a new detailed guest post by Sacia Ashe on the blog, that covers using Pinterest for Etsy sellers, or other online handmade shop owners. If you’re a handmade artist, I encourage you to check out her complete How to Create a Pinterest Strategy for your Handmade Business article here (complete with video tutorials!).


As a virtual assistant, it’s likely that you’re going to achieve the best results by immersing yourself in one specific industry, and catering to business owners in that industry. Therefore it’s important that your Pinterest account showcases the type of information that biz owners in that industry would be attracted to, as well as your skills as a virtual assistant.

Keys to Pinterest success:

  • If your clients are open to you sharing openly that you work with them, have a board that showcases all of your clients and their work that you help to produce. Social proof is always a plus.

  • Create boards based around your skill sets. That could mean you’re including boards on graphic design, email management skills, providing an excellent customer service experience, project management programs, etc. These boards should also include your own pins, and links to blog posts that you have written on these topics, showcasing your knowledge and experience.

  • Create boards and pin content related to the industry that you are targeting. So dependent on your ideal clients, you might focus on travel/hospitality, fitness/health, blogger/entrepreneur, etc.


When you’re marketing clothing and accessories to an online audience, often your goal is the direct sale of the product (especially when it’s a lower or moderately priced item), rather than adding the person to your email list. So your Pinterest strategy is a bit different when you’re focused on the direct sale of your items.

Keys to Pinterest success:

  • When creating product pins, stunning photography for your pin images is of utmost importance. It should be bright, fresh, sharp, and with little distracting in the background.

  • You’ll want to create some boards that solely showcase your shop’s products. Perhaps, a “top sellers” board, a season specific board, or other categories that contain only products that you offer.

  • You’ll also want general category boards that showcase not only your products, but others’ too, that fit into that category. For example, if candles are one of your offerings, you’ll have a board to which you pin your own candles mixed in with others’ (still always looking for pins with bright and fresh photography).

  • Even as a product seller, it’s important to utilize your blog in conjunction with Pinterest. How-to, step-by-step, and instructional content is some of the most popular on Pinterest. You’ll want to consider including blog posts such as: The 5 top accessories to update your wardrobe for spring; How to create a complete capsule wardrobe for Moms; 10 complete outfits perfect for Christmas.

  • Throughout these blog posts you’ll highlight the products that you offer, and give opportunities to purchase. Your pin on Pinterest will include a text overlay that draws attention to the informative nature of your article, rather than directly promoting your products.


A fitness trainer will likely be interested in attracting a local audience for personal training sessions. However they may also offer workout plans, videos, or health-related products that can be purchased by anyone online. So this industry requires both a local and online audience approach.

Keys to Pinterest success:

  • Include local based boards that revolve around your industry. For example: Chicago Parks, Chicago Greenways and Trails, Chicago Healthy Restaurants, etc.

  • Create boards catering towards keywords that people would most likely search for on Pinterest when searching for fitness information. For example: abs workout, bikini body workout, 10 minute fitness routine, etc.

  • Create full fitness routines that can be showcased on pins that give Pinterest viewers a sneak peak of each move.

  • Consider including pins that link to short workout videos.

  • Add boards that have to do with related topics: Healthy Eating, Paleo Diet, etc.

Is your biz in a different industry that I didn’t cover, and you’re a little lost about how to apply Pinterest marketing for it?  Tell me about it in the comments below! I’ll respond with my top tip or two specific to you business industry. Come on, try to stump me! :)



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