{#5} July 5: Why the majority of people get NO results in their business

Formulas. Step-by-step. Duplicatable. Systems.

There is a reason we’re so drawn to them.

Because who wouldn’t want to get it right the first time?!

A formula that tells me exactly what to do to avoid setbacks and mistakes? Sign me up!

:: Follow these 15 steps and you’ll meet your dream guy in less than 3 months ...

:: Here’s the 12 step formula to host a $10K+ producing webinar …

:: Duplicate this recruitment system to bring in 7 new leads your first month …

:: Here’s the exact system to lose 10 pounds by Labor Day …

Now let’s say the person making these claims is honest, and has achieved the results promised for themselves or for someone else they have assisted.

There’s no denying the formula works. It’s been proven it does.

So where’s the hang-up?

How come when you purchase the course/program/coaching/ebook that makes this claim, you don’t achieve the same results?

Of course there are variables at work.

But doesn’t it stand to reason that even if you didn’t lose the full 10 lbs or bring in exactly the $10K claimed, that you’d still achieve some pretty incredible results if you do your best to follow the system?

So what gives?

Why do the large majority of people get little to no results?

It’s not because they didn’t implement correctly.

It’s because they didn’t stay with it long enough to make it work.

You’ve got to develop the grit needed to ignore the shiny new formulas being dangled in front of you every day, and commit to that ONE until it works for you too.

I love a concept that Clay Collins (from LeadPages) developed called “The Five Ones”.

5 Things. One for Each:

--> ONE Target Market: ideally one that you truly enjoying talking with and serving

--> ONE Product: that you fully believe in

--> ONE Conversion Tool: for example webinars, sales calls, live events, etc. (only pick one)

--> ONE Traffic: a scalable source that won’t “run out”

--> ONE Year: focus in for a full year sharpening your skills in each of your “ONES”

There’s nothing complicated about it.

Really, it’s quite simple.

Yet, the dedication needed to ignore the shiny objects fighting for your attenion and stay the course, means a very small percentange will actually do it.

Will you take the plunge?



Summer Tannhauser

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