5 Reasons your Social Media Followers are NOT turning into $$$ Profit (and what to do about it!)

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Social Media.  It's one of those things that you likely have a love/hate relationship with.  

You know social media is crucial to getting visible and in front of your ideal clients.  But you also know that it takes So. Much. Time. 

So you're plugging away ... tweeting to your heart's desire, keeping a sharp eye out for the perfect Instagram shot, trying to "provide value" in Facebook groups.  You've heard all the advice, you're committed to consistently showing up on all your favorite platforms (2016 resolution any one?), and guess what ... your follower numbers are growing.  Your fan numbers are slowly creeping past the number of people that you follow.  Woohoo! (For anyone who has recently built their following from scratch, can I get an amen?!)

BUT ... are you profiting from you efforts?

 Do you even know if what you're doing is working?  Do you have revenue rolling in directly from your posts on social media? If the answer is NO to any one of these questions, then we've got a problem!  

If you're spending the time to create a perfectly styled Instagram shot, write a compelling caption, and pick the ideal time to post it when you're sure most of your followers are active, then you NEED a return on your time investment.

Every single one of your posts on social media should have a GOAL.  

Notice, I didn't say that they all should have a monetary purpose or a goal to sell, sell, sell (although many will in some capacity), but I did say that you should know the exact purpose of why you're tweeting, gramming, or pinning, each and every time.

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Now, here's the truth. There are concrete reasons why you have more social media fans than you have hard cash $ profit rolling in.  I'm proud of you for your success in growing your follower numbers!  That absolutely should be a goal of your's on social media.  Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Numbers do matter.

But the number growing in your business bank account matters MORE. Let's put our primary focus on that one!

5 reasons you have more social media fans than $ profit. AND concrete steps to fix each one!

Reason #1: You're not sharing your own stuff.

No one wants to be seen as "spammy." I get it.  And yes, if you join a Pinterest group board and start sharing ONLY your blog posts, or you join a Facebook group and start right off the bat with self-promotion, then I (and everyone else) am not going to really care about what you're sharing.

It's yucky to only talk about yourself.  Would you walk into a party and start tooting your own horn before anyone knows you?  I hope not.  So don't do it on social media either.

With that said .... don't go to the other extreme.

 If you're ONLY tweeting out others' promotions, and only re-pinning others' content, then you're missing the whole point of social media.  If you have a business (which I assume you do if you're reading this) then you MUST be sharing your own content.  

The profit is not made directly on social media (most of the time). The profit is made when you get that follower back to your website, and get them purchasing your product/service, or get them on your email list.

Your Action Step:

Create a goal for each social media platform as to how much of your own content you're going to share.  For example:

Pinterest: For every 10 pins I re-pin, 2 of the pins will be from my own website. Pssst ... Tailwind makes this task soooo much easier!

Facebook: I'll spend 30 minutes in my targeted groups daily, providing value.  10 of those minutes will be focused on posting my own content (images, celebrations, promos (if allowed), updates about my business, tips related to my business focus).

Instagram: Each post will include a concrete call to action (buy my course, sign up for my freebie, check out this blog post, download my checklist, join my list, find me on Periscope, etc.)

Twitter: I will schedule daily a minimum of one tweet about a blog post, one promo for my opt-in freebie, and one tip related to my business that links back to a sales/services/products page.

Reason #2: Your Titles/Blog Post/Images are Not Compelling

The title of your blog post is very similar to the subject line of an email.  It has ONE primary purpose - to get the reader to open it up!

I'm not about deception or being "tricky." I hate feeling duped when I open an email or blog post that does not deliver the goods based on the title or subject line provided.  I'm not promoting doing that at all.  What I am saying, is you MUST take the time to create a compelling, engaging, interesting headline that makes your reader excited to see what's inside.  

If you spend the time to craft an amazing blog post, with killer resources and content, you better spend the time to create a title that "sells" the read.  

And on the other hand.  If you're got a kickass blog post title then you better have the content behind it to back it up!

The same goes for your blog graphic (that is Pinterest optimized I hope!). If you're not providing a beautifully branded image that clearly communicates to your reader through quality font, image, and design choices, then people are going to view you as amateur.

Using free stock photos that you see EVERYWHERE, or cheezy comic sans font?  If so, that tells me that you're not investing the time and energy into your branding, which makes me think it's unlikely that you're putting much thought into your content either.

You'll probably not going to get the click through from me (or anyone else) based on the amateurish visuals that you're showcasing.

You might have an AH-mazing blog post behind the graphic, but I'll never know since you're didn't do enough to compel me to click through.  

That's YOUR job to make me want to read.  

Your Action Step:

  1. Do a little research into what creates a compelling headline title. There are two resources that I personally reference every time I'm writing a blog post or email:

    - Buffer's article: 30+ Ultimate Headline Formulas for Tweets, Posts, Articles, and Emails

    - Bourne Creative's PDF: Write Great Headlines (thanks to Olyvia.co for originally pointing out this amazing resource)

  2. Commit to writing a compelling headline for all your blog posts going forward AND consider updating the titles of your past posts that aren't getting the "love" they deserve.

  3. Create a Pinterest image style guide template for use with every blog post image that you create going forward.

Reason #3: You're afraid to include a call to action (aka ask for the sale)

There's a funny thing about your readers and potential clients on the internet.  When you tell them to do something, they are 100x (not an exact statistic!) more likely to do it, compared to if you don't say anything and just assume they know what to do.

Let's say you've just created a super informative Instagram post that shows your beautifully styled desk and tells all about the "goodies" you're about to send out to your email list.  So anyone who reads it should know to:

  1. Go to your profile.

  2. Click through to your website.

  3. Find your email signup form (if there even is one on your home page).

  4. Enter their information.

Right?  NOPE!

That's 4 more steps than anyone is going to take, because you never included a call to action!

The last sentence of your Instagram post should have read something like .... "Get on my list NOW, so you don't miss out on all these goodies! Sign up here --> (easy bit.ly link that takes them directly to your list sign up form) or click the link in my profile".  (Then be sure the link in your profile does actually go directly to your list sign up!)

Your call to action does not always have to be about asking for an actual "sale," but you should always be asking your reader to DO something.  

On Instagram and Pinterest, this call to action should be on EVERY post/pin that you create.  On Pinterest, it's as easy as making the last sentence of your pin description say "Click through to find my free guide on ........" On Twitter, if you're active daily, call-to-action posts will be one of the categories of tweets that you write.  On Periscope or other live streaming, absolutely tell your viewers where to go (a specific page of your website for a specific reason).

Your Action Step:

1. Create a list of all the actions you could ask your readers and potential clients to take (that will benefit your business).  Some ideas:

  • sign up for my list

  • download my different freebie opt-ins

  • check out my services

  • buy my course

  • read my latest blog post

  • sign up for my webinar/challenge/series

  • comment on my post

  • tag your friends

  • share

2.  Once you have your list, create a unique and catchy call to action for each item on your list that YOU feel comfortable using.  For example: "Wish you could be a Pinterest success story? You CAN! Sign up for my free 5 day course Pinterest Power HERE!" (link to sign up page included) 

3. Use your ready-to-use call to action list at least once daily on each of your social media platforms.  Get comfortable making the ask! 

Reason #4: You're missing the list building component

You've heard the phrase "The money's in the list" right?  Well sometimes even cliche phrase are true.

 In this case, I have to agree with that statement 100%. Every single person who comes to your website/blog should be given the opportunity to join your email list.  And when I say given the opportunity, I mean they should be presented with multiple ENTICING reasons to hand over their name/mail on your website. 

All of the reasons that I've covered leading up to now have been about getting your followers back to your website.  Your site is where they have the opportunity to "continue the conversation" and take action with your business.  

We don't want one time visitors that you have no way to contact.  We want a way for you to continue to share your knowledge and offerings with those visitors. 

So our main, number one, primary, top priority (you get how important this is?) for ANYONE who lands on your site is to collect their name/email.

If you're ready to get started with building email list in an email system that is perfect for beginners, yet powerful enough for advanced users with thousands of subscribers, then I highly recommend ConvertKit! I made the switch to ConvertKit very early in my own business, and have never looked back. :)

Your Action Step:

Add one or more of these ways to include multiple list building opportunities on your site:

  • have a "VIP list" sign up form in your blog sidebar

  • highlight your main opt-in offer (maybe a free course?) in your website footer

  • use a Hello Bar or announcement bar at the top of your website to highlight an specific reason your readers should sign up

  • use a pop-up box (but PLEASE be sure it functions correctly if you're using it on mobile)

  • create a website coverpage highlighting a free course

  • have a signup opportunity at the bottom of each blog post

  • create a opt-in freebie specifically related to a blog post topic (checklist, video tutorial, worksheet, etc)

  • add buttons linked to your sign up page (which stand out more than text links) throughout your blog post

  • create thumbnail images of the actual freebie and make them linked to the signup page

  • add references to your main opt-in freebie on your About page or Start Here page

Reason #5: You don't have a plan in place for consistency

Here's the thing about social media.  Showing up for a month or two doesn't cut it.  Getting busy and deciding you'll pick it back up later doesn't cut it.  Posting random updates without any purpose behind them doesn't cut it.  

Having a concrete plan in place is the difference between an amateurish presence and the powerful presence of a leader in your industry.  

People need to see you showing up time and time again to get comfortable with you.  They need to trust that you'll be there.  They need to see your offerings multiple times before they decide to even click through to check them out.  They need to be confident in your skill set, and your knowledge.  

You can do ALL of this through social media, but you MUST have a plan in place.

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Action Step:

1. Pinterest - Invest in a Pinterest scheduling program that will pin for you at optimal times for engagement from your audience (I suggest Tailwind).  Schedule a minimum of 15+ pins per day.  Remember, out of every 10 pins, 2 of them should be your own content. 

If you're not ready to invest the money yet in a scheduling program, commit to pinning 15 pins at some point during the day.  Even if you do them all at one time, you will still see results.

2. Instagram - Plan out your month in advance!  Spend one day to batch the taking of all your photographs and creating your quote images (if that's your style). I then upload the images to Dropbox and write out my captions in advance.  When it's time to post each day, it's as simple as downloading the image from Dropbox and copy/pasting the caption.

Sure, I take spontaneous pictures here and there, but it's a great comfort to know that I have a steady stream of content ready to go if I'm not feeling especially inspired that day.

3. Twitter - Get Buffer (even the free version will do) and schedule out your daily tweets.  Shoot for a mix of sharing your own blog posts, opportunities to opt-in to your freebies, and sharing others' content (of course being sure to mention them when you do so).  Quotes and images are also great for engagement purposes. Don't forget to include those calls to action that you created! 

Ok guys! You have have EVERYTHING you need to create a profitable social media strategy for 2019 and beyond.  



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