{#7} July 9: The 3 email follow-up system to close 50%+ discovery calls

Did I ever tell you I avoid talking on the phone like the plague?

WHY oh WHY did you just call me when you can …

  1. Text

  2. Email

  3. FB Message

  4. DM

  5. Tag me

  6. Skype

  7. Zoom call (for some reason video calls feel so much better to me!)

  8. ANY other option that doesn’t involve words exchanged on the phone! :)

So it should be no surprise that this introvert is not a big fan of conducting “sales” calls in general.

ESPECIALLY if you’re going to teach me a sales system where I'm not allowed to let the prospect off the phone until I get a paid-in full “YES,” then you better believe I’m going to clam up and retreat into my introvert shell.

That sounds terrible to me!

Pressuring someone into a sale on the spot? Ick.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way.

I’m been learning from one of the leading sales experts for female online entrepreneurs for the last 6 months, and guess what she about this “hard sell” strategy …

#1. If you feel the ick … then find a better way.

#2. Sales are NOT closed on the call … you win the client in the FOLLOW-UP! (stats show that 50%+ of sales are closed this way)

Now that’s a strategy that I can get on board with!



Summer Tannhauser

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