Better w/o Facebook, vacay photos, and 1 blog post → 30 promo pieces

The week after vacation is TOUGH. Period. End of story.

We drove home from the beach on Monday, and ever since I’ve felt like I’m in constant catch up mode.

But I’m also in a moment of being intentional to make some memories during the “final days of summer,” as my oldest starts Kindergarten next Tuesday. We're headed to the pool today to soak it all in. Emotions are running high ya’ll!

So let’s dive right in with this week’s 10 things worth sharing …

1. I’m better without Facebook. There. I said it. While on vacation I deleted the app off my phone (as I traditionally do on trips), and it became very clear to me that I’m a better mom, better entrepreneur, better partner, and better person when I don’t have Facebook to “default to” for mindless scrolling. Heard of FOMO? Well how about JOMO (joy of missing out)?I’ve been enjoying learning more about JOMO here. It’s all about joy beyond the screen.

2. Facebook even understands that spending more time on it’s platform, isn’t necessary the best move for humankind. They announced new mobile tools for both FB and IG that you can use to track your usage on the apps, as well as giving you options for an alert when you reach your self-imposed limit.

3. Do you remember when you first learned about the possibility of running a business online? Was there one website or one entrepreneur that opened your eyes to the opportunity? I remember. For me it was a community of women lead by Molly Mahar, practicing joy in a messy world. Loved it then. Still do now.

4. A bunch of my fav people in the online space are on their way to Dovetail Summits (a curated community of female entrepreneurs), founded by Alexis Dean, who I had the pleasure of meeting at a mastermind retreat I attended last year. Lots of travel isn’t in the cards for me right now with my current kiddo situation, but it’s definitely on the business bucket list. Following Dovetail's IG stories to catch up on the fun.

5. I love this new freebie PDF that Jennifer Dunham from Happiness Matters is offering (for free). It’s all about how to take 1 blog post and turn it into 30+ pieces of promotional content. The goal is to take a high-value piece of written content that you put a lot of heart and effort (a.k.a. TONS of time) into, and then quickly and easily set up a system so you know exactly how to turn it into snippets that can be shared across all platforms. Rinse and repeat and you’ve got your monthly content ready to go!

6. One of the big affiliate launches that happened across the internet recently was the ASK method program by Ryan Levesque. It’s designed to help you discover exactly what your customers want, and how to provide it for them based on their specific situation. I wasn’t interested in getting involved in a big program right now, but I was intrigued. So I picked up the ASK book on Audible. Started listening today!

7. Speaking of books, I grabbed a few oldies, but goodies from my bookshelf before leaving on vacation, and re-reading Tribes by Seth Godinwas definitley a highlight. Anyone else “take notes” by taking photos of your favorite sections of the book? My phone is always with me and the photos (a.k.a. notes) are easily accessible, so it’s been working great for me.

8. This was one of my favorite “photo notes” that I took from Tribes: “The secret of leadership is simple: Do what you believe in. Paint a picture of the future. Go there. People will follow.” ~Seth Godin

9. Ya’ll, on a personal note, I’ve gone at least 6 weeks now without pulling out a hair dryer or flat iron, and it has been the most freeing thing ever! For this thick and frizzy haired girl, mixed with the summer humidity in the south, it used to be a constant struggle, and I honestly despised washing my hair because that I meant I had to spend at least 30 minutes drying/straightening it. Last week at the beach it made SUCH a difference that I could wash and airdry. Take the time to find products that work for you. It matters. Just another little way to up-level your life!

10. .And just for fun, here’s a few photos from our vacation last week to St.Simon Island. Ahhhhh, beach life ….



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