[CASE STUDY] 4000% Growth + 1K followers in less than 30 Days on Pinterest

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If you're in the online business world, and don't know Mariah Coz. Well, you're missing out BIG TIME.

And let me rephrase that statement.

If you're ...

  • a blogger that is looking to monetize (without salesy ads + promos)

  • starting a side hustle that you hope one day will give you freedom from your 9-5

  • a stay-at-home Mom that dreams of creating passive income from a laptop

  • a business owner (PERIOD)

You NEED to know Mariah Coz from Femtrepreneur.co.

Just a little street cred in case she is new to you: a recent 450K course launch, building her business to 100K/per month (yes, month!), and all in less than 1 year's time. Yep, just a little over a year ago she was JUST getting started. CRAZY, huh!?

Now, why am I telling you all about Mariah Coz?

Because despite being incredible at what she does and absolutely killing it in business, she has one of the same problems as you .....

Femtrepreneur.co's website traffic numbers sucked

If you've ever started a blog from scratch or dabbled in promoting your biz online, you know that half the battle is getting people to know you're alive. (Kidding .... kind of).

If you can't get people to your website, you can't grow you list, you can't sell your products, and you can't create income. Period. END OF STORY.

Mariah obviously is getting traffic to Femtrepreneur.co, to the tune of creating 6-figure months. But the majority of that traffic is coming from people already on her email list. Which is great, since they already know and trust her (and are primed to buy!). But that only takes you so far.

So how to generate NEW traffic, NEW readers, and NEW list subscribers?

We NEEDED a strategy to grow my blog traffic. Which we’ve ALWAYS struggled with despite having a bigger email list and great conversion. Traffic has ALWAYS been our bottleneck.
— Mariah Coz

Enter Pinterest. A little over a month ago I took over Mariah's Femtrepreneur.co Pinterest account.

Actually "took over" isn't quite accurate. At that point she didn't even have a Pinterest account! I know, I know ... the horror! :) We were starting from complete SCRATCH .... no profile, no account, no NOTHING.  Mariah had seen the power that Pinterest could have for other online businesses, but still was skeptical that it was right for Femtrepreneur.co at that point.

Fast forward 1 month ...

We've now achieved close to 4,000% growth, and are at a high point of getting 197 clicks back to Mariah's website EACH day from Pinterest. (and we're just getting started!)

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When you think about how high the Femtrepreneur.co conversion rates are for getting her traffic to opt-in for her email list, that's the opportunity to add close to 200 people to her email list daily (pretty much on auto-pilot). Crazy!


Even more exciting is the traffic up-swing that Mariah saw for the month of January directly on Femtrepreneur.co's website stats.

We had our highest traffic month EVER despite me doing less work than ever (hello passive income!). And I haven’t spent a dime on ads. Honestly I’m just so amazed at how QUICKLY this all worked. Usually strategies for long term success take a long time to implement and see results (months usually). In 3 weeks we started seeing these insane stats, and I know it will just grow exponentially.
— Mariah Coz


And even more CRAZY is that in just a few weeks time, Pinterest is now Mariah's top source of traffic from a social media platform. (Only the direct links that she sends from her emails is higher!)

Remember, it's not like she already had a big Pinterest presence, and we just made it better. NO. This was starting from absolute zero just a few weeks ago.

Okay so the results we’ve been seeing have been INSANE. Like what is this black magic? Pinterest is now my #1 referrer behind my “direct” traffic I send from my emails. Seriously in like 3 weeks? That’s nuts. I have 1000 followers there and growing every day. My email list is blowing up. #GAMECHANGER
— Mariah Coz


If you're not convinced yet that Pinterest is WORTH your time for getting your business visible, just glance over those stats one more time. It is absolutely possible to achieve access on Pinterest with less than 1K followers AND in less than 30 days. I've seen it in my clients time and time again.

I was so skeptical before and now I just wish we had prioritized Pinterest sooner!!! THANK YOU SUMMER! This is our big growth strategy moving forward and seriously you’re the person to learn it from!”
— Mariah Coz

"OK, I'm convinced! Just show ME how to do it!" :)

Let's get down to the strategy plan so that you can recreate similar success for your blog and business. Some of the first things that I did to Mariah's account were ...

1. Adding keywords to her Pinterest Business name. Originally she just had "Mariah of Femtrepreneur.co." I added "Blogging + Business" to it. This is key so that someone who has never heard of Mariah, knows exactly what she is all about (blogging + business) before they even look at her profile. It's also a way to add SEO power to your Pinterest account.

2. Creating a board titled "Femtrepreneur.co Blog" and making this the first board on her account. This is currently one of her most popular boards, and showcases all of her blog content. This allows people to easily browse through all of her blog posts in one easy location.

3. Creating boards that fit into the topics that Mariah focuses on in her business: online business, email marketing, launch strategy, blogging, etc. and then filling those boards with a mix of Femtrempreneur.co content, along with curated content from other respected sources.

4. Creating "lifestyle" boards that help to humanize the brand and create an overall aesthetic for the profile. This includes boards like creative art, travel, color + pattern, home, style, etc.

5. Writing a FULL description for each board. This means it is 2-4 sentences, and includes as many targeted keywords as possible (as found in the Pinterest guided search bar).

6. Joining group boards that fit with Mariah's industry AND get a good number of re-pins. It's not worth joining group boards unless it's helping to get your pins re-pinned more.

7. Creating a full profile of boards and filling them. Mariah now has a total of 29 boards on her profile page, with each of them having at least 20 pins in them to get started. This gives her profile a "complete and established" look.

8. Creating a Femtrepreneur Badass Business Babes group boardto help grow her follower numbers and Pinterest reach quicker. I don't recommend everyone starting their own group board, but with Mariah already having an established brand, this made sense as a way to grow her community on Pinterest.

9. Signing up for a Tailwind account and getting Mariah on a schedule of about 30 pins per day, that is a mix of her own content and others' content, as well as pinning to group boards.

10. Using the website pinterest.com/source/(websiteURL) to find other pinners that are pinning Mariah's content, and liking those pins as a way to say thanks, and encourage additional interaction in the future.

Whew! And that's just how we got started. The initial set-up and optimization is absolutely the first key ingredient to a successful Pinterest strategy that converts.

But the actual strategy about what to pin, when to pin it, how often to pin, and to where is what really sets apart a Pinterest account that drives mediocre traffic compared to one that produces stats that blow your mind!

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