9 Must-Do Steps to Conquer your Inbox Once and for ALL

Ever open your computer and think "Ah, let me just check my email real quick"? 

An hour later you're still in your inbox, and you realize you haven't actually accomplished anything you set out to do! Email rarely takes the 5 minutes you planned “just to check my inbox.” 

So today I'm sharing the exact strategies and systems I have in place in my own business to help you take control of the inbox madness, and get it organized into a system.

Email Folders

_____ Do you often sort through email on your phone throughout the day? If so consider downloading the Spark app. It's a free download that makes it extremely easy to categorize emails into folders, or move them to the achieves or trash, while on the go.

_____ Label/create folders for your emails. It will depend on your business as to what folders you need to create, but here are some that I use:

  • Client

  • Forms

  • Employment

  • Ideas

  • Personal

  • Client Requests

  • Take Action Now


You know those emails from the same people/organizations that you never seem to open and send straight to the trash? Let's get rid of those! Rather then searching for unsubscribe buttons, we're going to let a free service take care of it almost instantly.

_____ Go to the unroll.me website and sign up. Once you're in, you'll see a list of all your subscription emails, and with one click you can instantly unsubscribe from whatever you don't want. You'll be amazed by how many subscriptions you've got!

_____ After getting rid of the subscriptions you don't want, you can now create your “Roll Up.” This is for the subscription emails that you like to read, but don't want popping up into your inbox throughout the day. You'll put all of these into your “Roll Up” which wraps them into one nice packaged email that is sent to you once a day. Peruse the email, decide what you want to read, and keep your inbox clean.

Set Up Template Emails

Do you find that you're often writing almost the same exact email to multiple people, multiple times each week? It's time to get set up to create some templates!

_____ Determine if your email provider allows for templates. If you're using Gmail, do a quick Google search for “how to set up canned responses in Gmail” and you'll be well on your way.

_____ Now it's time to determine what templates will be most useful to you. If you need some help, go under your sent mail folder, and skim over the emails you've sent over the past week. Are you noticing some that are quite similar in content and wording? These are the ones that you want templates for!

Possible ideas to consider that could use a “canned response”:

  • New client information request

  • Guest posting/interview/other online action requests

  • Billing reminders

  • “Saying no” nicely

  • Answers to frequently asked questions

  • Pricing information requests

  • Follow up for feedback

  • Follow up for potential clients that you don't hear back from

Email responses that took 10 (or more!) minutes to write, now simply involve adding a name, and perhaps a line or two of personalization, and then you'll be pressing send. Easy peasy.

_____ Using your list, WRITE your templates! Don't forget to save!

_____ Be sure to leave spaces (and I suggest highlighting the spaces so you don't forget them) for personalization; such as names, money amounts, dates, etc. Nothing is more embarrassing then sending an email full of blanks or wrong information!

_____ Include the subject of the email in your template. Determining a good subject line can eat up a lot of time when crafting responses on the go!

Now go. To your email inbox. And CONQUER!



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