3 Options for Creating your Mastermind Tribe in 2018

3 Options for joining a Mastermind in 2018. #entrepreneur #bloggerlife #girlboss

I joined a paid mastermind for the full year of 2017. And I can say without a doubt that the single decision of joining this group, has without a doubt been the most pivitol and impactful decision I made to move my business forward this year.

There is no doubt it was scary. All the mindset gremlins crept up for me. How will I compare to the others? Am I even close to their “level”? Am I really the right fit for this? Am I actually considering this? Can I make this leap?

But when it comes down to it here is something about making a financial commitment, a time commitment, an emotional commitment, and ultimately a commitment to yourself

…. saying YES this is the time.

This is the space.

I AM ready.

I AM enough.

I AM upleveling

… this is literally life changing.  

It was for me. And I know it has been for many others in my shoes as well.

If you’re sold on the idea of being a part of a powerfully supportive community, then you’ll want to check out the video I shot for you with my top 3 ways to currate the perfect small group for youself (with options for no matter what stage you’re at, and if you’re looking for ways that include a financial commitment or not!).

I personally got started with option #1, dabbled in option #2 at different points on my path, and ultimately found option #3 to be my sweet spot.

Checkout out the 3 options in the video >>



I’ll be opening up applications VERY SOON for an experience that I’m curating for 2018 that I couldn’t be more excited about.  

Imagine what would be possible with an empowered and connected tribe of like-minded women, a mentor crazy dedicated to success (on your terms), and a full 4 months filled with passionate support and a heap of accountability.

Imagine kicking off 2018 by spending quality time devoted to yourself, your highest priorities + desires, and your ambitious (yet totally conquerable!) business + life goals, fully supported by a REAL PLAN to make it happen.

I honestly can’t wait to meet my tribe 10 passionate, driven, entrepreneurial women who will be joining me on this journey during the first 4 months of 2018.

Summer Tannhauser

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