Email marketing in 2019, declutter challenge + 4 ideas to 2x your business

I don't know about you, but ... Day #14 on our advent calendar just got opened this morning, another ring came off of the Christmas countdown paper chain, and we’re headed out to do some Elf on the Shelf hunting this weekend.

Big kuddos to our city that does a city-wide Elf on the Shelf scavenger hunt throughout the downtown stores, museums, and restaurants. This mom for one is thankful to put that stressful … I mean fun holiday activity (😉) … in someone else’s much more capable hands. :)

As another week closes, getting us that much closer to the holidays and to the kickoff to 2019, with everyone running around with the *** ahhhhh, there’s sooooo much to do! *** look of alarm on their faces, I’ll jump right into my weekly roundup of things-I-found-to-be-worth-sharingwithout any further ado …

1. The opportunities to give are endless in this season. And it’s hard to know when, where, and how to give in a way that’s going to make the biggest impact and stretch your donation the furthest.

So I’d love to invite you to take 30 seconds today, and be a part of the greater good, by allowing $1 to be donated on your behalf to one of my favorite organizations, (they are one of my chosen organizations that I donate a percentage of my business income to each month).

How’s it work? Simple.

Enter your name and email to sign up for the Best Year Yet Giveaway(a.k.a 12 days of gifts for entrepreneurs) and $1 is donated on your behalf. Plus you get all the fun prizes. :)

Want in? The simple sign up form is here.

2. If you missed grabbing a spot in my Make Email Work. Period. live 30-day program for the December round, I’m excited to announce that it’s back for a new group of students in January!

In 30 days time, we’ll take you from feeling like you have no clue what to do with your email list and no idea what to write, to crafting passionate and profitable communication that inspires and sell, generating profit from a single push of the send button.

If you’re interested in joining us for the January round, be sure to join the waitlist here and I’ll send you a note when enrollment opens (Dec.26th).

3. Already feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the “stuff” that typically gets brought into our homes over the holidays? Yeah me too.

So when I saw this #DeclutterLikeAMother challenge, run by Allie Cazazza - my favorite minimalist mom, I was definitely signing up. It’s a 30 day challenge for moms that are over the mess. Begins January 1st. Sign ups are here:

4. I’m loving this blog post by Rachel Hollis (author of Girl, Wash your Face) on the “4 Things that Doubled my Business.” I’ve been considering different morning/evening practices that I may want to adopt for 2019, and her idea of every day writing down ten big dreams that you have for your life … and here’s the key … writing them as if they’ve ALREADY happened (cause your subconscious focuses on what you give it), is definitely of interest to me.

It feels like a great mix of a goal/dream/affirmation practice to me. That one stuck out to me personally, but all 4 of her ideas are well worth your time to read and consider.

5. I'm uber excited about this brand new webinar - What Every Creator Needs to Know About Email Marketing in 2019 that ConvertKit (the email software that I use to run this newsletter) is hosting in January 2019. Yeah, it's still about a month away. But I'm already signed up, so I invite you to save a seat too.

They'll be covering stuff like real life stories of creators making a full-time living online, best practices to grow your list, and how to create your 2019 email strategy to get you more sales and a deeper connection with your audience (let's see if it matches up with my own philosphy on this 😉).

6. And for those of you new to my list (hey, hey to everyone from the Best Year Yet Giveaway!) and wondering what this email is all about ... it's my Friday "things-worth-sharing" email where I typically recap 5-10 things that I believe are worth your time to check out (that I personally enjoyed from this week).

Typically it's online business + marketing focused with a side of life + family + mindset stuff thrown in for fun. No guarantees about it being a weekly every Friday thing (typically I skip if I've got a big promo going on, or time just got away from me for the week), but it is one of my most enjoyed things that I write, so more often than not I'll be here. :)

With that, I'm off! Happy festive holiday weekend ya'll. I'll catch ya on the other side of my Juniper Latte. Nom-nom!


Summer Tannhauser