Email templates, #IStandforGirls, and visibility for introverts

I got pretty close to missing this week's Friday "10 things worth sharing" email. Last night as I sat on the couch watching an episode of Orange is the New Black with my hubby, I finally realized it was Friday-eve and I hadn't so much as started to think about my list of 10 items yet.

So with a little hustle (and thanks to my little one "sleeping in" until 7am this morning), let's get going with 10 things from my business and life this week that I'd love to share with you:

1. My hubby's birthday is coming up and I'm thinking about getting this for him. (OK, I mean kinda for me too!). It claims to be "the most comfortable comforter ever made" AND they give you a 30 day at-home trial with free shipping/returns if you don't like it. Pretty intriguing marketing right there. And get this ... where I found out about this company? An Instagram sponsored Stories ad!

2. I had an awesome connection call this week with Christine McAllister. She's most well known for her best-selling book "The Income Replacement Formula" (I just picked it up on Audible), and she does exactly what the title says - helps her clients build successful online businesses designed to replace their current job's income. But what I think is the coolest thing? She got her start by building a marketing agency specifically for breeders of rare Egyptian Arabian horses (one of her passions). Niche down people!

3. I'm trying out Thumbtack this week to try to find someone to hire for some deep cleaning of a few rooms in our home. I've shared before that I'm on a mission to slowly declutter our home and be a bit more minimalist(tough job for this sentimental pack-rat!). Now that I've made some progress on several rooms, it's time to put the cherry on top of the project by getting it spick-n-span clean. Thanks to Nikki Elledge Brown's Insta-Stories about her success hiring on Thumbtack, I'm giving it a go!

4. Ya'll know I love email marketing, and this is a pretty neat thing that Jared Kimble has got going at Instead of a traditional "freebie" checklist or PDF in exchange for joining his email list, he's instead offering you free email marketing campaign templates(complete with game plan and pre-written email scripts) sent to you every month. Psst ... one of my email sequences is going to featured in an upcoming month. :)

5. I hosted the final Q+A call with the beta members of my program Overlooked 2 Obsessed this week. One topic that came up was how to get feedback from your subscribers that don't buy during a launch(without writing an annoying email that feels super pushy ... a.k.a WHY oh WHY didn't you buy?!?). I shared this email as an example of an email that I sent out ONLY to people who clicked a link to my sales page after launching the o2o program, that everyone agreed served the purpose, but didn't feel super annoying.

6. I've shared before that I partner with Kurandza through donating a percentage of my business income each month to their cause. Their big annual campaign "#IStandforGirls" is coming up. The campaign is simple: they use social media to spread awareness of Kurandza’s mission and raise money to give more girls in Mozambique the opportunity to attend school.

All you have to do to join in the campaign is share a photo to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter of you holding a sign that reads “#IStandForGirls”. That’s it. If you'd like to receive the official launch team toolkit and join a community of like-minded women, you can sign up for the launch team here:

7. One of my former mastermind members is hosting a pretty unique online workshop this coming week called, “The Nurture Faucet: Turning your Stream of Leads into Sales” on August 22nd at 8pm ET. The goal is to help you cure inconsistant visibility, create an consistent presence, and create more sales in the process. Ultimately you'll walk away with a new way to gain back control of your time while increasing your reach for your business online.

8. Just saw that Funnel Hacking Live 2019 is open for enrollment! Ya'll this is in Nashville (less than 3 hours away from me) and feels like it should be (needs to be!) a no-brainer for me to attend. But let's be honest, it still isn't "easy" when you've got 3 little kids to figure out care for when you're the normal day-to-day person at home. It's crunch time for me to figure out these details!

9. I'm an introvert, and I love the concept behind The Quiet Collective. I was on Casey's summit earlier this year specifically for introvert entrepreneurs, and now she's created a new free guide containing much of the advice that she's collected from leading fellow introverts online (think Denise Duffield Thomas, Jadah Sellner, etc.) about how to create online visibility for your business (when all you want to do is hide!) #YesPlease

10. Have you heard how the much anticipated Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte might be coming back this month? I mean I've got mixed thoughts. I'm all about the cozy sweater, football season, pumpkin vibes, but August is literally one of the hottest months here in Tennessee ... a.k.a. "dog days of of summer". Let me hold on to my lake days a bit longer please before we move on to the fall! :)

Ok, we made it! As always I love to hear your thoughts and feedback on any of it. I read (and normally respond!) to every email.

Have a great weekend!


Summer Tannhauser

Summer Tannhauser

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