Facebook for Bloggers in 2017: what's working, what's not + what to do about it!

Facebook marketing for bloggers in 2017. What's working, what's not, and what to do about it!

a guest post by Gillian Perkins

Working to promote your blog? If so, you might be wondering if Facebook is even worth your time.

A few years ago it was easy to marketing your content with an FB page, but these days it seems like such an uphill battle to get any real reach, that many bloggers are abandoning the platforms altogether. If you’ve felt this way, than I’ve got some good news for you!

In this article, you’ll learn the amazing opportunities that Facebook still presents for bloggers to promote their posts, even in 2017.

We’ll cover:

  • The three strategies you can use to get greater reach for your posts.

  • How to use FB ads to get tons of traffic (even if your marketing budget is TINY)

  • What makes some content go viral (and exactly how to can create content like this yourself)

  • My #1 advertising hack that allows you to effectively use the power of FB ads for FREE to promote your blog

  • What Facebook really wants (and why it’s actually what you want too)

  • Exactly how Facebook’s algorithm works + loopholes you can take advantage of.

Facebook is the largest interconnected group of people that has ever existed in all of history. What an amazing opportunity for your blog!

Without leaving your living room you’re able to reach a couple billion potential readers. If you’re not taking advantage of this then you’re really missing out on tons of traffic!

After all, your blog runs on connections, right?

Regardless of what type of blog you write or what your main form of advertising is, ultimately your success as a blogger is dependent on how many people you can effectively reach with your message. If you’re looking to make connections and get exposure then Facebook is definitely the place to be!

Of course, your marketing messages will produce much better results if you talk to the right people -- you know… the type of people who you know will be more interested in your content.  (If you’re not sure who these people are, this article from Marketing Land can really  help you narrow it down.)

Secrets of Facebook’s Algorithm

Now you might be thinking, “That’s great, except I can’t reach any of those people because of Facebook’s darn algorithm!”

If you’ve spent any time at all on Facebook in the past couple of years, you’re probably aware that their constant algorithm adjustments have consistently given business/blog pages less and less reach.

In fact, at this point, posts from most business pages reach only about 5% of that page’s followers.

Understandably, this is extremely frustrating to many bloggers who spent a LOT of time attracting those page fans. Many people (justifiably) feel that their effort to grow an audience on Facebook was wasted.

Also, many who haven’t already put in the work to grow their FB page are now wondering if there’s even any point to doing so. If that’s the camp you’re in, then you’ll find the three ways to use Facebook for business that are discussed below to be very interesting. (They show that page likes aren’t necessarily necessary for you to get tangible results from FB.)

What Facebook Really Wants

Why is Facebook doing this!? Why didn’t they just leave good enough along and preserve the old, chronological feed that gave every post equal treatment?

Well, that’s effectively what Myspace did, and look where they are now. :/

In short, Facebook’s primary focus is to keep their customers happy and interested. The more time that people spend on Facebook (and the more they enjoy their time there), the more money Facebook makes.

It’s in Facebook’s best interest to keep their customers happy and interested, and they will always make the choices that support that.

The whole point of Facebook’s algorithm is to figure out what each user is most interested in seeing and serve them that content.

This is determined through a variety of methods, primarily:

  1. Keywords
    Have posts with similar keywords captured the user’s attention in the past?

  2. Broad categories
    In general, FB users are most interested in the recent life events of their friends. Everything else (including promotional business posts) takes the back burner because it’s not really what they are on the platform for.

  3. Engagement
    Facebook tests the waters by serving each post to small segments of users at a time to be able to gauge their reaction and decide how many more people to show it to. Facebook knows that the more likes, comments and shares a post gets, the more interested people are in the content -- and the more time they’re spending on FB as a result.

While the FB algorithm is incredibly advanced, it still takes shortcuts whenever it can -- after all, there are billions and billions of posts for it to sort through, so it (they) want to give preference to posts that are more likely to do well.

At the end of the day, that means your promotional posts for your blog mostly get booted off the feed.

Facebook knows that their users are generally more interested in the lives of their friends than they are in promotional posts, so they’ve made it a default for business/blog posts to get very little reach.

How to Make Facebook WORK for Your Blog

All this makes it sound rather discouraging, doesn’t it? Facebook doesn’t want your posts and Facebook is in charge! Should we just abandon the platform altogether?

Fortunately, that is not called for. There are actually several ways that we can harness the power of Facebook and use it to drive sales in our businesses.

Here are three, actionable strategies you can start using right now to get more traffic from Facebook:

One. Facebook Groups for Business

Facebook groups are the equivalent of networking events, but so much more specific -- plus, you can participate from the comfort of your own living room!

There is power in being able to connect with your target audience and actually talk to them. Many companies spend millions and millions of dollars on A/B testing advertising campaigns because they don’t know exactly what resonates with their audience. The fact that you can just chat with your target customers is an amazing innovation of Facebook.

Facebook groups are also the only way to connect with people on Facebook who aren’t already your friends.

If you look at your news feed, you only see the posts of those who you’re already connected to, but when you join a group you instantly get access to hundreds, even thousands, of new people who are all interested in the same, relevant topic.

Another advantage that FB groups have over traditional networking is the ease with which you can further connect with people on a more personal level. If you want to follow up with someone you met at a traditional networking event then you’d better bet that you managed to get one of their business cards. Totally not necessary on Facebook!

Two. Develop Viral Content

Really, you and Facebook kind of want the same thing -- you both want to promote content that generates interest. You can work with Facebook (it helps to have the big guys on your team) by intentionally creating and promoting content that is more likely to spread virally.

Many marketing studies have been done to determine exactly what causes some content to perform so much better than other content.

In short, people are more interested (and more likely to share) content that they emotionally respond to.

There are actually 10 different characteristics that viral content tends to have. You can learn more here.

When you share content that has these characteristics, several key things happen.

  • First of all, your posts will get more engagement. People will like, comment and share things that they feel passionate or intrigued by.

  • Second, every time your post is shared it will get exposed to that user’s friends -- giving it even more opportunities to be shared further.

  • Third, when Facebook sees all that engagement, they will identify your post as one that their users (at least certain sectors of them) are finding interesting and give it additional reach.

  • Finally, all those likes, comments and shares will give your post a lot more social credibility. When additional users see your post and see that other people reacted to it, they will be influenced to believe that your post is, in fact, interesting. That makes it significantly more likely that they will also engage with your content.

And then the cycle repeats! This snowball effect is the power of those ten characteristics of viral content.

Three. Make FB Ads Your Workhorse

Many people seem to have the idea that Facebook ads are expensive or that they’re not sure if they can afford them. Really though, Facebook ads are an investment, not an expense, and done right they will earn you far more money they will cost.

What’s not to love about FB ads?

If you strategically use them to funnel customers into your blog’s sales funnel then you’ll be making money while you grow your brand. So long as they are earning you more than you’re spending you have a perpetual machine to drive list growth, brand exposure, and future sales.

But maybe you just don’t feel like FB ads aren’t for you because you have a small budget? Really?

Even with just five dollars a day you can start to scale. As sales come in, you can reinvest your profits into progressively larger campaigns. Not sure if your blog is ready for this more powerful tactic? Check out this article: Are Facebook ads for me? How to know when to pay for advertising.

Facebook ads truly are the silver bullet of advertising, allowing you to drive traffic for pennies. You can get started by talking to an FB ads expert who can help you figure out the best strategy for your blog traffic campaign.

The Right Facebook Strategy for YOUR Blog in 2017

Any of these strategies has the potential to uplevel your marketing game and get your blog more page views, but probably one or two of them will give you the very best results in your specific situation.

Here’s a breakdown:

If you’re still in the research phase OR you sell big-ticket services via your blog(such as advanced consulting, web design, or large branding packages) ... then FB groups are an excellent place for you to start. Connecting with customers one on one can allow you to develop mutually beneficial relationships that result in qualified referrals.

Viral content can be a powerful tool for driving traffic to ANY blog.

Facebook ads can be effectively used for many different types of blogs and businesses, but create particularly amazing returns for blogs that sell physical products. But whether you sell physical products (clothes, decor, etc) or digital products (especially courses), FB ads can double your sales overnight, exponentially growing your brand.

Considering these three powerful ways you can use Facebook to promote your business, I think you’ll agree that Facebook marketing is alive and well. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to promote your blog!

To learn more about how to effectively “beat” Facebook’s algorithm with strategic usage of FB ads, check out this video:

What’s your Facebook marketing strategy? Which of these three ideas would have the greatest impact on your blog?

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