a new (free) course, peppermint foot cream + the power of Q's!

The presents are all bought (and *almost* all wrapped), the recipe is ready for our traditional coffee cake on Christmas morning, we’re headed out to tour a bunch of neighborhoods lit up by Christmas lights tonight … and the holidays are in full effect!

No matter if you’re traveling to visit with family these holidays, cozying down at home, or jetting away to a tropical location (lucky duck!), I wish you and your family all the best!

Let’s dive right into one final Friday roundup for 2018 of things-worth-sharing from my life this week, in hopes that you find something that intrigues, inspires, or moves you to action in your own life and business …

1. Make Email Work. Period. the 30 day mini-program designed to turn your email list into a passionate + PROFITABLE power player for your business, is opening for enrollment on December 26th for the January round. If you want first dibs (plus a special coupon code just for waitlist members), be sure to add your name to the list by clicking here.

2. I’m currently working on brand new (free) email course called “Build an Email List you LOVE” for those of you that are in the beginning stages of building your email list (I’m thinking specifically if you’ve got 0-100 subscribers). You can click this link to indicate your interest, and I’ll send it your way once it’s complete. I’ve designed it to fill the gap for those of you who need a few more subscribers first, so you can really put the strategies in my other free course, Earn it with Email, to work!

3. Today is the very LAST day of The Best Year Yet Giveaway (a.k.a. 12 days of entrepreneur Christmas). That means if you’re interested in grabbing anything like the "Prepare to Launch" Guide“How to Host Consults That Sell!” by sales extraordinarre Kendrick Shoppe, the "21 Ways to Get Booked" Guide from Chantelle Adams or "40 Essential Questions to Grow Your Business in 2019" …. Then you’ll want to register your spot TODAY and grab all of the free offers that you want before the clock strikes midnight.

4. I’ve finalized my year-long goals in my PowerSheets, and am now making final decisions on what I’ll tackle first in January. This is my first *real* attempt at making goals for my business and life that I have every intention to keep and cultivate throughout the year. If you are feeling the need to gift yourself something for a little self-care this holiday season, these are the 2019 PowerSheets that I’m using.

5. If you’ve joined any of my recent freebies or paid programs, then you’ve seen MemberVault in action. It’s the platform I’m using to host all of my programs, courses, and freebie offers, housed together in one easy to use “member’s area.” But honestly, the most powerful piece of it? Being able to ask questions directly within your offers!

I now have 420 data points (answer to Q’s) and growing, based on exactly what the users of my offers (people actually *engaged* with what I do) need help with and are seeking answers to. I’ve categorized the answers all into a spreadsheet, and I can’t believe what a powerful guide I now have to shape future content and offers! Definitely, something to think about as you plan your next moves in 2019. The power of asking questions works!

6. Want to spend some time learning something new over the holidays? (I’m a lifelong learner myself and love the rush of learning new stuff!) If email list growth with the help of paid advertising is on your 2019 to-do list, then I highly recommend the Pin Practical Promotions course by Monica at Redefining Mom, that teaches you how to specifically run LOW cost promoted pins, with a focus on building your email list with targeted subscribers. Right now I’m getting $1-$1.50 email opt-ins through promoted pins using the strategies in this course in the B2B market, even with the spike in ad prices over the holidays.

7. I pre-ordered this book a while back (and then kind of forgot about it), so it was a pleasant surprise for Cyndie Spiegel’s brand new book to arrive on my front porch this past week. Who couldn’t benefit from … "A Year of Positive Thinking." I’m thinking about ordering one for my Mom too as a little happy new year gift to kickoff 2019.

8. I took part in the Stratejoy Holiday Council this year, and loved the process of spending a few evenings just with my laptop, hot tea, and journal spread out on my bed listening in to the calls and reflecting on 2018, while planning 2019. Molly Mahar, who heads up Strategy, is holding monthly Stratejoy circles throughout the year on different topics - all designed to help you turn inward and explore what matters the most. The first one for January is on Sisterhood. I know I'll definitley be joining a few throughout the year!

9. I keep hearing talk in my circles of online friends about how many of us are starting to explore new hobbies (WITHOUT a focus of “how can I monetize this too?” … which is where my mind often goes!) And recently I have developed a new hobby myself. In my constant push to help our family become our happiest and healthiest selves, I’ve dived into the world of homemade + natural self-care products. Some of my favorites that I've mixed so far? This homemade lavendar lotion and this heavenly peppermint foot cream. So luxurious!

And that’s a wrap for 2018! I’m signing off for the holidays, and look forward to continuing to connect more in the new year.

Happy holidays from my family to your's! <3



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