I'd Give Up Social Media for THIS.

Why email list building MUST be your #1 strategy in business. YES, it's more important than social media! #emailmarketing

Snapping photos for Instagram. Pinning every day on Pinterest. Retweeting popular quotes on Twitter .... Social media is a BIG part of growing your business online. 

But I'd give it ALL up for a business building strategy that is MORE important than your social media accounts.  Honestly, I'd consider it my #1 priority in business marketing.  And that's your ....


NOT CONVINCED YET? Take a glance at this video to see what AMAZING opportunities my email list has opened for me in my own business, and how it can do the same for you ...

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All the Details: 

Title: Get your first (or next) 1K email subscribers in the next 30 days or less!

Date: Monday, September 11th

Time: 10:30am Pacific | 1:30pm Eastern

Co-Hosted by: Summer Tannhauser + Isa Adney (from ConvertKit)

Link to Register: https://convertkit.com/webinar/summert/

Want some more information on how to build your email list?

This blog post is a great place to get started: 17 Email Marketing Lessons I Learned from 1 Year with ConvertKit


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