[GUEST POST] How to Delegate your Blog Posting Process (saving hours + your sanity!)

This is a guest post by Indigo Colton of IndigoColton.com.

When I ask people what they’d delegate first if they hired a virtual assistant, one of the most common answers is blog posts!

Now, some people will actually delegate the entire process of writing and scheduling, but most people just want to focus on the content creation and then not deal with the rest of the process. I am definitely in the latter camp! When I was working with a VA, I delegated out all of the scheduling of blog posts and newsletters.

The reason this is such a hot item to get off of your plate is because editing and formatting and scheduling and sharing the blog post can eat up so many hours.

You’re really good at knocking out content, and writing your posts ahead of time. But there are things you’d rather do than all the post-creation work -- spend time engaging with your people on social media, writing another blog post, working with your clients, talking with your students, etc.

That’s why I’m so excited to share with you my exact process for handing off the blog post process after I’ve written the post!

Because I know this is something you’ve thought about doing before, and I want to make sure you know exactly how it can happen easily and painlessly.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is go through the entire process of creating, formatting, scheduling, and sharing a blog post as you normally do. I know, I know -- the goal is to delegate this process. But in order to effectively communicate what your process is, you need to document it!

So while you’re going through this process, write down every single step that you take. I want you to get as specific as “Go to www.squarespace.com → Click ‘Pages’ → Click ‘Blog.’” The goal here is to make sure that you’re getting every step down, so you’re going to be giving your VA a foolproof checklist that answers any questions they might have about the process.

Also make sure you note any font color changes or when you use specific heading styles in your posts at this point! Making sure your VA is matching your brand’s style is equally important to making sure they’re matching your editing and formatting process.

Just a note about this process: The easiest way I’ve found to share and edit posts with clients is to write your post in a Google Doc and then share that Doc with your VA. Get it to them a few days before you think you need to, so they have time to edit it and ask any questions that might come up. You want to make sure you’re both given enough buffer time between writing the post and having it go live that things aren’t slipping through the cracks and neither of you are rushing through the process.

We’re working to make sure that your VA will be going through this process the same way you do, so there is a consistency to the process. And we also don’t want it to feel like a different person is doing this work to your audience ....

the transition should be nonexistent from the reader’s point of view.

Once you have your process documented, it’s time to put it into a project management software! I’ve personally found this more beneficial than a shared Google Doc with my clients because I’m able to make a copy of the process in something like Asana or Trello, and mark off the steps as I go through them.

And by putting your process for editing, formatting, scheduling, and how and when you share the post into a project management system, you’re setting yourself up for an easy transition when you hire a VA because it’s literally just a click of a button to share and assign this task to them.

That’s pretty much it! It’s a little bit of a time commitment up front for you, but it’s going to save you tens of hours down the line.

Because you’ll be able to focus solely on content creation and know that the rest of the process is being taken care of. Just document your process, build a schedule that gives you and your VA enough time to go through the process, and put it into your project management software of choice!

Have you ever delegated something like this to your VA? How’d it go? Let me know in the comments!

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