Mini-course on challenges, email is dead, and operation: vacation

Hey you!

This is being written during a blissful moment of the day when my older daughter is at Kingergarten (gah! can't believe I'm a "school-age" Mom now!), my son is at his Parent's Day out Program, and the little guy is napping upstairs.

Everything is literally going exactly how I imagined my schedule would today (which rarely happens when my 3 little humans have the ability to insert thier own wills and desires into it at any moment!)

With a cup of coffee (that I'm guessing I'll actually be able to "leisurely sip" #thisneverhappens) let's dive into this week's 10-things-worth-sharing from my business and life this week.

1. First up, about 1/2 of my email list has received an email from me every day this week, and the other 1/2 has not. Depending on where you fall in my tagging and list segmentation you may be feeling, "duh, this is old news" or you may be "well, I didn't know this!!"

So to avoid any dissappoint, I'll go ahead and share one more time that I'm closing down my signature Pinterest marketing course, Pintastic Profit Plan 2.0, for GOOD. Meaning it won't be open for enrollment again after today. You can grab it today only for the significantly reduced price of $97. (Want to know more about why I'm closing it down? - you can read the email here.)

*** Psst if you already opted out of hearing about this promo, I decided to still include you in this weekly 10-things-worth-sharing email even though it talks about the sale. Hope you don't mind! :) ***

2. Email is dead ... NO, email LIVES!! ... No, you're wrong it's dead ... Email for EVER! Have you noticed how email marketing ihas been pronounced "dead" multiple times over the years, yet here we still are? This article by Dave Pell on Medium is one of my favorite reads to point people to regarding why email is NOT dead, and why I fully believe in it's power.

3. I've always been drawn to journaling and have a variety of journals I've kept starting in 4th grade up through college. But then life, work, kids, etc. happened and I've had a hard time getting my swing back with journaling on the regular. I find this "logbook" idea from Austin Kleon very intigriguing (and very do-able feeling even with limited time).

4. To Learn = To Change. This blog post from Andre Chaperon is gold when it comes to explaining why even if you watched every single lesson in that last online course you bought (and it all made sense in your head) ... you still haven't LEARNED anything (and aren't seeing any results). To learn = to change, which means If no CHANGE happens then, no “learning” has occurred. Think about that.

5. Calling all course creators! I stumbled upon the most IDEAL service ever that I'm currently utilizing myself. it's call a "Course Tune Up" that's offered by Lindsay Padilla and her team at Course Power. Basically the goal is to get the feedback needed to tweak your course for the best student results, and thereby allowing you to easily double the value of your course. My Overlooked 2 Obsessed program is currently being audited as we speak!

6. Operation: Vacation??? Love this smart marketing hook for the book that was just released by Mike Michalowicz (of Profit First fame ... which was a total game changer for me!) called "ClockWork: design your business to run itself". Who's ready to start dreaming and scheming about their next 4-week vacay? It will all make sense ... just pick up the book.;)

7. I love the idea of picking one live event to attend each quarter to expand your network and grow your business. (I normally make it to 1-2 per year, but #goals!). If you're over on the west coast, you'll want to check out "Your Profitable Lifestyle Live" coming up NEXT month, September 21-23 in Sacramento, California, hosted by my fabulous, former mastermind member, Jennifer Dunham. It's designed to help you discover and tap into your Unique Brilliance, and craft your vision for your life and business. Early bird pricing is still on right now.

8. I initially hosted my online courses on Teachable a few years. Then I made the jump to Clickfunnels. But as of the start of this year I made what I believe will be the final jump for GOOD. (BTW I'm not one to switch platforms unless there are issues I can't get past ... I've been with ConvertKit for my email for going 3 years now!) Who am I with now for my courses? The INCREDIBLE team at MemberVault (my personal friends Erin and Mike - husband + wife duo ... how cute is that! ... run the company). 

Interested? They offer a forever free account plan (no credit card needed) so you can take it for a spin and see if you like it without spending a dime! Yup, totally worth the signup right here. Feel free to reach out if you have specific questions for me about why I choose this platform. 

9. One other cool thing about MemberVault ... they host incredible (free!) training events to help people like us (coaches, course creators, bloggers, etc.) learn how to better promote our offers in a very smooth and non-pushy way. They've been spending the entire month of August on the topic of Challenges (how to host them, how to get people to join them, how to use them to promote your offers, etc.) 

Sooooo if you're planning to host a challenge anytime soon, I highly suggest registering for a free account with them BECAUSE when you do, you're getting access to an entire mini-course on the topic of how to host a successful challenge!

The mini-course includes:

How to run a challenge live, and turn it into evergreen in MemberVault...
How to use a midpoint bonus to increase engagement...
How to learn more about your audience using questions...
How to reward & sell to your most engaged members using a completion bonus...

Pretty cool right? Basically, all the GOOD stuff. And no fluff.

Just register for a free account with Membervault HERE, and in the welcome email you'll find a link directly to your free challenge mini-course. Enjoy!

10. Ok indulge me. My oldest daughter just entered Kingergarten this week. Cue all the emotions. Just because, here she is (along with little bro) confidently walking in on her first day. #proudmom


Happy weekend everyone!


Summer Tannhauser

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