Phone addiction, 2019 plans + your $1 donation

Happy Friday!

I’ve been a bit hit or miss with these Friday “things-worth-sharing” emails, but when I explore the activities that I fully enjoy doing 100% in my business, writing these emails are one of those things. It gives me a chance to look back on the week, and really consider what made enough of an impact on me, that it's worth passing on to you. So here I am. :)

I’m calling this the “holiday prep” edition as every single one of the things I’m sharing this week feels like a type of gift … whether that be a gift to yourself, to your family, to your business, or to others … these ideas are meant to be shared:

1. Throughout the year I quietly donate 5% of my business income to and Kurandza. It’s not something I talk about much, but it’s honestly a pleasure to calculate that percentage each month and make the donation. If my business does well = I’m able to give more.

This is now the second year that I’ve participated in the Your Best Year Yet Giveaway a.k.a “it’s 12 days of entrepreneur Christmas”, and for each person who registers for the giveaway, $1 is donated to on your behalf. Through the simple act of entering your name and email, in exchange for about 30 seconds of your time, $1 will be added to the donation! With over 6,500 people receiving this email today, imagine the possibility! But action is required on your part. :) Join the givewaway here. <<

2. I stumbled upon a Facebook ad for the Big Life Journal, which is a guided “growth mindset” journal for kids. That’s cool enough in itself, but what I’m REALLY loving is the free printables that they send out each Friday! Basically I open my inbox each Friday to a beautifully designed printable activity for my kiddos that is designed to help them become more resilient and happy children.

I’ve been on their list for 3 weeks now, and I seriously look forward to seeing what each new Friday brings. You can sign up to get the printables too here: (they have sets for ages 4-11 and 12+)

Here’s the gratitude tree that we’ve been adding a leaf to each morning as a family:


3. I’ll be honest … I haven’t read the book “Run Like Clockwork” yet and I’m not entirely sure what a “QBR” is, BUT I do know I love Adrienne Dorison and everything she’s involved with …. so I definitley signed up for this free online workshop - The Ultimate QBR Shortcut: How to find the singular most important activity within your business - that Adrienne is hosting, as the co-founder of Run Like Clockwork. Here’s the registration link if you'd like in too:

4. I have the best intentions when it comes to setting goals and making plans. I want ALL the journals + planning books + goal sheets that you’ll throw at me, but when it comes to actually using them AND following through … blahhhhh … that’s another story. ;)

I’d been hearing about the Power Sheets from Cultivate what Matters for a few years now, but I hadn’t jumped on board. Well this year I finally caved and got the 2019 One-Year Intentional Goal Planner. And ya’ll …. I’m 100% DOING IT. Loving the process. I’ve picked a word for the year (for the 1st time ever!) using the plan outlined in the PowerSheet prep work and it feels absolutely perfect (vs. something picked out of thin air). This is the one that I’m doing.

5. I just got the annual URL registration reminder for my kids’ domains this past week. Anyone else secured the URL and gmail email addresses for their kids? No? Just me? Haha. I don’t have anything hosted at any of them, and I have no idea if they will want them in the future or not. But to me it’s worth the $10ish per year so that they are there if they want them.

6. Kate Northrup's email with the subject line "Hey, Summer! Get off your phone" definitely caught my eye and attention right away. Starting on Monday, December 10th, Kate is doing a 7-day experience where she's setting firm yet simple boundaries with her phone time, with a goal to be more present with the people and things that matter in her life ... and she's inviting all of us to join her.

I'm definitely in for it, and you can join too for the 7-day Less Phone, More Life experience here:

And finally, as I get ready to put holiday cards in the mail to be sent out this week, I’ll share this virtual one from me to you! <3



Summer Tannhauser