Rock your email in 2019, 3-day Promoted Pin challenge, and introverts unite!

Happy ….. Friday?!?

With the kids still out of school, and our regular routine out the window, I’m pretty clueless as to what day of the week we’re on around here. From the chatter I’ve seen online, it looks like many of you all are feeling the same way.

But after taking a hiatus over the holidays, I wanted to jump back in with my weekly Friday email to get things rolling on the right foot for 2019!

Without further ado, here’s what I’ve been enjoying and looking forward to as we kickoff 2019 …

1. I’m one of the invited speakers at the upcoming “The Introvert's Powerhouse” online congress - aimed at women in business who are introverted and want to succeed without all the hustle and grind that the extroverts out there thrive on. (can I get an amen?!)

It includes a range of introverted experts - all women - who have a powerful message to share, to inspire and empower your 2019. I’m going to throw any humility aside, and say that I absolutely NAILED the talk we recorded on authentic selling for introverts, and specifically selling through email marketing.

Full details of all the speakers and a registration link are at You can register now for your free seat at the congress, streaming direct to your computer from January 14th-20th.

2. I like to geek out around different areas of marketing when inspiration hits (it’s how I stay focused on my primary business mission, yet still keep the side of me that wants to bounce from new idea to new idea happy).

Over the holidays I’ve been diving into the world of SEO, and looking at additional ways I can support the possibility of people finding me and my business through their Google searches.

It’s a fascinating subject! AND there is SO much information out there on it that it is hard to know who to trust, and what’s most important (a.k.a. what simple actions are going to “move the needle” the most).

So far, I’m loving what I’ve found by Meg at Megabolt DigitalShe’s got a top notch (free) SEO Starter Kit which has everything you need to get started.

3. You’ve heard me talk before about how much I’m enjoying (and getting results from!) using promoted Pins (paid Pinterest advertising) to gain targeted email subscribers for my list. Hey … maybe if you’re reading this, you found me through Pinterest? ;)

I take all my promoted Pin strategy from Monica over at Redefining Mom, and her paid course Pin Practical Promotions is my go-to guide that I follow step-by-step.

Buuuutttt if you’re looking for a FREE resource to get started with Pinterest ads, Monica is running a free (and LIVE) 3-day Pinterest Challenge later this month (January 22-24) where she’ll show you how to convert new customers and email subscribers with the perfect profitable promoted pin campaign! (aka Pinterest Ads). You can register for the promoted pins challenge HERE.

4. Four days left until the never seen before What’s working now: the ultimate guide to rocking email in 2019 LIVE workshop, hosted by ConvertKit, is going down (next Tuesday at 2pm ET).

If you’ve been to any of the workshops I’ve personally hosted with Isa before, you know these are always actionable and step-by-step strategy focused, so I have no doubt this one will be the same. (Plus I’m really intrigued to see if my own emailing philosophy, like I share in Earn it with Email - my free email marketing starter kit, matches up!)

Here’s the agenda for the live class (which will be useful for you no matter if you use ConvertKit for your email service provider or not):

→ How creators earning a full time living online are cutting through the clutter to connect with their ideal customers every day (and how you can too)
→ What to do to grow your email list and your business like the pros in 2019 (and what to ignore)
→ How to create your 2019 email strategy to get you more sales and a deeper connection with your audience (with less overwhelm so you can actually enjoy the process!)

--> You can register your spot for “What Every Creator Needs to Know about Email Marketing in 2019” here.

5. I’ve got a secret project that I’ve been working on behind the scenes over the past month. I really felt like I needed a “test” list to be able to use the email marketing strategies that I teach here, with a group of subscribers that is completely outside of the marketing/business niche.

So I’ve almost put the final touches on a little side-hustle project designed to build a small list of subscribers in a completely different niche. Basically, it’s a minimal-viable audience building campaign that I’ll be using as my “test kitchen”. And even better … I’ve been recording down step-by-step what actions I’ve taken each day to make it happen starting from complete ZERO.

Nothing to share yet, but I know this is going to turn into a great resource both for myself as I continue to test out new email marketing strategies for your benefit, as well as for you if you’re in the beginning stages of building your audience through email markeing and would love to see the step-by-step of how I’m making it happen.

More to come soon. :) Happy 2019!



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