[Passive Income Series] Take the Quiz: Is your Online Course Sales Funnel-Worthy?!

Take the QUIZ: Is your Online Course sales funnel worthy? | passive income | sales funnel | online courses

Take the QUIZ: Is your Online Course sales funnel worthy? | passive income | sales funnel | online courses

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Take the QUIZ: Is my Online Course Sales Funnel-Worthy?

Hey, hey! It's week #6 out of our Passive Income Series.  And this week is a little different! Rather than our normal video-based lesson, it's time to take a QUIZ.  Woohoo! Who else loves quizes as much as me? :)

This Quiz is especially for you if you have an online course or digitial product that you currently offer for sale, or you're in the process of creating one! After taking this quick 8 question quiz, you'll know if your course is "Sales Funnel-Worthy" .... a.k.a can it really make you $$$ while you sleep?!

If you've been following along in this series, you know that setting up an evergreen sales system is not a "quick-money" scheme, and it's certainly not the easiest thing to create (if you *really* want it to convert well).

 But with a little effort, know-how, and hard work, creating your evergreen sale funnel, will be one of the best investments you've EVER made in your business! 

Before we jump in to the quiz, if you missed any of the other lessons in the series be sure to check them out, and then jump back in here to get your QUIZ results!

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Since you're a online course or digital product creator like me,  let's take this one step further and look at how a Quiz Lead-Generation Strategy (like this one!) could be applied to your own online business to generate targeted potential students for your courses and products! 

One of the biggest struggles for many people who implement an evergreen sales strategy or sales funnel in their business, is getting consistent traffic (a.k.a. potential future students/customers) into that funnel. 

I believe that if you're creating a evergreen strategy, likely with a purpose of spending LESS thing actively promoting your business, then your traffic-strategies and ways to gain new students, should be inline with that purpose as well.  So things like hustling to post in FB groups every day, or constantly doing live streams aren't the ideal long-term strategy in this scenario.

What we DO want are strategies for gaining traffic to your funnel that are ...

+ Set up once, and do not need constant monitoring 

+ Valuable enough that new people are always wanting in

+ Evergreen content, so that it doesn't "expire" in a few months and be out of date

+ The type of content that people naturally want to share with others

+ Content that can successfully be put into social media scheduling systems for automated future traffic.

Creating a QUIZ around your course topic hits every one of these must-haves, and is an excellent (and totally FUN!) way to bring in new students to your course or digital product.

Creating your Lead-Generation Quiz

I recently partnered with Interact, an online platform with the purpose of helping you generate new leads and drive sales with interactive content (like quizzes, giveaways, and assessments). 

If you've ever seen popular quizzes on Facebook that seem to keep getting shared around, it's likely that Interact helped to create many of them! With customers ranging from big brands like The World Wildlife Fund and Home Depot, to bloggers and online business owners like us, they pretty much got the easiest (in my opinion!) quiz creation platform out there! 

Just a few examples to get your mind turning of what you could do with the Interact platform:

+ Gap Inc. created a "Which swim suits you?" quiz to up social engagements and get insight into what styles their customers like ...

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 7.14.15 AM.png

The Toronto Humane Society created a "Which Shelter Animal Are You?" quiz to gain exposure and social engagement for their shelter as a way to get more of their animals adopted. 

A Peak Behind the Scences

I've shot a quick video below to help you get a feeling for how this Quiz Lead-Generation Strategy with Interact could be applied to your own business.  You'll get a behind the scenes look at how I created my "Sales Funnel-Worthy" Quiz, as well as a full understanding of the ease and integration capabilities of Interact. 

Give it a Try Yourself

Convinced this is a lead and list-building strategy that you could use yourself? I think so! I've literally just scratched the service as to the capabilites of this Interact quiz-creation platform, and am looking forward to coupling more quiz creation with Pinterest promotion to see what can really be acheived with this type of system!

If you're ready to give Interact a try, you can get started for free while building your quiz, creating your funnel, and getting everything set up. And then you've got a 7 day trial once everything goes live, and you start collecting emails, to be sure it's a good fit for you.  

Got a quiz created already? Feel free to share it in the comments! I'd love to see what you've got. :)

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