5 Sales Page Mistakes that are Costing You Money!

5 Sales Page Mistakes that are Costing you Money!

Guest Post by Kathie of Bluchic

We know that creating sales pages can be a daunting task to many business owners. We all want to make more sales, but you might not be sure how to curate a sales page that properly sells your products.

Not all sales pages are created equally. One sales page for a product can bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars, while another promoting the same exact product can result in crickets.

In our research in creating an effective sales page, we realized that most business owners make similar mistakes.

In this post, we cover the five mistakes you’re probably making on your sales page and how to fix these mistakes so you can be on your way to converting more leads.

5 Mistakes You're Making On Your Sales Page

Your headline doesn’t hook

The headline for your sales page is the most important piece of your sales page. If you don’t grab them at the headline, how can you expect them to continue reading the rest of your sales page?

The headline should speak directly to your customer’s pain point so the only next logical step is for them to continue reading your sales page to learn more about what you have to offer.

Your headline should focus on connecting with the reader on one emotion.

What is your one main point you want to convey to the reader to get them to continue reading how your product solves one of their problems? What will they be able to achieve after purchasing your product?

You don’t use enough white space

We’ve seen one too many sales pages with too much copy and not enough white space.

While the copy of your sales page is absolutely important, you also need to break up your text with an appropriate amount of white space.

No one likes to read huge blocks of text, as it’s too overwhelming for our brains to comprehend.

We suggest breaking up your text into sections on your sales page, only including a few sentences at most in each section.

If you aren’t sure how to start designing your sales pages (and don’t want to use pricey programs like Leadpages), we suggest checking out our Landing Page Templates!  

You copy doesn’t make readers want to take action

Like we mentioned above, your copy needs to influencer readers to the point where they want to take action against the problem they’re facing.

You can do this by relating to their current struggles that they face related to the product you’re selling.

What pain points does your potential customer have that your product solves for them?

Outlining the pain points your potential customer goes through throughout your copy on your sales page will help convince readers that you can relate to them on a personal level and you are building trust with the reader.

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You use an excessive amount of fonts and colors

I think we’ve all been guilty of using too many fonts and colors on our websites, right? While I love a variety of fonts, it’s important to stick to 1-2 fonts and your brand colors throughout your sales page.

One font should be used for the paragraph copy text, while another can be used for section headers.

We recommend using bold, italic, and underline text to really drive home important words and phrases throughout your copy, instead of various fonts.

Branding is hugely important on your sales page and you want to make sure you’re using your own brand colors on your sales page, just as you would on your website.

We want to make it as easy as possible for a reader to consume the information presented on your sales page, and excessive colors can be distracting to a reader.

There are no images or graphics of your product

Whether you’re selling a physical product or a digital product, there needs to be images and/or graphics of the product someone will receive upon purchasing.

Since these visitors are purchasing your product online, they don’t get to see, touch or feel your product in person before buying.

Sharing visuals of the product helps potential customers literally visualize the product they will be receiving. It’s hard for people to visualize a product on their own if there aren’t graphics or images to help them.

Final Thoughts

We hope you feel empowered now to make the appropriate updates to your sales pages and feel confident your sales will increase.

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