The Top 3 Reasons Why you can't find time to post on Social Media (+ how to fix it!)

We all know we're suppose to be doing it.  Social media.

The holy grail of business owners everywhere .... and especially for creative entrepreneurs and bloggers.  Heck, some people don't even blog any more. They just post on Instagram.  

Gone are the days of blasting your audience with promos.  

Buy this .... Sale on this .... To have any true impact on social media you've got to be giving, interacting, sharing the love, and connecting with your audience. 

Whew! And who's got time for that?  


Do you have to be on every platform? No. Do you have to be plugged in 24/7? No.  But you do need to have a social media presence that makes an impact on your business and bottom line.

 Now, I've been there.  You get all gung-ho about your perfectly planned out social media calendar, and are ready to go all gangbusters on ALL your accounts.  But then client work creeps in, and your boyfriend surprises you with a weekend trip, and you're planning a webinar, and you're creating a course.  

A.k.a LIFE happens, and before you know it your accounts have gone dormant, and you're embarrassed to get back on them since you let it slide.  So instead you decide it's better to just not show up at all.  I know.  I've been there!  

As I've been working with online entrepreneurs, bloggers, and business owners through my free 5-day Pinterest Power eCourse, I've noticed one complaint about social media coming up over and over again.

 I. Don't. Have. Time.

And even more specifically, 3 reasons that you don't have time, have kept coming up over and over again.  My guess is that if you're currently struggling with staying accountable to your social media, then one (or more) of these is the reason.  

Well here's the thing.  I'm not calling them reasons.  I'm calling them excuses!

Sorry guys, I'm calling you out. :)  So let's break down the 3 top excuses why you "can't" find time to post on social media, and how we're going to fix that right here and now.  

EXCUSE #1: I've got so much to do!  

"I've got blog posts to write, courses to launch, emails to respond to, and not to mention my actual client work! Every time I get on social media I end up getting distracted, and waste way too much of my day."

I get it. The key is making sure that your social media is giving you a direct ROI (return on investment) to your business.  Your investment is your time spent on social media.  You need to be seeing the return on that in terms of increased $money in the bank.  

Because let's get real. If money isn't coming in, then it's not the type of #girlboss business that I know you CAN build. I wrote a recent post on why you have more social media fans than money profit that you'll want to check out if you're not currently seeing results in your bank account from your efforts. 

Once you start seeing these kind of results, then suddenly it doesn't feel like "wasted" time any more.  And it's not.  Because you are taking concrete steps that ARE earning you money.

If you ask me, that's an activity worth spending time on!


Here's what I what you to do. Pick the social media platform that you feel like you currently have the most leverage on, and is doing the best at spreading your message.

Then go ALL IN.

If you need to gain more knowledge about the platform, then start studying! Read articles, take notes from what the "experts" are doing, observe, and take action yourself!  Whether it's becoming the most useful person in your Facebook groups or creating the most beautiful Instagram feed with perfectly crafted calls-to-action, then DO IT and DO IT with your full focus and attention.

(P.S. Personally I LOVE Pinterest, and that's where I'm putting all the eggs in my basket! If you want to join me and learn how to leverage the power of Pinterest for building your list, gaining clients, and exploding your traffic, then join me by signing up below!)

Then set it up your IFTT recipes to automatically share your content from the social media platform that you're focusing on, to your other channels so they don't become completely dormant (for example you can share your IG photos automatically to Twitter, Facebook, and even Pinterest!)

The point is to put all your energy in one place and become AH-mazing there, while keeping current on your other channels with zero effort.  If you feel like popping in on them here and there when you have a space moment, no problem!

But repeat after me ... you're not going to stress if ALL of your channels are not perfect!

EXCUSE #2: I don't want to be "ON" all the time.  

"I've got a biz to run and can't commit to being plugged in 24/7 (not to mention a life outside of my business ... at least I try to!) I might as well not even try."

To start with, I'm glad you're acknowledging that you don't want to be plugged in 24/7.  This is a BIG problem, and one that I'm guilty of sometimes too.  I want to be able to step away, and not worry about that little pinging going off from all my devices.  (Sleep mode is a lifesaver BTW!)

The key is finding a way to have a consistent (because remember consistency is key) social media presence, without ALWAYS having to be there live and in person to take care of it.

 For me that comes down to two things: batching and scheduling.  

If you want to be a social media superstar, while also being a superstar at life, you've got to get these two things down pat.

Batching: This means setting a time when you're going to get your social media planned out and created all in one fell swoop.  This could be 1 day per month or it could be a couple hours per week.  It's whatever fits best into your schedule.  Here's what this could look like:

- planning out and taking all of your Instagram photos a month at a time AND writing the captions in advance.

- creating categories of Tweets (blog post promos, sharing others' work, highlighting your "freebie", inspiration quotes, etc) and then creating a "library" of content for each one.

- creating a Pinterest image template that can easily be modified by just switching out the text overlay wording and background image.

- creating Facebook photos and updates for your business that provide value in your area of expertise to have ready to share in FB groups.

Not only does batching allow you to get things done more quickly because you already have your materials all together,  but you're also in a "one-frame" mindset that keeps you focused on the task at hand, rather then trying to multi-task everywhere!

Scheduling: Creating a schedule for your social media does not mean that you've resorted to being a robot that just spits out self promos.  It doesn't mean that you can't interact, or post things that you come across during your day.  

What is does mean is that you have the CHOICE.

By creating a schedule of social media posts that are automated through the scheduling program of your choice, you free up the mental capacity that was going into creating those updates on the fly.  Not only will you likely have more quality content in your updates, but you'll also be more likely to include powerful calls-to-action since you took the time to plan them out in advance.  

Now if you feel like completely ignoring social media for a day (or a week! Vacation anyone?) you've still got a consistent presence there.  And we promise your followers will forgive you for not liking their tweets and posts right on the spot!

EXCUSE #3: I don't know what to post + I don't have the skills to create it.

"I wish I had the money to hire a graphic designer to do all my Pinterest images. I wish I could take perfected styled flat lay photos for Instagram. I wish someone could just hand me a social media plan and say GO DO IT ... this will get you results!"

It's frustrating to have in your head exactly how you want your social media profiles to look, and what kind of brand aesthetic you want them to portray for your business, but can't figure out how to do it.

Actually making your brand vision come to life can be harder said than done!

Sure, you could use those free stock photos that you see EVERYWHERE.  I mean at least they are well done (mostly) ... but who wants to have the same blog image or Instagram post as everyone else?  If you're a creative or a blogger, you likely pride yourself on being uniquely yourself, right?  Unfortunately most free stock photos don't scream unique!

Hopefully this post give you a confidence that you really CAN do this! Take a little time, create a plan, and commit to making social media not just another item to "check off your list," but an actual driving force of your business!



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