9 Steps to Create a Successsful Social Media Plan from Scratch

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When you glance at your Twitter account does it fill you with dread because you realize you haven't posted for a week? (that's like an eternity in Twitter time) Do you post a picture to Instagram of your kids since you just can't bring yourself to style up a photo shoot that day?

No more random posting of updates here and there (that really have no purpose to start with). It's time to have a social media plan that makes the moolah roll in!

The number one thing to know about social media: Just posting for the sake of posting isn't going to do you any favors.

You're got to have a strategic plan for each and every update that is driving your clients towards taking the action that you want them to do (aka putting down the dough!)

Social media choices

Every business, whether online based or not, can greatly benefit from a social media strategy. The problem is that too many entrepreneurs try to be on EVERY social media platform, and end up being on NO platforms because it becomes too overwhelming.

_____ Determine which social media platforms make the most sense to your business. Pick 2 or 3 at the most, and commit to using them consistently. You can always add in more later. Choices might include: Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, etc. If you need help deciding Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook is a good book to check out.

_____ Double check your profile for each of the 2-3 platforms you decided on.

Look for:

  • a consistent, good quality headshot that clearly shows your face

  • a link to your website

  • a consistent bio that is personable, and uses keywords to highlight the work you do

Make updates if needed so that a potential client that finds you on one social media channel, automatically recognizes you on a different one.

Social Media Scheduling Programs

It's time to automate SOME of your social media posting. Social media isn't a world where you can schedule, sit back, and forget it. You still need to be out there interacting, commenting, and in general staying active with up to date postings.

But we all know life happens, and when you need a break from the online social world for a while, it's great to know your “backbone” of scheduled postings are still going to keep your message consistent and in front of potential clients.

_____ Explore and choose a general post scheduling platform that takes care of the majority of your social media platforms: Buffer, MeetEdgar, and Hootsuite.

_____ If Instagram is one of your chosen platforms, you'll need to consider a separate scheduler just for it: Personally I like Latergramme or ScheduGram.

_____ If Pinterest is a one of your chosen platforms, you'll also need to consider a separate scheduler for it:  Personally I like Tailwind. Others are BoardBooster and Ahalogy.

The Goal!

Now that you have your social media scheduling programs set up, it's time to determine your focus/goal for each platform, and put a plan in place to reach it.

_____ List each of your 2-3 platforms and determine your end goal (it might be the same for all, and it might not) Ideas: Drive more traffic to your blog, Get sign-ups for your free offer, Register more clients for your class/service.

_____ Determine an ideal posting schedule for each platform. There is a lot of good information on this from the Bufferapp blog:

The Social Media Frequency Guide: How Often to Post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and More

A Scientific Guide to Posting Tweets, Facebook Posts, Email, and Blog Posts at the Best Time

_____ Brainstorm key topics that you want to cover over the next several months. Shuffle the topics into an order that makes sense and create a list that we'll use in the next mini lesson.

Social Media Calendar

It's time to take your list from yesterday, and organize it into a social media editorial calendar so that you can see the big picture of working towards your goals. It's up to you and your business/work style as to how detailed or how “big picture” your calendar becomes. The main thing is to have one and USE It. Resources to check out (you'll need to decide if you're a paper/pen or technology based type of gal)

_____ Research and choose a social media calendar.

Online Tools/Plugins to consider:

CoSchedule #1 Marketing Calendar

Content Calendar Templates (print out or save on computer):

CoSchedule Template – yearly view, monthly view, and idea worksheet

HubSpot Blog Editorial Calendar – more focused on sharing blog posts

WebpageFx – editable Google Docs calendar

Still a Bit Confused?

No problem! I get it!  Sometimes it can be helpful to see exactly what someone else's social media plan entails, so that you can use it as inspiration for you own.  And guess what?  You're in luck!  I'm sharing my exact social media plan so that you can see exactly what content I schedule on each social media platform, and when. Enjoy!



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