My tech detox, a company of 1, and CK is back!

The days have been running together for me this week cause we're here at St.Simon Island for our family summer vacay.

It's been filled with watching fisherman off the pier, exploring the quaint little beach town, plenty of playing in the tidal pools, and even some wave pool and water slides fun. Have you been keeping up in my IG Stories? 😉 (@summerkaritannhauser)

Personally I've really enjoyed the simpler pace of it all. During summer vacation I do a tech detox ... deleting social media apps, limiting the mindless scrolling, and avoiding the laptop. I think this year more than ever I've realized how tied (addicted even?) I have become to my phone, and the feeling of a less "crazed" mindset that has come about even from a few days of stepping away from it. It's something I'll have to consider of how I can keep better boundaries once back at home too.

So let's get to it! As always on Friday, without further ado, here's my list of 10 things I found worth sharing this week:

1. If you've ever felt like you have a course that needs creating inside of you that you've been wanting to launch into the world, but are overwhelmed by all the things you *THINK* you have to do (i.e. tech, hosting, membership site, sales page, etc.), than this FB Live by Lindsay Padilla is GOLD! I followed her exact beta program process to run my recent beta round of Overlooked 2 Obsessed, and it was BY FAR the most fun (and least stressfull) I've ever felt creating a program.

2. Since I've committed to a month of daily (M-F) Instagramming for August (I'm @summerkaritannhauser), I've been looking at resources to help me get caught up on my IG Stories game. So far my fav resource has been this one by Alex Beadon. It's a video series that shows exactly which apps she uses and how she uses them to edit her IG Stories to stand out.

3. I'm excited to read this book "Run Like Clockwork: Design your Business to Run Itself" when it launches on August 21st. It's by Mike Michalowicz, who is also the author of the Profit First system (which was a TOTAL game changer for me in helping to keep my business expenses in check and ensuring profit every month).

4. Speaking of book launches, who ever knew there was so much "drama" when it comes to book launches on Amazon? (not this self-publishing newbie, that's who!) The book that I'm a co-author for "Write and Grow Rich" is currently up for pre-sale on Amazon ... but that's after 2000 pre-orders were canceled by Amazon. Yikes! As a newbie I'm not sure what all this means, but I do know that if you haven't yet (or if your order was canceled), I'd love to invite you to pre-order your Kindle-edition copy now for $0.99. In my chapter I share behind the scenes of how I've built a business through my written word, primarily via blogging and email.

5. "Because it’s possible to stay small or singular and still do well. But you have to define what your own success is, because it’s probably not what others tell you it can be. For me? I don’t actually care about growth. I’d rather be a company of one." Paul Jarvis is completely speaking my language in this one! I've built and run a local company with 20+ employees, and let me tell you it's not all it's cracked up to be. I'm intentionally building my online business to be a company of ONE(with a few VA's, specialists, etc. here and there). I relate to the large majority of Paul's sentiments in his article "I don't actually care about growth".

6. Fun fact. I've never fed any of my 3 kids "baby food." I've always followed the Baby-Led weaning method, which means you start giving your baby "finger foods" when they are ready to eat. Going out to eat with 3 little kiddos (things can get cray-cray to say the least!) on vacay makes me that much more appreciative that I can hand my little guy stuff off my plate and not have to worry about bottles or spoons. This is the book I followed (loosely) to wrap my head aroud the idea.

7. For a couple of years now, I've used theChrome extension Streakdirectly within my gmail inbox as a sort of simple to use CRM (client relationship management system). It works really well for me to look at what stage of the process a client is within our onboarding sequence(for my local business) - inquiry submitted, waiting for a response back, scheduling call, meeting scheduled, confirmed, etc. It's super flexible and can be set up for whatever "sequence" you want to track a client or potential client moving through (follow up would be another great use!).

8. Did you hear?! ConvertKit is no longer Seva. I know the main reason for this change back was for cultural/religious significance of the word seva, but for my own personal reasons I couldn't be happier about it. Everything they were hoping to bring about with the Seva branding (their vision, mission, value, etc.) ... well, I already felt it when they were ConvertKit. <3 You can read the full explanation of why they are changing back by the founder, Nathan Berry hereTakeaway: your name is not your mission.

9. I've spent a good number of my evenings here on vacation reading after the kids have gone to bed. Which has been divine! I went through my bookshelves prior to leaving and picked out a few that I read over 5 years ago and have been wanting to revist from a new stage in life and business. Currently enjoying Tribes by Seth GodinThe Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, and Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath.

10. Ya'll I'm at a blank ... vacay brain! Instead of stress it, I'll wrap this up with this fitting reminder. It's your business. Run it how you want. Do something until you don't want to any more. Change your mind. Try things out. Play. Create. Fail. Move forward. And most importantly do it cause you love it. And if you don't love it? Change. Adapt. Do things how YOU want. Make your business into the mold that YOU've always dreamed of.Otherwise what's the point? <3

Signing off!


Summer Tannhauser

Summer Tannhauser

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