What the F is Mindset? (+ why does it matter) for the Totally Non-Woo

What the F is mindset? and why does it matter for the totally non-woo entrepreneur.

If you're in the online entrepreneur space, I'm guessing you've heard the phrase ... "you need to work on your MINDSET."

... and if you're anything like me, you've probably also had thoughts going through your head, like ....

  • What in the world is mindset?

  • Why does this even matter to me? I'm out here conquering algorithms, creating content, and getting strategic in business. Mindset .... MEH!

  • Isn't that one of those "WOO-WOO" concepts that doesn't really mean anything?

Let me just say, I TOTALLY understand you.

But I'm also an open-minded person + entrepreneur always looking to improve myself, my business, and my general joy in life, so I invite you to join me in figuring out the whole MINDSET thing, and how it absolutely CAN make a difference for you as well ... no crystals or craziness involved :)

Here's my take on it all ...

Summer Tannhauser

I'm Summer! I help LadyBOSS entrepreneurs build their dream businesses through rock solid action + advice, with more happiness, less overwhelm, and full of freedom.