{#22} July 31: The 30 days of emails series is wrap! (here’s what is next)

Hey ya’ll!

This email comes direct to you from our family summer vacay on St.Simon Island, Georgia!

I’ll keep this quick cause we’ve got beach time to be had, scooters to ride, and ice cream cones to eat.

Summer vacay, I love you!

Today is the last day of July, and that means it’s the last day of my Summer Snippets email series, where I’ve sent a value-driven (hopefully ) email each day of this month! (all are now archived on the blog here).

P.S. if you're still reading these daily emails, thanks for sticking around!

So what’s next? Here’s the plan moving forward …

1. You all let me know that you loved the regular Friday feature email where I shared 10 things that I found worth sharing that week (both personal and business, with plenty of links), so I’ve decided to keep doing it! Look for that fun email each Friday.

2. I’m kicking off my next 30 day challenge (for myself) and committing to a month of Instagram during August! That means daily (M-F) long-form text and photos in the feed, and IG Stories starting TOMORROW! (During my vacay I’m going to give myself a little “pass” and keep things simple with just digital documenting on Stories.)

3. Want to hold yourself accountable too? The more the merrier! :) This is really just me challenging myself, but of course I’d love to have you along for the ride as well.

So go ahead and follow me here on Instagram (@summerkaritannhauser) and I’ll see ya in the Stories tomorrow. :)

peace, love, and sunny days <3



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{#21} July 30: 5-step checklist I use to prep my biz for time away

My current situation = in a packed to the brim van with hubby, 3 kiddos, 2 dogs, and all the various items needed for a trip to the beach.

Summer vacay at it’s finest ya’ll.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again … we’re pretty much going on a TRIP, not a vacation. (Fellow parents, I know you feel me!), but I won’t let that dampen the excitement!

One thing I do miss from my pre-entrepreneur days, is the zero prep-work that went into getting ready for a trip away, other than the personal packing.

Now the laundry list of items to take care of to make sure the business runs smoothly (with as little interaction from me as possible) can stretch a bit long.

I’ve had people question me about this before … how do I “step away” when I run two businesses?

So I thought it might be fun to take a look at my pre-vacation business prep routine to give you some ideas.

1. Turn on those auto-responders!

Before I leave on vacation I always set up my email accounts AND any contact forms on my website so that people receive an automated email in response to any inquiry. Basically it says I’m away for XX dates, if you’re a paid client you’re our first priority for a response, and links to any other resources that might be helpful to them in the meantime (a booking calendar, etc.)

2. Set expectations for your availability and communicate them.

I personally am OK with responding to emails if needed while I’m away on vacation. But I’m not OK with taking or returning phone calls (for my local business). So on the voicemail recording I’m very clear that we are “out of office” and any voicemails received will receive a return call on XX date (normally 2 days after I return … give yourself a little breathing room!). I also encourage them to send an email instead for a quicker response.

3. Check in with your team members in advance.

Before leaving out of town, I review each team member’s responsibilities and schedule with them for the time that I’m away. This gives them a chance to ask any questions or catch something that they need to know from me that I may have not thought of. This helps to avoid “emergency” communications with you while you’re away as much as possible.

4. Set up a contingency plan.

What needs to happen in a true emergencyworst-case scenario in your business if it happens while you’re away? (this will apply to some businesses more than others). I always make sure that one team member is responsible for “running point” in this scenario and that all other people involved have their contact info too.

5. Set your own boundaries (and that might not be “cold turkey”).

When I go on vacation I personally like to delete the majority of social media apps from my phone, turn off all notifications, and avoid checking email except at set times during the day. It’s a chance for me to be more present and detox a bit from the internet life.

BUT I’ve found that setting an expectation of absolutely no social media, no email, no phone, etc. is unrealistic for me, and honestly would stress me out more. It’s all about taking a mini-step that is right for you. Maybe you’ll check in AM and PM each day, or some different schedule. I think it’s more important to reduce in a way that feels right to you.

That’s pretty much it. And then I cross my fingers and hope that everything goes swimmingly while I’m away. ;)

Helpful? Got questions? Feel free to reply back and you’ll get my auto-responder. Haha!

(But of course I’ll get back with you when I return).



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{#20} July 27: Sales copy that doesn't suck, #winning at life, and my next 30 day series!

Hey hey .... it's a vacaaaaaay time! Summer vacation that is.

My family is getting ready to head out next week on our annual summer vacation. While most people in our area will be back to school shopping (it's tax free weekend here), we like to get out for one last "hurrrah" before schools starts up.

It's busy, busy, busy mode around here finishing up an affiliate launch, closing out the last week of live training in the beta round of my Overlooked 2 Obsessed program, readying 2 businesses to run smoothly while I'm away, and of course packing up myself, the 3 kiddos, and the 2 dogs (yup, they are coming too!) for vacation. Whew!

So I'm taking a moment to enjoy, sip my coffee, and share with you my weekly list of 10 things worth sharing this week!

1. I've been tackling reorganization and decluttering of our house with a vengence this summer. It all started with finding a pin on Pinterest, that lead me to this free class (auto webinar ... just FYI) and then down the rabbit hole of figuring out "minimalism" with kids. I say it in quotes because we are no where near minimalists! But using the mindset of a minimalist to be intentional about making decisions regarding items in our home has been very empowering.

2. Morning routines for kids? I'll be honest. I don't have a specific morning routine myself. I'm more of the "some mornings are crazy; some mornings are calm" variety. We all make it out the door in one piece. ;) But as my oldest daughter gets ready to start Kindergarten this year, I'm considering creating a morning routine for her and my 3 year old to hopefully reduce the frantic "We HAVE to go NOW's!!!" flying around. I'm thinking something like this.

3. I've decided I'm not running another mastermind group until January of next year. I've been pushing forward all year, and it's time for a little "white space" to let creativity flow in my schedule. My friend Kyla Roma is an incredible business coach, with a focus on visibility and profitibility, and most importantly UNIQUE solutions for each business. Her 90-day Indie Business Collective starts August 6th and apps close today. If you're looking for that style of accountability and coaching for the upcoming months, I'd highly recommend her! (not an affiliate; just a supporter!)

4. Copywriting strategies are one of those topics that I love to geek out over, and especially conversion focused email copy. This article on 3 ways to write like a human a.ka. "sales copy that doesn't suck" is a winner in my book.

5. I've been focused on intentionally including storytelling into my marketing as much as possible this year. Seth Godin recently wrote in one of his daily emails, "Statistics never work as well as we might hope. Since we're humans, statistics don't change minds. It's the story we tell ourselves (and others) that do."

6. My top resource for learning how to structure a powerful narrative in your emails, social media posts, blog posts ... basically in anything you're doing to market your business? Michael Hauge. Definitely download his 6-Step Success Stories Chart & Ebook for a good (and free) first step to more powerful stories.

7. I found this article by Natalie Sisson (formally The Suitcase Entrepreneur) on "A simple methodology to win life one step at a time" very intriguing. Worth a read. Within it she also talks about her new 30 day program "Life Pilot 30 Day Challenge" which is currently just $49 (or $69 for you and your partner to do it together). Not an affiliate; just intrigued by the premise and considering it myself!

8. You might read when I told you that I was co-authoring a book called "Write and Grow Rich". Well, we've had some issues with Amazon and the book got pulled down a few days ago. BUT it's now back up! If you already pre-ordered on Amazon, you may need to submit it again. Appreciate you all! You can pre-order for $0.99 here.

9. The end of July is coming up quickly, and that means my Summer Snippets series of one month worth of daily M-F emails is coming to an end (next Tuesday to be exact). Now I'm considering what's next! I loved the challenge of committing to something for 30 days. I'm thinking I might do Instagram next: 1 month of long-form daily posts and IG Stories. Could be fun (especially since you'd get behind the scenes of my vacay next week!) I'll let you know what I decide. Come follow me here on Instagram just in case. ;)

10. Finally, last but not least, Kendrick Shope's enrolment for the class of 2018 of Sales School closes TONIGHT. It only opens once per year, so this is your chance. Here's what makes this program different ...

  • the entire program is focused on you impacting more people and making more money
  • the core weekly classes with Kendrick are taught LIVE
  • you get opportunities for DAILY live (Zoom call style) feedback and support from the certified instructors (I'm one of them!)
  • you get lifetime access to the Sales School Take-n-Tweak library of sales page copy, follow up templates, sales email formats, etc.
  • AND you get a 1:1 call directly with Kendrick herself!
  • Plus, when you enroll with me you also secure yourself a spot in the fall 2018 live round of Overlooked 2 Obsessed(details here: summertannhauser.com/salesschool-bonus)

Yep, I'm an affiliate, I'm an instructor in the program, and I wouldn't be involved at all if I didn't think it was 100% worth your time and attention. 

Ok ya'll, that's a wrap! Need anything? Catch me before we head out on vacay next week. ;) Monday's and Tuesday's emails to finish out this series will be from the road to the beach!




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{#19} July 26: Everything is "fine" ... until it isn't.

Today I took my email inbox to the chopping block.

In the past I've poo-poo'd at people who took the time to go on an unsubscribing "rampage" in their inboxes.

I've pretty much always followed the philosophy that someone has to annoy me to a fairly high degree for me to unsubscribe from their emails.

I'll give most things a "pass" that might annoy others.

I don't mind count-down timers and start your subject line with "Re:" if you really want to.

(The one that does get to me though? The subject line "Do you hate me?" That's a pretty hard unsubscribe for me!)

But today it finally got to me. And I'd had enough. My inbox was driving me crazy.

Everything was "fine" ... until it wasn't.

So each email that came in today had a decision to be made ....

A. Actually read it

B. Unsubscribe from it

(there was no choice for archiving or saving for later)

I've found that this "everything is "fine" ... until it isn't" is a fairly common theme in life and business growth.

Often it's not a momumental or life-changing event that causes you to make a change.

Nothing specific happened this morning to make me finally get fed up enough with the emails in my inbox to actually do something about it.

It was more so something that had been a long time coming ...

Yet I didn't know until this morning exactly what needed to happen to eliminate the crazy I was feeling.

--> When the pain for you comes to a head, makes change inevitable, and causes staying the same to be more painful than the alternative ...

... that's when real action and growth happens.




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{#18} July 25: Fuzzy numbers and fake stats

An interesting topic of discussion came up this week ...

On one of my program training calls I shared that I've used a statement like "enjoyed by over 4,000 other entrepreneurs" to promote one of my freebies before.

And one of the program members mentioned that she always wondered if those numbers that people put next to their freebies/products are real or not?

Cause really there's no way for the the reader (and potential client) to verify that it's true.

And it got me to thinking ... how do you decide what (and who) to trust online?

When everyone has their own "magic bullet" that they are pushing, how do you know what to believe?

When everyone is promising "the world," how do you trust that it will work for you to?

When everyone is promoting affiliate offers, how do you know if they're just out to make a quick buck?

How do you evaluate the value of an offer in the online space, when there is often very little tangible to hold in your hand?

Here's what it comes down to for me: TRUST.

Statistics can be skewed.

Testimonials can be manuafactured.

Percentages can be deceiving.

People will hype things for money.

And it's deceiving, because it feels like these are things we should be able to trust when making a "smart" decision.

I ultimately believe you've got to take these things with a grain of salt, and then you've got to rely on TRUST.

Things that don't matter matter?

* fancy videos * perfectly polished workbooks * beautiful course websites * tricky tech setups * detailed funnels

Things that do?

* accessibility * follow through * passion * belief * longetivity * expertise * dedication * compassion

It's time to get back to the basics. See through the "marketing speak" and call it like it is.

You bring the passion. She'll bring the perfect fit sales.

You in?



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{#17} July 24: Feel like you're always 3 steps behind?

Ever felt like you're so far behind in every part of your business, that you'll never "catch up"?

That course you're in ... you're 3 lessons behind. Should you just quit?

Your email list ... it's sub 100 people, and has been that way for months. Time to give up?

Your website traffic ... it's dismal in visitor numbers. Maybe take a break for good?

It's 10pm at night and I hadn't sent out my daily email yet that I committed to for the month of July. Should I give it up? ;)

It's way too easy to use being "behind" as an excuse to quit.

So you decide to quit cause it feels hopeless. Like you'll never break through. Like you'll never make it to the top of the pack.

But then what happens?

You switch projects. Switch ideas. Switch directions. Switch businesses. Switch your focus.

And it's new, and fun, and different, and you're excited again.

But guess what?

Now you're back at square ONE. "Behind." AGAIN.

You don't need more time, or more expertise, or more luck, or must knowledge to be successful.

You simply need to DECIDE.

Decide that you're in for the long haul.

Decide that what you're creating in the world is worth the work.

Decide that you won't quit.

Decide that there is no "behind." ;)

That's when the magic happens.




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Join in as I write 30 days of daily emails (M-F) during the month of July to prove that you can provide high-value to your subscribers, while still selling, promoting, and moving forward your business goals. Want in for the ride?

{#16} July 23: How to ask for the sale: lessons from my daughter’s swim team

My husband coaches swim team every summer.

Normally each year money is collected from the parents to give all the swim coaches a bonus at the end of season.

It’s my daughter’s first season swimming (proud parent here!), so it’s also my first year experiencing the team both from a swim parent’s point of view, as well as wife to the coach.

So my husband gets a text the other day from one of the parents on the swim team board, letting him know that instead of asking parents to contribute to the end of year bonus, the team’s budget is just going to cover it instead.

My initial reaction?

('cause I like to give my opinion on pretty much everything.)

“Well, that’s silly! Why wouldn’t you accept money from the parents that want to give it?

Why spend the team’s (very limited budget) on bonuses, when I’m sure at least some of the parents have a desire to contribute as a way of saying thanks for a great summer?”

Their reasoning behind it?

“Oh, we just don’t really want to walk around with a bucket at practice asking every parent for donations”

Ooooooo, OK, of course not! (sounds a little like knocking on doors)

I understand that.

Walking around peer-pressuring each parent into “donating” … a.k.a you better be giving something (!) ... does feel a little gross.

But that doesn’t mean it’s time to give up, just because something doesn’t feel right!

As Kendrick Shope says, if it feels “icky, sleezy, slimy, gross” ... then you’ve got to find a BETTER way.

By collecting for a team donation, they're actually providing an easy solution to the subset of parents that would like to give an end of season gift, but don’t really want to go through the whole process of …

* What should I give? * Do I need to get something for all of the coaches? * Where do I buy this? * Are they even going to use it? * When I am going to have time to get this? * Ugh, who’s got some wrapping paper?!

(‘cause let’s be honest, even though I 100% want to give gifts to the people who have had a impact in my children’s lives, the logistics of actually making it happen can be a bit daunting!)

Collecting for a team donation = a total win in my book.

It saves me time, money, and stress. (and it gives the coaches something they actually WANT vs. a cute mug they’ll stash in the cupboard and never touch again #justsaying).

Let’s just take it into the 21st century and collect online (allow for each person to make a choice) vs. a passed collection bucket ;)

Too often when we get ready to put our paid offer out into the world for sale … whether that be a course, e-book, digital template, physical product, service, or other … suddenly we start to hesitate.

We think ...

… Oh we don’t want to pressure anyone into buying.

…. Oh we don’t want to take their hard earned money.

…. Oh we haven’t “earned” the right sell our products yet.

…. Oh we can’t ask for THAT price.

…. Oh forgot it, I’ll just do it for free.

But we forget that our offer is creating a *REAL* solution to someone’s problem.

Just like collecting for a team donation solves my problem of searching for end of season gifts…

YOUR offer is uniquely suited to be the exact solution that someone out there is looking for.

If you truly believe in your offer and the power that it holds (which is the #1 pre-requisite to selling ANYTHING, according to Kendrick) then why wouldn’t you sell it to the people that need your solution?

If you went to the doctor to get rid of your strep throat, and she said, “oh sorry, we’re not offering that cure today,” what would you think??

Well, #1 you’d be likely be going to find a different doctor, and #2 you’d be thinking … how dare she withhold the knowledge and expertise that I know she has that could solve my problem and get rid of my discomfort!

It’s time to change our sales mindset from, “Selling feels icky to me, I don’t know how to do it, and I certainly don’t want to do it!” to …

--> “Selling allows me to help more people, share my gifts with the world, impact more people’s lives, and ultimately create a solution that only I am unique capable of providing. Selling gives me the power to change lives for the better!”

If this feels like a style of sales that you can stand behind, and one that you’d like to become an integral part of your business, then I’d love to invite you to join me in Sales School 2018.

I’ll be joining with Kendrick Shope, as one of this year’s Authentic Selling Instructors, walking you through the exact steps needed to create an entire feel-good sales system in your business.

If you’re been hearing me share about the Sales School program, but aren’t sure yet, here’s what I encourage you to do:

  1. Take a Sales School “campus tour” here. You’ll see sample videos, curriculum, testimonials, etc. to get a real behind the scenes look at what’s going down.
  2. Read and watch the 57+ examples of real results of Sales School students.
  3. Go to Kendrick’s FB page and watch the 24 videos she taped on 24 different sales strategies (in 24 hours!) as part of her Authentic Selling Sleepover Marathon. Seriously, if after watching these videos and you don’t see the energy, the expertise, and the VALUE that she brings to the table, then I don’t know what will!
  4. Reach out to me. I’ve mentored under Kendrick for the past 6 months in becoming an certified instructor, and I know this curriculum inside and out! I’d be happy to chat if you have any questions as to if it would be a good fit for you and your business.

(Pssst and don’t forget that I’m offering a bonus of complimentary enrollment in the fall round of my signature, Overlooked 2 Obsessed program, when you join Sales School through my affiliate offer. You’ll be set for the rest of 2018 with instruction, action, and accountability when you have these two live programs to go through back to back!)

It's time to make selling a purely positive experience for both seller and buyer again.

Who's with me? :)



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{#15} July 20: 24 hour marathon, a 100% boring business, and 1.2 million emails

Diving right into YOUR favorite day’s email (according to the feedback you’ve been sending me), out of this month long experiment of writing a daily email (M-F) throughout July.

Ya’ll have been loving this list of 10-things-worth-sharing that I’ve been sending on Fridays. So the plan is to continue this Friday “top 10” style list into future months as well. Yay!

Let's do this ...

  1. THANK YOU to everyone for the warm birthday wishes yesterday! Today we’re headed off to a boat day on the lake to celebrate, which is pretty much my happy place in the summer months. Plus of course a cake from the best bakery ever. We're trying Devil's food cake with cream cheese frosting.(With the tagline “all butter, all the time” how can you go wrong?!)
  2. I first learned who Ron Reich is when he was the launch strategist behind Selena Soo’s nearly a million dollar launch this spring, and all around top-notch human being. He shares a rediculous amount of value on all things launching, scaling, and online business here on FB.
  3. I recently found this document that I created back in January 2016 from when I launched my very first online course through a “pre-sale”. It’s the exact launch sequence of emails that I used with a list of about 750 people, and enrolled around 50 people at $97 each. (If you don’t know, I used to be under the brand “Lady Boss League,” hence the branding you’ll see).
  4. 24 hours. 24 topics. 24 hour coaching marathon. Yup it's crazy, andit just kicked off this morning. Kendrick Shope, the creator of Sales School (currenly open for 2018 enrollment!) is in the midst of her annual Authentic Selling Sleepover where she goes live ever hour, on the hour, for 24 hours (that includes throughout the middle of the night!). Join in a litte, join in a lot. Either way it’s a ton of fun.
  5. I have the same goal as Paul. I want to have a 100% BORING business.
  6. We’re thinking about ordering one of these bed mattresses in a couple of weeks. The 365 day home trial is a pretty intriguing objection buster. Anyone have thoughts on this brand?
  7. I provide support to Kurandza on a monthly basis through my business. Their #IStandforGirl Campaign kicks off on September 1st, with a goal to provide school sponsorships -- including school fees, uniforms, backpacks, text books, supplies, and transportation -- to over 200 girls in Mozambique. You can read more about their campaign from last year year (100 girls sponsored!), and then sign up be a part of making 2018 even bigger and better!
  8. Implementing the money management system from Profit First was one of the best decisions I made in my business last year. No matter if you’re bringing in $100 per month or $10,000, I can’t say enough about how financially empowering the system is.
  9. Just got the card in the mail about the “meet the teachers night” at my daughter’s school before Kindergarten starts. Smart move. Kids that know what to expect = smooth first day. I’m an instructor in Kendrick Shope’s Sales Schoolthis August. You can take a sneak peak campus tour here to see behind the scenes, and find out what to expect as well.
  10. It honestly blows my mind that I’ve sent out over 1 million emails. My feelings are a bit mixed about the name change of my fav email system, but no matter, I still stand with them. #Convert … ahem, SevaForLIfe

Happy weekend everyone! It's lake time for MEEEEEEE!



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{#14} July 19: 35 trips around the sun

I’m celebrating my 35th birthday today. 

And gah … the emotions are running on overdrive!

As I contemplated what I wanted to share in this email, the thought of “35 lessons from 35 years” came to me, but the pressure to try to condense 35 years into a simple list of most important lessons seemed a bit too pressured filled for me.

But I do feel the need to share a few thoughts brought on by contemplating my life on this b-day (indulge me, please!) :)

Let me know if you relate?

I’ve always had this feeling, like one day I would “arrive."

Like I’d suddenly become an adult and have all the answers.

I figured in adulthood you’d never have to worry about trivial stuff, you wouldn’t care what others thought, you’d know exactly what to say and when to say it, and there wouldn’t be any “drama.”

But here I am at 35, and I’ve accomplished the life goals that I’d always day-dreamed about as a kid … graduate college (check), get married (check), buy a house (check), have 3 kids (check).

Yet still, here I am feeling like I’m an "imposter" in this thing called being an adult, a wife, a Mom, a business owner.

That’s me? Like, I’m really in charge of my life over here? I’m really doing this thing called adulthood?

And I’ve got a feeling I’ll feel the same 10 years from now, 20 years, 30 years from now too.

One thing's certain to me.

You don’t ever “arrive.”

Not in life. Not in business.

So what do you do with this understanding?

I’m not entirely sure.

But for me, right now ...

--> It looks like re-evaluating how I’ll pursue more things that I’ve been saying I’d do when I “have time” … and now it’s 5 years later.

--> It looks like clearing out the mental and physical clutter … eliminating the “stuff” in our life that we don’t need; finding ways to put down the phone more; making more white space in my head to think.

--> It looks like working on myself, working on us, working on our family. Tackling the hard topics, figuring out how to take baby steps, and talk about those scary things called feelings. (yikes!)

--> It looks like continuing to do things my way, holding strong to my schedule, avoiding “yes” when it’s clearly a no, asking for what I want and need, and trying to put on my oxygen mask first more often.

No bucket list here. (although that might be fun!)

Just a few simple commitments. Things to strive for. Some guiding principles.

Gratitude for this crazy ride called life.

And appreciation for you all being here with me. <3



{#13} July 18: Sales School is OPEN! {+ get {o2o} beta #2 for FREE}

I’ve been doing my darndest over this month of daily emails to provide value directly within each one.

In a few it’s been sharing a personal story (like the coffee shop fiasco), in others it’s been sharing my 10 fav items for that week (like 52 week adventure, A/B tests, and jumping the bandwagon), and in a few more it’s been focused on inspiring action (like July 4th: Freedom).

But today is one of those rare emails where to get the FULL value of what I’m sharing, you’ll need to click through to what’s on the other side of the link.

Since the beginning of this month, I’ve been sharing with you about my journey to become a certified Authentic Selling Instructor and how I’ll be working with Kendrick Shope in Sales School this August to help the next round of entrepreneurs find their clients, make more sales, create more revenue, and ultimately impact the world in a bigger way.

It’s the type of situation where sure, I *could* try to teach you everything I know about creating a complete sales system for your online business that will create results, revenue, and raving fans.

But my goal is to have you learn from the BEST, and the experience you’ll receive from Kendrick within the LIVE Sales School program, along with the support of me and the other certified instructors, can’t be beat!

Kendrick has just opened the doors to her signature program, where she takes your hand and shows you step-by-step the absolutely essential sales skills for all business owners to succeed online.

The goal?

Make more money. Get more clients. Be in control of your freedom and future.

SALES SCHOOL is a 7-week online, live video-based program in which Kendrick teaches you the necessary skills in 2018 to take the right action now, to make more money and create more impact, all while doing the work you love.

But keep reading ... you're going to get a TON more than just 7-weeks of support (ESPECIALLY when you enroll with me! We’re pretty much going to be spending the rest of 2018 together. Details below!)

First, let’s see if this is going to be a good fit for you. (it’s always smart to pre-qualify before moving forward fto learn more).

Do you relate to at least 5 out of the 8 following statements?

  • Struggling with a pricing system for your offers.

  • Craving steps to a compelling offer that people are excited to sign up for over and over again

  • Dreaming of a day when your discovery calls feel easy and even like you’re helping.

  • Wondering how to really get your clients attention on social media without feeling sleazy about it.

  • Needing a break from all the learning, application, correct, and repeat cycle.

  • Wanting the words to confidently tell people about your pricing without feeling like you’re pressuring them to buy.

  • Needing a plan to draft and send emails that entice people to buy and feel good about it.

  • Wishing you could "sell" people on your amazing offers without doing hard selling.

If you do relate to at least 5 out of 8, then I have confidence that Sales School may be the ideal next step for you.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s why I’m confident in the power of the program:

  1. Proven – Over 5 years of being the #1 sales training for online businesses.

  2. Raving Fans – 54 pages of testimonials from Sales School Alumni.

  3. Real Results – It’s a results-based curriculum with application, so you’ll do the work within the weekly live class so that this is an educational experience that you actually complete!

Get all the details on Sales School here.

PLUS, because I’m an certified Authentic Selling Instructor, a proud affiliate (meaning I get a commission if you choose to invest in the program through the link in this email), and will be working directly with all the students in Sales School, I want to sweeten the deal, and give you even more value!

We'll be walking 7 weeks of powerful sales instruction:

Week 1: Overcoming Your Fear Of Selling
Week 2: Writing Your Homepage, About Me Page, & Opt-in & Making It Sell
Week 3: Writing Your Sales Page That Converts
Week 4: How To Have Discovery Calls That Convert
Week 5: Overcoming Objections
Week 6: Following Up & Writing Sales Emails That Entice Your People To Purchase
Week 7: Social Selling

If you sign up for Sales School through my affiliate link HERE you’ll also receive:

** Kendrick's fast action bonus for the first 50 enrollees that join before TONIGHT at 6pm ET, receive a free 1:1 session with Kendrick at the end of sales school. If you're planning to join, you'll definitely want to join in time to take advantage of this offer.

Bonus #1: 1:1 Intensive Strategy Call with Summer Tannhauser:

(FAST ACTION: ONLY for the first 5 people who enroll through my link!): Personalized strategy, support, and feedback directly from me when you need it most on your individual business. {value: $250}


Overlooked 2 Obsessed is rooted in my “simple little” business methodology: Build a tribe AND Matter to them. It’s all about building an audience, loving that audience (in turn creating raving fans), and serving that audience (through *actually* caring and providing solutions to their problems).

More specifically, you’ll walk away from Overlooked 2 Obsessed with a brand new, fully scaleable income stream, along with a built-in audience of raving fans ready to buy, all within 90 days of beginning the {o2o} implementation system.

The best part? Overlooked 2 Obsessed runs live October through December (after Sales School completes in Aug/Sept). So it will be the perfect program to take next that keeps you moving forward throughout the entire rest of 2018.

Here's all the details about {o2o} if you'd like to know more: https://summerliveonline.com/overlooked2obsessed

The accountability and support from a LIVE program cannot be understated in it’s impact to reach your business goasl! And when you enroll in Sales School with me, you’re basically securing 5 months of mastermind-style accountability, support, and training from some of the best … if I do say so myself :)

So, question for you –

Are you ready to make more money and create more impact, all while doing the work you love?

If the answer is yes, I look forward to seeing you inside Sales School and Overlooked 2 Obsessed!



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{#12} July 16: My coffee shop fiasco

Personalization sells.

And soothes.

And makes mad people happy.

And turns the tables in your favor.

Case in point …

There’s a cute little coffee shop I like to hit up after dropping my 3 year old off at his parent’s day out program.

We’ve got about 45 minutes in between when he’s dropped off and when my oldest has to be at swim team.

So with only my 5 year old and 9 month old in tow, I feel like I’m a little less likely to wreck havoc on the “cool cats” typing away on their laptops while sipping their Americanos (vs. when I’ve got all 3 kiddos and people are giving me the “don’t even think about having your bull-in-a-china-shop-kids sit anywhere near my space" look.)

Normally things go pretty smoothly … Normally.

However on our last stop, the proverbial sh*t hit the fan.

A new trainee was learning the ropes, and clearly things weren’t going too smoothly in the coffee production line, evidenced by the cussing I could hear going on under her breath.

By the time I realized that a bit of a line was forming at the coffe pick-up counter, I’d already sent my 5 year old out to secure us a table on the front deck. My little guy decided he was #OVERit and started loudly protesting.

And I could tell my iced latte was nowhere *near* to ready to take and run.

I’m doing “the hip bounce” (parents, you know what I’m talking about!) to get my little guy to hush it up, while trying to keep a watchful eye on my daughter outside who was busying herself moving our chairs into the shade (and likely making quite the racket I’m sure).

And as things are going downhill quick, and I’m contemplating the next best move (run? hide? fight? j/k) ...

I hear one of the baristas say:

“Miss Summer, I’m sooooo sorry about the wait today.”

(Wait … how did she know my name???)

As I’m trying to decide if I should know her name too or not, she continues “Miss Summer, you go ahead and grab a seat with your daughter, here’s a few crackers for your baby and how about a chocolate milk for your daughter, and I’ll bring that coffee out to you when it’s ready!”

Wow, OK.

As I’m headed out to my seat with a happily munching baby, I hear the same barista address the others hanging out by the pickup counter by name too …. “Lanie, I’ll pop it over to you as soon as it’s ready, along with a little extra special treat. Yes, yes … no problem, Lanie!”

And few minutes later, out comes my iced latte with the accompanying “Here it is Summer! {insert small talk about kids} Well Summer, you all enjoy your day!” and she was out.

Let’s be honest, how could I have been annoyed with the sub-par coffee service when she went out of her way to be personable, noticing exactly what I needed, and making it happen?

(Turns out she tries to memorize the names off of credit cards as she rings people up. #smart)

The point is that by taking the time to know me personally, using my name, and providing my baby and daughter exactly what was needed in that moment, and giving me an “out,” … she turned what could have been a very negative experience for me, into one where all I’ll remember is the care and attention that was given to me and my kids.


When you think about the clients or potential clients in your own business, what are you doing to show them that they EACH matter?

That you notice them. That you see their needs. That you CARE about them personally.

Do you know the number one word that sells?

It’s your client’s name!

And it’s not just their name that matters.

If you’re connecting with someone on a discovery call or through a personal email, do your research FIRST.

Go to their website and read their about page. Check out their Instagram account. Did they have an experience that you can relate to? What’s a personal connection you can make that shows that you care?

Anytime you can get personal, you’re increasing your opportunity to close the sale 10 fold!

Sales are the lifeblood of your business.

And it’s small little “tweaks” like personalizing your message and communications that can make the difference between your offer flying off your virtual shelves or sitting there collecting dust.

What “tweak” can you implement today?



{#11} July 13: 52 week adventure, A/B tests, and jumping the bandwagon

The experiment continues! Currently I’m two weeks into my month of daily blog writing (M-F) throughout July in my “Summer Snippets Series."

My goals for this month-long experiment are multi-faceted:

1. Challenge myself - there is something to be said for consistency in business, but you’ve also got to switch it up from time to time to keep things fresh. Ultimately I'm challenging myself to “do the work" this month, while also continuing to improving my copywriting skills in the process.

2. Build OUR relationship - writing is what comes naturally to me. From time to time you’ll see me hosting webinars, going live on FB, or posting on IG … but the bread and butter of the way I like to build relationships is through my written words. I hope by the end of this month you feel as though my blog posts are like notes from an old friend. <3

3. Launch in a different way - no reason to beat around the bush ... I’m currently in the middle of an affiliate launch for Kendrick Shope’s Sales School program which runs this Aug/Sept. I’ve become a certified Authentic Sales Instructor under her mentorship this year, and I’ll be an integral part of the live program, so it’s a natural fit. But I just wasn’t feeling up to a big pre-planned launch this time around. Instead I’m working it into my simple daily email based approach.

I plan to include a wrapup of at the end of the month with my results of this experiment, so stay turned! Got questions about any of this? Intrigued? Just ask! :)

Last Friday, I debuted a new blog style of creating a list of 10 things “worth sharing” that week. So many of you told me that you loved it, that it’s coming back as a regular Friday feature! <3

Without futher ado, here’s my list of 10 things I found worth sharing this week …

  1. If you’re thinking about running a product launch (course, ebook, program, etc.) in your business, THIS is a killer product launch template to help you plan out each step of the way. Abbey Woodcook, a launch expert for people like Ramit Sethi and Jeff Walker, explains all about how to use the template here.

  2. My #1 tip for making your emails more intriguing? Include a story. Thinking “easier said than done”? This article gives you a specific email “formula” for writing story-based emails that convert. Worth the quick read.

  3. We’re taking our family summer vacay to St.Simon Island later this month! Hello, beachtime. Anyone got any must-do’s or fav spots to visit while there? Share them with me!

  4. I’m a published author! ← That’s something I never expected to say, honestly. But this crazy world of entrepreneurship has opened so many unexpected doors, that I probably shouldn’t be surprised. “Write and Grow Rich” is live for pre-order on Amazon here for $0.99.

  5. I really want to plan a big adventure like this couple. 59 national parks in 52 weeks! I’m not into the part of doing it all in 52 weeks, but how cool would it be to do something like this throughout my kids’ childhood? My wheels are turning … ;)

  6. Have you heard about Temi.com? It’s an automated transcription services for $0.10 minute which is AWESOME compared to the $1/minute I used to pay Rev.com. It’s not perfect transcription, but it IS perfect for getting all of the live training calls and Q+A sessions that I’ve been hosting for my beta round students of Overlooked 2 Obsessed transcribed. Potential use = transcribing your FB Lives!

  7. Do you ever feel weird about jumping on the bandwagon? Yeah, me too. I hesitate to even include this one, since I know people have strong feelings one way or the other about MLM’s. But I’ve got to say, I finally decided to give Monat a try (those hair products you see everyone talking about on FB, but not actually naming the company … yeah that’s them). Well, I’m a total convert. No links to include here. Go find your fav person who sells it. For this frizzy haired girl, it’s been worth every penny. #truth

  8. Just found out a few weeks ago that Funnel Hacking Live 2019 is in Nashville! That’s like 3 hours from me. Trying to figure out a childcare schedule for my 3 little kids still is nightmarish, but let me tell you I’m doing my best to make it happen! Who’s planning on being there? #FHL2019

  9. I turn 35 on July 19th, and I’ve hinted to my husband that I want to up-level my selfcare in the form of getting some real “big girl” makeup. (I’ve always been a more grab-what-you-can-find from the drugstore type of girl). After consulting with the make-up ecourse I bought, I’ve put this foundation, this concealer, and this neato beauty applicator thing on my b-day wish list. We’ll see what happens!

  10. Did you know that for almost every email I send out, I A/B test the subject line? And I've found it's 100x easier to put together a high-converting subject line if I've got a few "formulas" in my back pocket to help me get started brainstorming. Kendrick "sales-extraordinaire" Shope is sharing the 5 most frequently opened email subjects and the top thing left out of most sales emails that costs you conversions. You can check out all of her free sales tips here.

That's a wrap! Happy Friday everyone. This weekend we're off to a pool party and searching for Waldo #foundwaldoknox (I love our city!)



{#10} July 12: Behind the scenes: How 24 influencers make money through writing

Turns out that 81% of Americans say that they want to write a book.


Clearly not that many actually take action on the idea, but I’m still amazed that based on that data, a large majority of people reading this email have some inkling of a desire to become an author.

And I get it.

I like to think about how my thoughts, ideas, and story will be taking on a life of their own that reach far beyond what I could ever imagine.

At any moment my words could be traveling across the country on an coast-to-coast flight, being consumed to drown out the chaos in a family van, or enjoyed slowly with a cup of coffee on the back deck.

It feels different than words that I’ve written on my blog or social media, where I could pull them down at anytime if I really wanted to.

But being published in a book … that feels permanent, substantial, impactful, and honestly … a bit terrifying too!

If you want the truth, I’ve actually never had a desire to write a book.

I would have been in the 19% of that survey that said no.

However when I’m presented with an opportunity, I know when it’s time to go for it!

And an opportunity to tell my personal story of using my love for writing and turning it into a full-fledged business, is one that I couldn't turn down.

So I’m extremely proud to announce that the book I co-authored with 23 others, “Write and Grow Rich” is now live for pre-order on Amazon. It officially launches October 2nd, so the pre-sale push is currently on! And so far it's going quite well ...

unnamed (1).png

When you pre-order now for $0.99, you’ll claim of a bundle of 24 bonus courses/ebooks/workshops offered by the book authors, AND you’ll get a pre-release copy of the book so you can started reading right away!

Here’s your options for ordering:

Order on Amazon. >>

Order on iBooks. >>

Order on Nook. >>

{after ordering enter your receipt on RichAuthors.com to claim your bonuses}

Just for fun, here’s a few things I personally share in my chapter ….

- The 2 key factors I contribute to my success (they definitely aren’t for everyone)

- The very worst decision I’ve ever made in my business (and how I bounced back)

- Why I don’t do 1:1 client work, and why I believe it’s a mistake to try to emulate your favorite mentors

- The #1 marketing tool that I’ll always go “all-in” with (and believe 90% of other businesses should do the same)

- The “One Thing” advice that I share with any entrepreneur that feels overwhelmed, overstressed, and unclear

Never thought I’d be saying “I’m an author,” but here I am. :)



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{#9} July 11: Is “passive” income dying a slow death?

This past weekend I had the chance to grab coffee with my mentor from last year, Adrienne Dorison. She was traveling through my city, so we hit up one of my fav local coffee shop for lattes.

We chatted #allthethings, but of course the convo eventually turned to business, the current “state” of the online space, and where things are going.

Adrienne’s main focus has turned towards her biz partnership with Mike Michalowicz (heard of the book Profit First? Yep, that’s him!) with a business model that runs on live in-person workshops showing high 6-figure earners+ how to design their business to more or less “run itself”.

And it’s all got me thinking ...

There has been a shift toward in-person learning and connection over the past year within the online business community.

I’ve seen it, heard it, felt it. You?

Well-known entrepreneurs announcing that they are shutting down their courses and DIY digital products, and instead announcing live events, 1:1 services, high-touch done with you consultancy, and the like.

And why?

Most of the time the reason stems around ...

  • “people aren’t getting results like I thought they would”

  • “such a few percentage are actually finishing the course”

  • “I’m not sure I’m really helping people”

  • “Does what I’m doing even MATTER?”

I know I’ve felt it.

And I know the cure to it IS connecting more directly and intimately with our students + clients.

However, for me (and for many of my fellow Moms of littles out there) live and in-person doesn’t exactly jive with my lifestyle right now.

The thought of attending or hosting in-person events on a regular basis makes me shutter … the babysitters, the tears (me and the kids!), the guilt, the prepwork, the hubby trying to wrangle 3 wild littles … #truth.

And I know the same rings true for those of you with 9-5 jobs, pets you don’t like to leave, families that need you, or anything else that makes travel hard.

So it’s why I’ve shifted my focus from over the past 6-9 months towards “LIVE,” but in a way that fits my life.

For me that looks like …

  • Running the Live More Mastermind with monthly “live” guest experts, “live” group calls, and “live” 1:1 sessions

  • Hosting my Overlooked 2 Obsessed beta round “live” with week teaching calls and Q+A sessions

  • Becoming a certified Authentic Selling Instructor under Kendrick Shope (If you were paying attention last email, that’s what “CASI” stands for ;)), and getting ready to show up “live” to teach in her upcoming coming Sales School this August.

This type of “live” is strategic for me. It easily fits into my 8-10 hours of childcare each week. It doesn’t take over my life.

And showing up and actually talking with my clients and students on a weekly basis … it SHOWS me on the regular how important what I’m doing actually is.

I can SEE the results. I can FEEL the impact. And I KNOW it matters.

If you’ve been feeling burnt out in your current business model, I encourage you to evaluate for YOU what style of “live” could help you reconnect to your mission.

(while never taking over your life)

That was always the goal for passive income anyways, right? :)



{#8} July 10: I've closed over 1000 clients with these TWO exact techniques

Even I look at that number and can barely believe it.

940 active clients, 400+ past clients = well over 1000 clients that I've single handedly closed in my 10 years as a business owner.

For those of you who don't know, I've owned a local pet care company that I started from the ground up, since 2009. It started out as just little 'ole me doing everything from marketing to sales to actually walking the dogs, and since then has grown into a multi-employee company.

At the beginning I didn't have time to be on the phone at all hours of the day trying to secure clients. Did I mention I was also an elementary teacher at the time, and then transitioned into being a full-time SAHM?

Most of the time if you called the "business line" (which started out as a Google Voice number that rang my cell phone), you'd typically reach a voicemail box because I was probably either scooping poop, wrangling a class of 3rd graders, or trying to soothe a teething toddler.

"People" said I couldn't operate a business that way. That I "should" be picking up the phone on the first ring, and at the very least calling people back within the hour. (Instead I did things my way and clearly stated on voicemail that they'd get a response much quicker if they emailed me. It was the truth!).

Since I wasn't getting on the phone, I definitely don't attribute those 1000+ clients that I single-handedly secured to stellar closing skills.

I'd say my success in closing clients all came done to two skills that I practiced, perfected, and kept tweaking until I nailed them:

1. Personal sales emails


2. Follow up

Funny thing is ... I had NO idea I was implementing strategic sales skills at that time. I thought I was just doing my best to help out the potential clients.

I wish I could explain to you exactly what about my emails or follow up system was sealing the deal so well for me (so you could implement a similar strategy).

But the truth is that skills like this are so dependent on using very specific wording based on your unique situation, that I'd rather leave it to the experts to explain, rather than me try to fumble through it.



{#7} July 9: The 3 email follow-up system to close 50%+ discovery calls

Did I ever tell you I avoid talking on the phone like the plague?

WHY oh WHY did you just call me when you can …

  1. Text

  2. Email

  3. FB Message

  4. DM

  5. Tag me

  6. Skype

  7. Zoom call (for some reason video calls feel so much better to me!)

  8. ANY other option that doesn’t involve words exchanged on the phone! :)

So it should be no surprise that this introvert is not a big fan of conducting “sales” calls in general.

ESPECIALLY if you’re going to teach me a sales system where I'm not allowed to let the prospect off the phone until I get a paid-in full “YES,” then you better believe I’m going to clam up and retreat into my introvert shell.

That sounds terrible to me!

Pressuring someone into a sale on the spot? Ick.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way.

I’m been learning from one of the leading sales experts for female online entrepreneurs for the last 6 months, and guess what she about this “hard sell” strategy …

#1. If you feel the ick … then find a better way.

#2. Sales are NOT closed on the call … you win the client in the FOLLOW-UP! (stats show that 50%+ of sales are closed this way)

Now that’s a strategy that I can get on board with!



{#6} July 6: Matcha tea, decluttering + a killer FB post

I’m currently a week into my experiment of writing a blog post each day of the week (M-F) throughout the month of July, and already I’ve had a few realizations:

  1. Keeping a list of topics + ideas on the notes of my phone is crucial. Inspiration normally doesn’t strike at the specific time I’m ready to write, and it’s hard to recall inspired ideas from earlier in the day.

  2. Writing one day in advance is my sweet spot. Writing the day of becomes too pressure filled. The day prior still feels current and of-the-moment, minus the deadline induced stress.

  3. Keeping things succinct is a challenge for me (I’m working on it). I tend towards long emails that take even longer to write. Which isn’t ideal for a daily emailing routine.

  4. Despite taking up some of my limited worktime time, I’m genuinely still looking forward to writing this email each day, which is good news!

Today, in my pursuit of trying out different writing styles and blog formats to keep things fresh, I’m giving a nod to the weekly newsletter style of Austin Kleon (author of the excellent book, Show your Work) and I'm giving you 10 things that I find worth sharing this week:

  1. I’m a new convert to Matcha tea. I wanted to cut down to 1 cup of coffee per day, and I needed a good replacement to fill my other cups. You’ll now find me with warm or cold Matha lattes frothed up with almond milk, that are hitting the spot for me.

  2. On the weekly Q+A call with my Overlooked 2 Obsessed program members, I shared about the Chrome extension, Loom. It’s pretty much the simplest (free) way I know to easily record screenshare videos (also with the option to show your pretty face!). Perfect for tutorials, personal video memos, or even course recordings!

  3. This killer FB post from Ron Reich on “10 Steps to Building a $500,000 per Year Expert Business” is must-read material.

  4. Anyone else with little kiddos that have decided their summer activity of choice is to push each others’ buttons? (as well as mommy’s!) I’m listening to this book on Audible, and can already tell a significant difference in our home dynamic when I utilize the strategies!

  5. I mentioned in one of my earlier emails this week that I’d bought a makeup course, and I received several messages back asking me which one! In case you were wondering, this is it.

  6. On Monday, Kendrick Shope (creator of Sales School - the leading online sales training for female entrepreneurs) kicks off her month of free sales training centered around how to get more clients. She’s been my personal mentor this year, and I highly recommend you take advantage of this opportunity to learn her sales skills for free!

  7. Want to *finally* get around to that personal goal you've been putting off for-EVER?! (think fitness, relationships, finances, etc.) Adrienne Dorsion is hosting “Commit Camp in a private FB group to encourage everyone to commit to making ONE of your personal goals (no business allowed) happen. It kicks off on Monday.

  8. My husband and I are trying to make it a priority to work on US more this summer (which often gets pushed to the backburner with 3 little kids and busy lives). We’re loving the ideas and strategies from Rachel and Kyle at the Wright Wellness Center.

  9. Two of the ladies in my Live More Mastermind program put together this incredibly detailed prep + launch checklist for when you’re ready to launch a new website. Literally step-by-step through the entire process!

  10. I’ve been working on decluttering our home and throwing things away room by room this summer. This blog has been the biggest inspiration to me on this journey, especially considering she’s making it happen with 5 little kiddos in tow.

That’s a wrap!

Happy dog-days of summer weekend, and I’ll see you on Monday!



{#5} July 5: Why the majority of people get NO results in their business

Formulas. Step-by-step. Duplicatable. Systems.

There is a reason we’re so drawn to them.

Because who wouldn’t want to get it right the first time?!

A formula that tells me exactly what to do to avoid setbacks and mistakes? Sign me up!

:: Follow these 15 steps and you’ll meet your dream guy in less than 3 months ...

:: Here’s the 12 step formula to host a $10K+ producing webinar …

:: Duplicate this recruitment system to bring in 7 new leads your first month …

:: Here’s the exact system to lose 10 pounds by Labor Day …

Now let’s say the person making these claims is honest, and has achieved the results promised for themselves or for someone else they have assisted.

There’s no denying the formula works. It’s been proven it does.

So where’s the hang-up?

How come when you purchase the course/program/coaching/ebook that makes this claim, you don’t achieve the same results?

Of course there are variables at work.

But doesn’t it stand to reason that even if you didn’t lose the full 10 lbs or bring in exactly the $10K claimed, that you’d still achieve some pretty incredible results if you do your best to follow the system?

So what gives?

Why do the large majority of people get little to no results?

It’s not because they didn’t implement correctly.

It’s because they didn’t stay with it long enough to make it work.

You’ve got to develop the grit needed to ignore the shiny new formulas being dangled in front of you every day, and commit to that ONE until it works for you too.

I love a concept that Clay Collins (from LeadPages) developed called “The Five Ones”.

5 Things. One for Each:

--> ONE Target Market: ideally one that you truly enjoying talking with and serving

--> ONE Product: that you fully believe in

--> ONE Conversion Tool: for example webinars, sales calls, live events, etc. (only pick one)

--> ONE Traffic: a scalable source that won’t “run out”

--> ONE Year: focus in for a full year sharpening your skills in each of your “ONES”

There’s nothing complicated about it.

Really, it’s quite simple.

Yet, the dedication needed to ignore the shiny objects fighting for your attenion and stay the course, means a very small percentange will actually do it.

Will you take the plunge?



{#4} July 4: Freedom


Today we celebrate in the USA. Independence Day.

It's a value that too often we take for granted.

I take for granted.

5 short years ago I was an elementary school teacher that wasn't sure how I'd ever fulfil my dream of being a stay-at-home Mom.

Now life looks much different.

It's definitely not all rainbows and roses. Balancing 3 strong-willed, indepedent little kiddos while running a business, isn't for the faint of heart. But what life is?


So today I celebrate my freedom ...

And I encourage YOU to celebrate your's, wherever you are on this journey.

Your freedom ... to open your mind to new possibilities and push the status-quo.

Your freedom ... to say yes, even when it pushes hard against your comfort zone.

Your freedom ... to take the first step forward, and then dragging that second foot up to meet it.

Your freedom ... to decide, and then making the same conscious choice every single day.

Your freedom ... to fail, and fail again, and again ... yet still keep striving.

It's not a "someday" type thing. It's not a "once I've made it" type thing.

As Seth Godin said in his daily email this morning ...

It's not Independence Day ... it's Responsibility Day ... because what matters is what you're actually going to do with it!

Doing nothing is a choice. (one I don't suggest)

Freedom is a choice.

And today I choose to celebrate.

Happy July 4th 'Merica!



{#3} July 3: What an e-course on makeup taught me about sales

I recently purchased an e-course on how to do makeup.

Now, if you know anything about me, I’m the type of girl who normally shows up with a swipe of face powder, a little brown mascara, and potentially some clear chapstick (if I can find it).

MAYBE … just maybe … I’ll put on a little lipstick if it’s an important event.

Basically I’m the girl who most of the time is rocking the “I rolled out of bed like this look".

Did you know people actually put on makeup to look like they don’t have makeup on?

Who knew!?

But back to the point.

So how did a girl like me become convinced that I needed a course on doing my makeup?

If I had of received marketing emails that pitched me on learning how to pick the ideal lipstick color, or how to do the perfect smokey eye (is that even a "thing" any more?), I would have deleted the emails without a second thought.

At first glance, that’s how you might think you’d market a makeup course, right?

Maybe that would make sense if your audience was already sold on wanting to learn how to do makeup.

But remember … the need to improve my makeup skills hadn’t even crossed my mind at this point.

It wasn't even a blip of a desire on my radar.

So what did the emails say instead?

(Listen in to yourself and see how this resonates with you; especially if you’re a Mom of littles, since that was the intended audience.)

The person marketing the course shared that after going through this course (she was an affiliate for it), she ….

  • Started wanting to go out with her husband more and they created a weekly date night

  • Started doing more live videos in her business, thereby increasing her engagement and revenue

  • Started feeling confident running errands spur-of-the-moment, without praying she didn’t run into anyone she knew

  • Started feeling more secure, confident, more beautiful, more capable

Look back through that list.

Was makeup ever mentioned? Even once?

Nope, not a chance.

Makeup didn’t sell this course to me.

The feelings, outcomes, benefits … the potential results in my life …. THOSE were what did it.

If you want to sell your offers (no matter what they may be) …

Don’t focus on the features.

Tell us what’s going to change for us. Show us. Describe it. Let us experience it.

THAT’s how you sell.