The Secret to Having an Organized Business as an Unorganized Person

Let’s get real. You’ll probably never see me post one of those “here’s a picture of my perfectly styled home-office desk” photos.

You know the type I’m talking about. The MacBook doesn’t have a single finger smudge on the screen, the planner is immaculately color coded with no stray marks to be found, and the writing utensils (aka pens for us un-fancy people) are lined up perfectly in a row. Now if I just described your desk to a T, that’s totally cool. I still love you.

I’m just letting you know upfront. THAT’S NOT ME.

The 8 Step Results Based Calendar System: My Secret to having a Business AND a Life!

Here’s the deal.  When you’re first getting started in business there is a TON to get done.

You’ve got a website to create, social media/blog calendars to schedule, connections to foster, content to write, and not to mention actually providing the service or creating the product that your business provides!

I’m not going to sugar coat.  That first 6 months to 1 year in business you’re going to be hustling with a capital H.

While you’re in the initial business building stages, you’re probably not going to be enjoying that coveted work/life balance that you hear is possible when you’re an entrepreneur.

Your First 5 Steps to Starting an Online Business!

It’s an exciting time when you’re first thinking about opening a business and imagining what your life will be like as an entrepreneur.  You’ve got an amazing idea for your business that completely lines up with your passions, and you absolutely believe that this IS IT.  This is what you were meant to do in life, and you’re ready to jump in with both feet to make your dreams a reality.

Ok so you’ve made it this far … Now what?

Luckily the web is filled with advice on almost any industry that you can think of.  You can find coaching programs, Facebook groups, marketing experts, and information blogs giving guidance to everyone from  health coaches to jewelry designers.

But is this really “so lucky”?