Live More, Work Less Feature #1: ERIN KELLY, OBM + Member Vault

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This blog post is a part of The Live More, Work Less Blog Series where we're featuring real entrepreneurs at all stages of business that are actively pursuing the creation of a business that aligns with, and supports their ideal lifestyle, rather than working against it! REAL Entrepreneurs. REAL Stories. REAL Life. 

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1. Who are you? Tell us a little more about yourself ...

Erin Kelly, Olympia WA, and I live with my husband Mike, our 15 mth old Connor and our rescue hound pup, Eva My career title is OBM, and co-founder of the content platform, Member Vault.

2. What do you do? Tell us more about your business.

I've been self-employed for 8 years but my role has shifted GREATLY over that time. Both in topic, and audience. I went from a web designer for small businesses, to my current role as full time OBM and SaaS (software as a service) co-founder.

3. A couple quick questions for fun ... 

 + Favorite morning drink? Coffee *duh* ;)

+ Introvert or Extrovert? Introvert all the way

+ Currently obsessed with ... Connection

+ Word or theme of the year? Ease

+ Favorite indulgence? Reading

4. What does it mean to you to create a LIVE MORE, WORK LESS business + lifestyle?

It means, my first thought is how much I'm enjoying this moment vs "I should be working". It means a business that supports your life, and a life that supports your business -- synergy. It means choosing things that light you up.

5. What are some steps you've taken in your business to intentionally make it more aligned with the way you desire to live your life?

Oof. A lot. Fairly recent big changes:

  • "killed" my EHK (personal) brand and OBM mentorship program because I was feeling spread way too thin between 3 businesses.
  • increased my hourly rate and kept my hours the same
  • hired an OBM to manage the tasks I didn't want to handle
  • added a new VIP offer
  • moved our power user community from Slack (where it felt like pulling teeth to get people to engage) over to a private FB group (where they naturally pop in daily)

6. What's your "WHY" for pursuing a LIVE MORE, WORK LESS business?

I want to live a life that I love, where I get to merge family with work and enjoy freedom to choose adventure.

7. How do you currently structure your workday or week?

It's ever in flux with a little guy that is constantly changing HIS schedule, but typically I get work done in the mornings and then afternoons are for bike rides, taking a long lunch or other goofiness. Back to work for a bit, then family time for a few hours and then I typically get a few more hours in on things that excite me at night (I've found that feels luxurious, while trying to FORCE work at night feels soul killing).

8. What types of hobbies, activities, and other fun things do you intentionally include in your life outside of your business?

  • time with my family
  • sit down meals
  • bike rides
  • playing
  • vegging out to TV :) #Honesty
  • reading

9. What do you find as the biggest struggle in your ongoing quest to build a LIVE MORE, WORK LESS business + lifestyle?

On an almost daily basis, I struggle to choose ease. For example, my brain can get caught up in the endless stream of things I want to do in my business and virtually screams at me "you don't have TIIIIIME!"

Time to put Connor down for an afternoon nap ... Time to make and eat lunch, leisurely ... Time for an afternoon bike ride ... Time to look up from my computer when I get visited by Connor (working in a small space means this happens frequently, haha).

And yet I can always find the time for those things, and win the battle 95% of the time. The 5% happens on days when I have a bunch of calls or a big deadline, so I try to avoid/space those out as much as possible.


Erin Kelly is an OBM, and the co-founder of Member Vault, a content platform that turns subscribers into buyers, and buyers into repeat buyers. She is currently living the #digitalnomad life in a 30 ft RV with her husband, young son and rescue hound pup.

You can find her online HERE:

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