The Live More, Work Less Blog Series


It's HERE, and we can't wait to get started featuring REAL Entrepreneurs, REAL Stories, and REAL Life in our Live More, Work Less blog series! 

The goal is to feature real entrepreneurs at all stages of business that are actively pursuing the creation of a business that aligns with, and supports their ideal lifestyle, rather than working against it.

This doesn’t mean that these women have it “all figured out”. Far from it!

These are women, like you and me, that are fueled by an entrepreneurial fire, and are also intentionally taking steps (big or small!) to design their business to fit with their “perfect” day-to-day life.

Totally OK if you’re not there yet! Most of us are not. Raising my hand too. :)

We're interested in featuring the process, the struggle, and the real life that happens along the way! You'll read stories of women from all walks of life, running multiple different business models, and achieving many different definitions of success. 

My hope is that this Live More, Work Less series inspires you, motivates you, and encourages you to re-examine your own definition of business + life success! 

xo Summer Tannhauser

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What if you created a business that reached 100% of your goals in a way that works FOR your ideal lifestyle?  Not against it.

IMAGINE kicking off 2018 by spending quality time devoted to yourself, your highest priorities + desires, and your ambitious (yet totally conquerable!) business + life goals, fully supported by a REAL PLAN to make it happen.

THE LIVE MORE MASTERMIND is a 4 month journey for 10 passionate, driven, entrepreneurial women who desire a wildly successful business AND deliciously joyful life.

Summer Tannhauser

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