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The Live More, Work Less Blog Series is designed to feature real entrepreneurs at all stages of business that are actively pursuing the creation of a business that aligns with, and supports their ideal lifestyle, rather than working against it! REAL Entrepreneurs. REAL Stories. REAL Life. 

Our hope is that this series inspires you, motivates you, and encourages you to re-examine your own definition of business + life success! You can explore all of the features in this series here.

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feature #1: Erin Kelly, OBM + Member vault

Erin Kelly is an OBM, and the co-founder of Member Vault, a content platform that turns subscribers into buyers, and buyers into repeat buyers. She is currently living the #digitalnomad life in a 30 ft RV with her husband, young son and rescue hound pup.

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Feature #2: Jackie, Attorney + blogger

Jackie started Jade and Oak in 2012 as a lifestyle blog and her creative outlet, as she was working full time as an attorney. She has been a licensed attorney in Pennsylvania since 2010 and has recently focused her blog more towards helping other bloggers on the business and legal side of blogging.


feature #3: Elle drouin, product stylist + photographer

Elle Drouin is the product stylist and commercial photographer behind wonderfelle MEDIA.  She launched her business to focus on helping female entrepreneurs build brands that are as profitable as they are pretty. Elle currently runs the Styled Stock Society, a stylish stock photo membership for female entrepreneurs, as well as works with beauty and lifestyle brands on custom photography projects.


feature #4: Ashleigh blatt, the Power Squad

Ashleigh is a Manager, Mentor & Mindful Mama.  Her work moves you from being a straight-up hustler to becoming a true CEO.   Ashleigh turns what you have today into money generating income streams.  She builds out your business, adds your revenue streams, and develops your systems as you grow. 


FEAture #5: What's your Why? 12 Entrepreneurs share

The more specific you can get with your WHY, the more focus and energy you'll be putting into it.  And the more time you'll spend dreaming about it, and therefore the more you'll be taking concrete action steps towards making it happen. Today we're featuring 12 entrepreneurs across a variety of industries, lifestyles, locations, and life situations that have shared some amazing WHY's to inspire you to find your own!

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Amanda, founder of Market Like a Nerd, is an internationally renowned “Work Smarter, Not Harder” Online Marketing Coach for entrepreneurs who want to maximize their profits while minimizing the amount of time and effort they put into their business. After overcoming poverty, child abuse, rape, teen pregnancy, and near death, Amanda was able to persevere, build her business in 19 different countries, and generate over half a million dollars in sales in under 4 months by the age of 26.


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Jessica is a Facebook ad and sales funnel strategist. She’s worked with multi-6 figure coaches/consultants/experts and helped launch multi-5 figure programs over and over again utilizing the power of Facebook ads. She’s been featured in Evercoach, Huffington Post, and YFS Magazine.


FEATure #8: JessI + marie, North star messaging + strategy


Marie and Jessi have gone from overburdened copywriters to full-blown messaging strategists. They've completely transformed their business and made room for their nerdtastic personalities to shine.  Plus, Marie and Jessi have made it a priority to give back, focusing on contributing a portion of every sale to promoting literacy around the world. They've honed in on their true purpose, and now they help other purpose-driven entrepreneurs do the same.



What are some steps you've taken in your business to intentionally make it more aligned with the way you desire to live your life? Today 15 female entrepreneurs in all walks of life and in multiple different business niches are sharing with us their answer to this question!  


FEATURE #10: tepsii, expert copywriting + business strategist


Tepsii is an unlikely entrepreneur who started her multiple 6-figure business with an infant on her chest, a poopy 2 year old underfoot, and 9 year old doing homework at the kitchen table!

She is an Author, Business Strategist, expert Copywriter, and a Mindset Mentor. Since launching she has worked with 200+ clients to establish premium brands and execute 50k-800k program and online course  launches.


Feature #11: Kyla roma, launch + marketing strategist


Kyla Roma is a digital strategist and business coach who teaches gutsy small business owners, bloggers and creative entrepreneurs how to shake off uncertainty and confidently grow their business.

She helps clients uncover unexpected opportunities, create profitable systems, build community and double down on their strengths. Her step-by-step and measurable approach makes social media, content marketing, business growth and digital strategy less stressful and more profitable.


Feature #12: Jenni Waldrop, blogger + etsy seller


Jenni Waldrop used an Etsy shop to free herself from the chains of corporate slavery. A 6-figure seller of sarcastic home decor, she now teaches other women how to turn their crafts into full-time income.




20 female entrepreneurs answer the question: What do you find as the biggest struggle in your ongoing quest to build a LIVE MORE, WORKLESS business + lifestyle? And their openness … their realness … their willingness to share their biggest internal struggles … BLEW ME AWAY!